Arena Info

Contained in a metal dome with a glass skylight would be the Frigid Arena, cold temperatures are blasted into the dome with powerful air conditioning. Probenders must endure the cold throughout the battle, prolonged exposure can lead to early symptoms of hypothermia. A very large pool of chilly water can be seen at the center and serves as the only source of water for waterbenders, earth disks are spread out across the arena. It is forbidden to try shattering the glass. Water splashed outside the pool tends to freeze, creating another hazard. Trap doors occasionally open all over the arena, leading into a small pool of ice water like the one at the center. The exposure to that temperature can disorient probenders for some time. There are also large buckets of water that randomly tilt towards the ground, threatening probenders with freezing ice water from below and above.

Note: Please do not forget the trap roll every 2 posts that determines whether your character is harmed by one of the two traps. Regular outcome rolls must still be made every post. If you roll an odd number your character will be affected by a trap, they will not if the number rolled is even.

  • The rules can be seen here.

Dice Roll Room

With these rooms, dice rolls can be performed by participants. Be warned that these rooms contain logs, cheat and I will know. Simply put #d5 and you'll perform a roll. Links can be found in the comments section.



The coin toss was shown in favor of Zetsu/Torrun. He may take the first post or pass it off to Michiya/Intra in the area below.

Zetsu : The single red eyed child in an obvious black and white attire entered the cryogenic dome and immediately felt the full wrath of the freezing temperature. In response, the weirdly dressed boy held on to his bear themed jacket and muttered, seeing his own breath "Damn, why is it so chilly in this dome? I liked the fire dome better...ironically speaking". After he zipped up his jacket all the way up to his neck and placed his black and white hood over his head, he sprinted to the other door at the opposite side of the dome and launched two fire disk at who ever was coming out and jet propelled further to land a drop kick "Let's give these people what they want I suppose"

Dice roll outcome : 4-Block

Michiya: Michiya, already overconfident had walked into the dome, waving at the people watching the match, even though this was only his debut he already felt like a champion. He was dressed in his usual outfit, numerous layers of clothing covered with a cloak, and was not too phased by the frigid air surrounding him. Cold, yes, but nothing I can't handle. The boy thought as he warmed himself using his bending. After his little display for the people he noticed the fire disks flying towards him and immediately launched more fire disks, effectively blocking the two that were being thrown at him. Soon thereafter, he noticed the boy above him who didn't look much older than himself, and with surprising strength, and expecting the kick to be imbued with flames used his cloak, and arms to block the kicks with surprising strength and, hopefully, toss the other boy away, giving him enough time to launch a fire bomb at his attacker.

Dice Roll Outcome: 1-Direct hit

Zetsu : "Got ya now! Eat foot ya dinga- no...nononononinononononono-" Zetsu exclaimed in a somewhat whiny state as the red eyed boy was tossed in mid air and looked forward to get hit by a fire bomb directly at the stomach, which gave momentum to the fall. Luckily for the boy, he got him up in time to see the bucket of water that was about to spill on top of him. Afraid of leaving the arena with the flu, Zetsu jet propelled out of the way and rolled forward from the splash. "You son of a gun! You are gonna pay for that one! Here....FETCH!" Zetsu shouted at the top of his lungs as he cupped his hands to create and throw the largest fire disk he could muster and following it with a slash to his opponent to deliver a volley of fire arc punches" "EAT IT, EAT IT, EAT IT, EAT IT EAT IT!"

