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Basic Information

Bender type: Earthbender
Title: The Earth's Axe

Firm in Battle
Current age: Estimated 25
General Status: Alive and well
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single
OOC Plans: Yudhisthir is essentially going without a plan as of now, just trying to scrape money up to buy housing in the city as well as find out what his job is, he will take place in some events that will cause him to find the cops being too weak and looking to join the Faceless


7'5 Black hair, blue eyes. He uses a battle axe, along with his earth bending.


Yudhisthir has lived years and years in the forests and mountain regions of the Earth Kingdom. Doing so he has in a way lost some of his social abilities but has gained much more appreciation for life and the luxuries it brings in the city. He is an extremely compassionate and caring man despite his rugged and brutish appearance as well as very intellectual. However he does not have any street smarts at all and can be easily swindled despite this intelligence. Being away for so long he has grown much more attached to animals then humans but there are some sole-humans he will care for especially Mizuki Mizushima due to what she's done for him. He is most loyal to her as he has no real affiliations with anyone and will tend to trust almost anyone. Though if Mizuki opposes them there is a huge chance of him opposing them even more so then her.

Yudhisthir tends to have a very quick temperament and when backed with his muscle and his earth-bending powers he is a force to be reckoned with. His compassionate side is just as strong and so it is always hard to tell just when he'll snap. When he does he usually begins to tense up, clench his fists, at some times you might even catch him snarling at the person whom has just broke his temper.


It all started one night as lightning struck the earth in tremendous strands of electricity. There was screaming coming from a home in an unknown village. The screaming was pure pain in vocal form. The woman screamed for hours, eventually when the storm soon subsided her screams turned to gasps of happiness and bliss as she had just given birth. Soon the baby was presented to the newly titled father and mother, but the father's happiness soon turned to terror as his eyes glanced upon the newly created creature. The baby was almost twice as big as an average baby is and twice as heavy, soon after they realized the new mother began having some sort of complications, showing signs of pain. Soon she breathed her last breath with her baby in her arms. The newly formed child's cries were loud and echoed throughout the silent room. The father was purely disgusted, not only was this "thing" a freak of nature, but it was also the death of his beloved wife, Durjaya. Soon a grave was erected for the young woman of purely 25 years old. Over time the father began to despise this creature, it was almost eating him out of his own household, eating almost any kind of food he could get his hands on. After around 3 years the father just got purely sick of it, he soon decided to abandon the child in a nearby forest, guessing the animals would simply get to him. But no, soon a bear came, this bear though was nothing like the normal creatures in the forest. It was known as "Rosco" a very friendly bear that seemed more inclined to eat food straight from a berry bush then from an actually animal. This bear soon began caring for Yudhisthir and became almost a fatherly figure, feeding the boy and grooming him.

Soon at the age of 13 an Air Nomad began to travel on the road that went right through the forest. By this time Yudhisthir had grown extremely knowledgeable of the forest and everything in it, soon as he was hunting he came across the Air Nomad, whom introduced himself as Mun. Though despite the boy not truly understanding English, he was able to catch on to the fact that Mun was this old man's name. Mun seemed to be of around 60 to 65 years old but was obviously able to handle himself. Seeing as the boy was all alone and hearing of children growing in the wild with animals as their parents he took a great interest. He soon began to visit the boy daily and after almost half a year he moved his temporary housing to where Yudhisthir lived, a small opening in a forest heavily padded with soft plants. Over the years Mun became more of a teacher to Yudhisthir, teaching him English as well as many other things. At around the age of 19, Mun discovered that Yudhisthir was a naturally gifted Earth Bender as he grew frustrated one day and without truly trying, lifted some rocks and throwing them at Rosco whom wasn't sharing his food. By discovering this, Mun was able to open Yudhisthir to a whole new world of possibilities, the world of Bending.

