The Great Banyan Department Store is an enormous multi-story complex set apart from other enterprises of its kind by the massive Banyan Tree running through its central atrium, to almost peek out through its glass ceiling five stories higher. As one of Republic City's more recent developments, the interior is immaculate, and in the latest style, making it a center for all the city's elites. The departments inside sell everything from men's and women's clothing, to advanced electrical gadgets, to snuggly sky-bison beds and pillow, and in the words of the store's owner: "Everything's for sale!". This has lead to questions whether this means the store's Banyan may also be purchased, though it has yet to be confirmed whether the tree is even real at all. The store also features a large food court, as well as a small section for groceries.

Great Banyan has recently come under some criticism for the recent prominent display of women's undergarments on the storefront, supposedly leading one walker to become so distracted that he careened into a bicycle rider, who then hit a garbage can, which then crashed into a satomobile, which hit a number of other vehicles, leading to a multi-car pileup and millions in damage.