Dice roll outcome: 1-Direct hit, Trap roll: 2-No Trap

Michiya: Michiya, being overconfident already, was surprised by the barrage of attacks which faced him and, unfortunately was hit with the large fire disk, right under the chest area, slightly tearing his cloak and effectively knocking his breath out, causing him to gasp rather loudly for air. Soon he found himself being bombarded by numerous fire arcs from his opponent slowly, he regained his breath as he was being hit in numerous places, and as he did, he continued to wince louder and louder. Once the attack was finally over, he found himself on his hand and knees, though surprisingly was able to recover quite quickly, as the fire arcs gave him a chance to recover the breath he had previously lost, though he was in pain, he knew he had to stand and fight, unfortunately, as he was just about to get up one of the many trap doors opened up underneath him and he plunged into the freezing water below. "Fu- No!" His cloak was quickly soaked with water, bringing a lot of weight onto the playing field, he knew he had to remove it if he even had a chance at fighting, so, as quickly as possible, he removed his cloak, letting it sit in the water, which Michiya quickly propelled himself out of using his jet propulsion, and proceeded to warm his own body with his bending. Michiya was annoyed at his bad luck by this point, quickly launching numerous fire balls and fire disks at his enemy in midair, and quickly converted into a single, strong, horizontal fire arc, just in case he missed his projectiles.

Roll Outcome: 1-Direct hit Trap Roll: 1-Trap hit

Zetsu: "Ha! Perfection at its finest! Suck it you vintage scarf wearing douche nozzle!" Feeling a tad bit hyped about landing a perfect blow at his opponent, he was laughing at the wet boy as he celebrates a good hit.....until he got instantly struck in the back with a couple of fire balls and made a quick turn to get cut in the arms, legs and torso by the fire disk. "OW! THAT SHIT HURTS! THERE'S CUTS ALL OVER MY BODY FOR FU-" a fire arc punched to the face was the ultimate wake up call for the boy to get his shit together as he dropped a few meters to the ground. The red eyed boy strained to get up and looked at the cut marks all over his body, but he notices something wrong. He looked at his stuffed bear chesukuma, that was latched to his shoulder, to see there was a mid sized cut at the stomach area...and that was when he snapped "'LL F@#K YOU UP!!!". Zetsu's body was emitting steam as his right blinked a deadly shade of red before he launched nearly over a dozen fire disk before jet propelling upwards to land a drop kick to his torso.

Dice roll outcome: 5-Redirect

Michiya: "Don't get cocky..." the boy muttered to himself as he realized even though he landed two consecutive direct hits, the fight could still go either way, and it was still too early to be bragging. Gotta focus... The boy also noticed that he was getting a bit cold without his cloak and quickly warmed himself, not wanting to be at a disadvantage from the artificial weather. He suddenly heard Zetsu yell quite loudly before his sudden wave of attacks came forth "Try not to overheat, especially in a place like this" the boy said tauntingly with some vague concern in his voice. Okay, strong and direct. Simple. Right? The boy was easily able to convert the shower of fire into something much more useful, a single, large fire bomb. Luckily, because of the other boy's haste in his direct attack, he saw the chance for a direct hit as he got close, and quickly launched the fire ball directly at his enemy's face.

Roll Outcome: 4-Block

Zetsu: "Great, he redirected it. Well, i guess i have to go in a more strategic approach huh?" The child deadpanned as he gazed at the upcoming fire bomb that was heading his way "Psh, I wonder if the dude realizes that bigger stuff kinda goes a tad slow...". Speeding down directly to the flaming projectile, Zetsu fire blocked the fire bomb and the fire ball following it as he showed off a little by doing a triple flip before landing face to face to the boy. "You were saying something bout me overheating? Well how about I warm you up a bit!?" The boy exclaimed as he charged for an arc punch to his face...but instantly activated a trap door below him which lead to extremely cold water "RAAVA DAMNIT ITS COLD DOWN HERE!!!". Struggling not to shiver from the intense cold, Zetsu propelled out of the hole to a far enough distance to heat him self up, yet aware that his opponent want going to wait. He threw a couple of fire balls at the boy in hopes of slowing him down much less hit him

