Tsun mei hotel

Surrounded by all the other buildings, stands the Tsun Mei Hotel. Meant as a luxury for those who can afford it, the Tsun Mei Hotel can accommodate any amount of people desired. Only the wealthiest or those who know the right people can afford to live here.


  1. Inara Malina
  2. Suigetsu Takahashi
  3. Kaori
  4. Liu
  5. Yori
  6. Kitotori "Kit" Aneira
  7. Ryoichi Endo
  8. Izaya
  9. Yena Talli Yoona Talli
  10. Ichirou Senkai
  11. Cheon Kyung-Min & Miyabi Kasai
  12. Jangasu
  13. Ginji and Tenshi


Suigetsu's Apartment

Mizuki Mizushima's Apartment

Kaori's Apartment

Liu's Apartment

Kitotori's Apartment

Haru's Apartment

Ryoichi's Apartment

Izaya's Apartment

Talli Twins Apartment

Haru & Shi's Apartment

Ichirou's Apartment

Ginji and Tenshi's Apartment

Manami and Yata's Apartment
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