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Basic Information

Bender type: Waterbender
Current age: 16
General Status: Alive
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Height: 5'0
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Blue
Relationship Status: Single
OOC Plans: N/A


Yuki has blue eyes, White long hair due to stress (see history) and her height is 5'


Despite her cute, delicate appearance, Yuki is a sarcastic, cynical, and prideful girl who is easily made angry or upset. She hates when people point out her height. Despite her tendency to be aggressive, she is actually a kind person, especially to people she trusts, like Hong. She is extremely loyal, too, as she is willing to fight tooth and nail to protect her loved ones. She is not afraid to speak her mind and is often bad-mouthed because of her somewhat rude attitude toward people and lack of social skills. . Yuki wants to treat everyone kindly, but due to her past, she has a hard time coping with reality. She apologizes to her friends if she accidentally snaps at them.


Yuki, who was born in the Southern Wastelands, didn't have much of childhood sentiments. At a young age, the female was sold into Republic City, and she grew up in the Xiang family as a guniea pig.

On her first 7 years, the family was warm and almost what Yuki could ever wish for. Sadly, once she had turned 8, everything escalated quickly when Yuki first showcased her water abilities; It was when their cook surprised the young girl with his excessive control of fire that made Yuki splash the fire out with water.

Months later she underwent training and secretly found out that her real mother Kira and her real father Hikari were both renowned blood benders that were killed by the Xiangs' assasins. Her parents had once been hired but they smuggled off the sum of money. The family had spared Yuki's life in order to use her as a weapon as they expect the girl to inherit the abilities her parents had.

Yuki went through tormentation at such young age. The family forced the little girl to summon her ability to bloodbend. Whenever she failed, she was either locked in a dark room or received countless of whippings on her back. Due to Yuki's great stress from torment after torment, her hair completely turned into white.

The Xiang family tried their hardest to force Yuki to blood bend; however, it never came--at least not currently for the young girl. The Xiangs almost got Yuki killed until one fateful night where an uprising happened. The slaves of the household tried their best to gain equal rights; however, their idealism has led to various deaths.

Fortunately, Yuki was able to escape---barely. She had ran towards the slums and found a pack of abused slaves, where she eventually found a home in. The first man that found her was the altruistic Hong. The healer attended to her wounds and shared his humble apartment with her. Soon enough, the 16 year old found out about Faceless and decided to join.


Water Tribesman
Initial Powers
  • Water Whip

The user can create a whip of water to quickly strike at something.

  • Water Jet

The user can create a jet of water that can be used to push back or even topple others.

  • Water Wave

The user can create a small wave from a nearby source of water that can be used to crash down on something.

  • Temperature Control (Passive)

The user can alter the temperature of water, allowing them to cause it to boil or even freeze.

  • Pressure Control (Passive)

The user can alter the pressure of water, allowing them to use it to grab or strike things.

Basic Powers

(Note: Once a power is chosen, it cannot be changed.)
Not yet achieved (Achieved after 1 week) (Achieved after 1 week)

Not yet achieved (Achieved after 2 weeks) (Achieved after 2 weeks)