Dice roll outcome : 3-Miss/Dodge, Trap roll : 1-trap hit

Michiya: Michiya chuckled at his adversary as he fell in and laughed quite a bit when he saw him come out of the pit. He seemed unimpressed with the lack of a punishing attack from the boy "Really? Is that all you can muster?" The boy questioned in a sarcastic fashion before shifting his body, not even feeling the need to move his feet at all, and easily avoided each fire ball which flew past him before finally noticing just where he was standing, right underneath a bucket filled with freezing water. Unfortunately, in his attempt to show off, the freezing water landed directly over his head, soaking him in freezing water. The boy shivered and winced, knowing this was somehow karma, he heated himself back up quickly, steam coming off his clothing. Using his jet propulsion, he appeared to glide across the frozen ground toward his opponent. Once he got close enough he'd launch himself upwards, above his enemy and launching numerous fire disks hoping that the sudden aerial attack would be enough to throw him off guard just enough so that he'd be able to land and get in a more defensive position just in case his next attack was a powerful one.

Roll Outcome: 4-Block Trap Troll: 3-Trap hit

Zetsu: "Ha! Cold isn't it!? That's what for mocking me you half baked prick!" Zetsu exclaimed with full enjoyment of the immediate and hilarious karma of his opponent getting dunked on with cold water "I guess that's just the universe telling you to shut the hell up right?". Finally getting up from heating himself to be rid of any potential frostbite, his left eye glowed a bright shade of red, in response of his excitement, as crossed his arms in a X formation to fire block all of the fire disks aimed at him "Geez, and you were talking crap about my last attack? Next time bring your A game!". In response to the failed assault, zetsu didn't hesitate to repay the boy back by jet propelling diagonally above his opponent and forming a fire arc powered drop kick at his face

Dice roll outcome : 4-Block

Michiya: Steam was coming off Michiya's body because of the comment, obviously finding himself annoyed by what was probably straight up karma. Once he found himself warmer and dryer than he was previously, he noticed Zetsu's sudden assailment, and, in an incredibly sarcastic fashion, rolled his eyes at the feeble attempt of an attack. "Really now, you try to talk shit about my last attack and THIS is all you can bring to the playing field?" Once again, he blocked the kick with both his arms, feeling slightly singed from the flames, but nothing really noteworthy, he soon pushed his attacker away, and launched a single fireball after him. "If it's a physical fight you want, then so be it..." He used his jet propulsion in order to glide across the ground, and, once he got close enough, quickly converted it into a single fire arc imbued flash kick, and again using his jet propulsion, flew quite a distance away from his opponent so as to not leave an opening.

Roll Outcome: 3-Miss/Dodge

Zetsu: "Ok, you are the DEAD LAST person I wanna hear lecturing about mey combat skills" Zetsu continued to taunt his opponent as he nonchalantly fire blocked the fire ball the boy launched and did a regular block the kick he tried to land. He propelled himself backwards when he saw the bucket almost tip over him, spilling plenty of cold water, since he down right REFUSES to go home with a cold. "Not...dealing...with..that crap again.." Zetsu cringed as he launched two large fire disk in mid air before he landed to the door to cup his hands at his side to deliver a massive fire ball...while saying some awefully puns to piss the boy off "You really need to CHILL out! That FIERY attitude isn't gonna get you anywhere!"

Dice roll outcome : 5-Redirect, Trap roll : 2- No trap

Michiya: The boy chuckled as his enemy was almost hit with the bucket of freezing water "Wow, better watch out, wouldn't want you to freeze." Suddenly, a trap door opened underneath Michiya, and luckily for him, he was able to jet propel out of it before he even touched the ice-cold water. Michiya then noticed that the other boy had launched a number of attacks and felt a bit sad for the other boy's bad taste in puns but decided to taunt him anyways "Oh dear, whatever shall I do, these flames may be simply too hot for me to handle" He smirked, catching all three attacks and letting them build momentum by spinning them around himself before using his own 'inner flame' to power up the fire bomb which he'd launch just after the fire flew around him. "Guess it's about time that you overheat..."

Roll Outcome: 3-Miss/Dodge Trap Roll: 4- Trap Miss

Zetsu: "Whoa! Ok, cam we stop with the puns please? I'm pretty sure a quarter of the spectators just cringed!" Still on the freezing ground, zetsu yelled back to the boy as he delivered a normal amount of fire balls at the redirected projectiles to negate them before reaching his palms forward to fire block against the fire bomb "If we continue the bad jokes I think the audience might start a FLAME war!". With that said, Zetsu's red eye glowed a light shade of red as he cup his hands above his head to create and throw a large fire disk as his opponent's torso.