As Yudhisthir trained over the years his growing didn't stop, he soon grew over 7 feet (2.1 meters) tall, growing a huge mass of muscle as well. He also made a nice discovery of a rather old war axe, it seemed to have belonged to a warrior turned poacher of some kind as the remnants of the man included several furs, money, armor, as well as a mixture of weapons at a campsite. Learning how to speak properly and gaining a vast amount of knowledge he decided to name his new found axe Jaya, or Victory. Now at the ripe age of 38 Yudhisthir began to grow exceedingly curious, too much for his own good. Though his teacher, Mun was too invested into the boy and cared more of him like a son now to let him go into too much danger, despite his size. He could be hurt in other ways, emotionally, honorably, etc. He grew even more weary and nervous when Yudhisthir discovered of a large city, Mun knew it as the Republic City. Over the year Mun's health grew worse until finally he died one night. Yudhisthir buried his teacher in a marked grave, marking it with a large engraved log. Being the fresh new and free man he was. He decided to finally go to the city he once saw, that was bustling with life. Soon on his journey he met an injured Hog Monkey and a second one trying to help it. The Hog Monkey was caught in a poacher trap and thus, being so connected with animals he helped them out. The two monkeys took a large liking to Yudhisthir and thus he called them his own. Naming the larger one Kanan and the smaller one Ekta.

It took him around 4 days to make it to the city, to which he looked at in wonder, sprawling buildings and bustling streets, just like he saw before. Filled with absolute wonder, he began looking around, finding vendors whom were selling different items and foods. He then looked upon a rather shifty fencing vendor. He made a deal to get some fruit as he was starving but the man ended up booking it. Not thinking clearly Yudhisthir chased after him but eventually gave up, losing him. He decided to cut his loses and began to look around more. After a few hours a woman walked up to him. She explained that she was Mizuki Mizushima of the Mizushima Family. Though it's obvious this meant nothing to the hulking man. But he was extremely thankful and promised to help her with anything. He soon became a very loyal friend, overtime they have grown very close, though he mostly still resides in the outskirts of the city in the forests and mountains he sometimes makes Mizuki's home, his home.


Earth Citizen
Initial Powers
  • Earth Bomb

The user can send a small boulder flying in any direction once struck which breaks apart into many smaller projectiles when it hits something.

  • Earth Smash

The user is able to crush or even shatter anything made of stone without any force required.

  • Earth Shield

The user is able to create a small wall made of stone which can be used to defend or obstruct a path.

  • Earth Levitation (Passive)

The user is able to cause earth to levitate allowing them to use any earth they control as a moderate defense or even to allow time to prepare an attack.

  • Compression Control (Passive)

The user is able to compress earth into a much denser state allowing them to harden soil or stone for stronger offense or defense. The user must take time to compress the earth.

Basic Powers

(Note: Once a power is chosen, it cannot be changed.)

  • Earth Gauntlet

The user is able to craft a gauntlet of stone around their arm which enhances their blunt attacks. (Achieved after 1 week)

  • Earth Column

The user is able to force sharp columns of stone out of the ground that can be used to cut or even stab others as well as obstruct paths. (Achieved after 2 weeks)

Rock Breaker
(Achieved after 1 month)
Initial Powers
  • Earth Launch

The user is able to create jets of stone out of the ground which can be used to launch things into the air as well as a sort of spring to soften falls from high distances.

  • Earthquake

The user is able to strike the ground and create large tremors which can disorient or even topple others in a large area around them. The user is unable to differentiate friend from foe with this power.

  • Remote Earthbending (Passive; Exclusive to Rock Breaker)

The user is able to earthbend without touching the earth they are bending.

  • Avalanche (Exclusive to Rock Breaker)

The user can tear several large chunks of earth straight out of the ground and command them to float into the air before raining down around them. The user can ensure that themselves and nearby allies aren't harmed in the attack, but they are unable to move while using this power as it takes heavy concentration.

Advanced Powers

(Note: Once a power is chosen, it cannot be changed. Also, Master level powers can only be achieved after 7 months and require 2 open power slots.)

  • Earth Wave

The user is able to manipulate the top soil of the ground into a sort of wave in order to move more quickly as well as topple others off their feet. (Achieved after 2 months)

  • Metalbending (Passive; requires 2 open slots)

The user is able to bend metal. Metal is significantly denser than stone and in turn makes the act of bending it take longer than if it were stone. The user may only metalbend one object at a time, the size of the object does not matter nor do any other objects connected. (Achieved after 7 months)