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Basic Information

Bender type: Nonbender
Title: Deceiving Iris
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Current age: 15
General Status: Alive
Sexuality: Demiromantic
Relationship Status: Single
OOC Plans: N/A


Yuuna has dark brown hair with natural lighter undertones that brush her shoulders. Her skin is fair and her eyes are a kind of mossy green. Her normal attire consists of thin, fluttery dresses and sandals


Yuuna is deceiving with her appearance. Although often appearing fragile or sickly, she is cunning and manipulative. A violent, sadistic sociopath, it is not uncommon to see her polishing her weapons. Though, after you get to know her, she isn't as violent or sociopathic (the keyword being "as"), and is shown to have a bit of a sick and twisted sense of humor.


She grew up in a high class family in a small town in the Earth Republic to two Earth Bending parents, who were surprised she couldn’t bend. However, she was still born and raised in luxury. At three years old, her brother was born and he was born an Earth bender, causing Yuuna to be consumed by jealousy at how he was always praised for being an Earth bender; or even worse, an Earth bending prodigy, while she sat alone playing with dolls.

Consumed by this envy, she became manipulative, treating her brother as is he was more of a doll rather than a brother. But when this still wasn’t enough to satisfy her feelings, as she unknowingly craved attention more than the thought that her brother had become one of her lackeys, she began to practice sword-fighting, knife throwing, martial arts, that sort of thing. Her parents wanted a combative child, so that’s what she wanted to give them. Her parents became more worried about her mental state as she grew up, and weren't very bright not believing in therapy, and decided that it was the environment causing it. So, they decided to take up the offer of a job transfer to Republic City, where they hoped she would eventually mellow out.