Dice roll outcome : 5-Redirect

Michiya: "Oh my, you're just on fire today aren't you, just be careful you don't get a brain freeze out there, else we wont get any more of your wonderful puns." Michiya said in a satirical tone in retort to his enemy's puns. This is getting old fast... I'd better land something this time... He noticed the fire disk and easily saw the chance to redirect it right back it him, he caught the dick, spun it around himself and launched it back with much more force than it previously had. He also launched a few fire disks of his own in rapid succession, almost making a stream of fire directed at the other boy. "You may want to watch what you say, you might just get singed."

Roll Outcome: 3-Miss/Dodge

Zetsu: "Oh great, a refund plus interest...I don't want that back..." Zetsu shrugged at his complete failure to hit his target before he fire blocked his own fire disk and shot fire balls at the others to stop them at their tracks "Nice try, but as long as I'm still on my feet you're not beating me!". And as if the great spirit of raava herself came down at this exact same moment to fuck with the black and white dressed boy, a trap door opened up below him dropping g the boy down the freezing water. You could even hear Zetsu's shuttering while yelling "NOT...ONE....F#@KING.....WORD!" before propelling himself to the surface to heat himself up. "THAT WAS UNINTENTIONAL TWIST OF FATE! DONT LAUGH!" the red eyed child exclaimed in a fit of anger, left eye glowing a darker red, as he started to shoots onslaughts of fire balls at his enemy before ending it with a fire disk to his neck "Here...FETCH!"

Dice roll outcome : 1-Direct hit, Trap roll : 1-trap hit

Michiya:The boy let out a wide grin as the boy fell into the pit and couldn't help but laugh as he came out "Guess you did have that brain freeze after all, your puns all but vanished. Nice job staying grounded though" While he was grinning, he noticed a bucket of water just above his head, and decidedly propelled himself forward so as to not have his feet caught in the freezing water Not letting that happen again... Much to the boy's misfortune, his focus was placed almost entirely on the trap which almost hit him, and was soon hit with his opponent's barrage of an attack forcing him to wince loudly "Why you-" He was cut off as the last fire disk came and hit him just under his neck, luckily, because he propelled himself upwards a bit, it missed his neck, even if he was still hit with it. Michiya, though in quite a bit of pain due to burn was relieved. He chuckled rather weakly "Not bad, kid... Not bad at all" directly after his statement, he launched a few slow-going fire balls. Due to being attacked so suddenly, he didn't feel quite so tough anymore.

Roll Outcome: 3-Miss/Dodge Trap Roll: 4-Trap Miss

Zetsu: "What are these? You're projectiles are flying at the speed of paper airplanes. You must REALLY tired" Zetsu felt a bit amused at his upper hand at his enemy as he fire propelled ahead while turning left and right to avoid the fire ball's path "I'm pretty sure we don't have much time so how about we just get this over with? I'm on the verge of getting a cold". Aiming at his opponent with full intention to end this fight, zetsu propelled high above him to shoot five fire balls as a distraction before letting gravity do the rest and free falling feet first to deliver a fire arc powered drop kick to the boy's chest.

Dice roll outcome : 3-Miss/Dodge

Michiya: The boy chuckled "Not enough time if you ask me..." He thinks that attack was legitimate? I just needed some time to recuperate As he found himself under his opponent, he decided his best bet at this point was to just dodge, and so he did, propelling backwards a bit, hoping the jets would be enough to melt the other ice and push it forth in order to leave a sheet of ice on the ground for his opponent to slip up on. He smirked "Cute, albiet not effective at all." He quickly launched a number of attacks, all much faster than his previous one, it mostly composed of fire balls and disks as well as a single fire bomb as a follow up, this one coming from a different angle from the rest, hoping to throw of his adversary's guard with the first attacks and land the bomb.

Roll Outcome: 5-Redirect

Zetsu: "Come on man, if you're gonna give me a gift then at least give me the receipt so I can RETURN IT!!!" Zetsu yelled at the top of his lungs as landed feet first on the ground and began to spin in a fast motion while he revolved the fire balls and fire disks around himself to build more speed "Hey this is pretty fun! We should hang out a bit after this match! And with one last spin, the red eyed boy threw everything back at him, plus some more fire disk to follow the barrage of projectiles just in case it wasn't enough. Seeing that there was little time left and him believing that his opponent wouldn't be able to hit him, the red eyed boy sat down as he glared at the boy with a nonchalant smile "This was pretty entertaining, I kinda like your way of fighting. I wish we could fight again in a better place than this lame ass freezer". Somehow....somewhere...the architect of the arctic dome must have heard the boy speaking I'll of his work, because that could only explain a trap door instantly opening up below his resting place and sending to the coldest swim in his entire life "AWE COME ON! REALLY! AT THE LAST MINUTE!?"

Dice roll outcome : 4-Block, Trap roll : 1-trap hit

Michiya: Michiya, still quite eager to fight, easily blocked all the returned disks with more of his own, before being forced to block the final attacks with his arms due to their increased speed. "Not bad, but not quite good either..." He snickered at the other boy's misfortune, finding it quite funny that he fell victim to a trap at the last second. And as quickly as he laughed, he found himself inside a pit of water as well, soaking him in freezing ice water, though surprised, he couldn't help but laugh at his own misfortune and the satire that surrounded it. The boy, luckily, fell into the pit where his cloak happened to lie, he picked up the heavy, wet piece of cloth and propelled himself up and out of the pit. Just as he was about to attack one last time, the bell rang loud and clear, to indicate the match was over, stopping himself before he released his next attack, and finally decided to respond to the other boy "Heh, you weren't half bad yourself. We really SHOULD fight some time. And I guess hanging out would be pretty cool too" He smirks slightly and walks towards his exit.

Roll Outcome (Irrelevant): 1-Direct hit Trap Roll: 1-Trap Hit


Judge Zetsu/Torrun Michiya/Intra
  • Creative use of powers: 13/15
  • Effective use of powers: 12/15
  • Compliance with the RNG ruling: 9/10
  • Spelling and grammar: 3/5
  • Judges discretion: 3/5
  • Creative use of powers: 13/15
  • Effective use of powers: 13/15
  • Compliance with the RNG ruling: 9/10
  • Spelling and grammar: 4/5
  • Judges discretion: 4/5
Sub Total 40 44
  • Creative use of powers: 8/15
  • Effective use of powers: 7/15
  • Compliance with the RNG ruling: 10/10
  • Spelling and grammar: 3/5
  • Judges discretion: 3/5
  • Creative use of powers: 9/15
  • Effective use of powers: 9/15
  • Compliance with the RNG ruling: 10/10
  • Spelling and grammar: 4/5
  • Judges discretion: 3/5
Sub Total 31 35
Total 71 79

Hydro:This was a tough call. While I enjoyed reading the fight in general I felt like there were some issues. Fire arcs and fire bomb were pretty much spammed for the entire fight and there were a small number of typos I found. But even though Torrun had slightly more one of Intra's is too funny to go without mentioning. "He caught the dick" xD. Anyway I also didn't like how Zetsu took that first fire bomb, not much of a reaction to all that heavy burn at all. In general, I feel like you guys should've tried being more creative with attacks and offering more description to the injuries dealt. Though I felt like Intra tried a little more with creativity and he still has less typos so I'm giving him the win. You both did well and I hope you'll take part in future tournaments.

Riri: Honestly he took most of the words out of my mouth. You guys did well, although some attacks were repetitive and there were several spelling issues. Get a little more versatile with your character's abilities and powers, creativity is another thing too. I thought Intra did a bit better in this one too, but either way, nice job you guys.