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Basic Information

Bender type: Airbender
Title: Recovered Gale
Current age: 20
General Status: Physically Healthy, Mentally Recovered
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Height: 5'9
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Yellow
Relationship Status: Dating Kirito
OOC Plans: The current situation forces Kirito to work for the gang he hates so much to protect his heavily pregnant girlfriend. Maki's supposed to deliver soon and me and lissy agreed on twins (one boy/one girl).


A somewhat tall girl with a curvy figure and lovely blonde hair. She sports a scar tattoo of a well designed knife on her left thigh.


Tsumaki was a violent and selfish thief in her past and that isn’t even the worst part. She inherited a severe case of Bipolar disorder from her father, subjecting her to week or month long episodes of mania or depression. Since she recently abandoned the air nomads, she finds herself trying less to restrain her rage.

During her manic episodes, she is wrathful, furious and dangerous. Tsumaki will go days without rest and her thoughts will race and spiral. With a low attention span, she’ll cast safety aside and engage in very hazardous and wild activities. Feeling short-tempered and intolerant, these episodes turn her into a menacing beast.

When she experiences her depressed episode, the airbender feels miserable,shameful, uncaring and shy. In this state, she often considers suicide and self-harm. Worst of all she can occasionally suffer from strange hallucinations. Every moment she isn’t experiencing an episode is a blessing, she always does her best to avoid others to protect them and herself from rejection and disdain. Though she partially behaves this way when in between episodes.


Why is this city so huge, so many damn people for fuck’s sake! Ugh I better calm down, can’t hurt anyone and Raava knows I’m capable of that. Basically the best way to describe me would be as the worst Air Nomad ever. Not like any of those temple kids had to put up with what I did. I was born in the Earth Republic in this craptastic village. From what I can gather from my dad’s drunken ramblings I was conceived in an outhouse. I grew up with my dad who was either a hothead or completely mopey, while my mom was a stupid hooker who didn’t know the meaning of the word role-model.

From the age of 5, I already decided I didn’t want to be anything like either of them. I remember how I’d always have to wear some filthy rags my mom found in the trash and sleep while listening to her screaming contests with Dad. After trying to survive as best as I could, he went on a terrible rampage and strangled Mom. Before he could touch me, I ran away like lightning. The air seemed to move out of the way and push me ahead like it wanted me to escape. I was only 8 at the time and it turned out I was an airbender.

At that point, I decided I could handle myself just fine. I kept travelling from village to village, stealing what I needed and slowly learning to best ways to hurt people. I started to enjoy it, even figured out how I could turn the air into a sharp edge. When I was 12 and trying to sleep on a warm summer night, around the stars I could see this giant furball in the air. The beast had long horns and 3 well dressed ladies rested on it’s back. Feeling hungry and lucky, I slowly approached their camp and decided I could handle all 3 of them.

Naturally I got my ass handed to me, they could’ve ended me but they didn’t. The entire thing didn’t make sense to me, they actually felt sorry for me and shared these fruity pies with me. It was the first gift I had in years, they told me about their lives at the Eastern Air Temple. It was peaceful, safe and sounded wonderful. I asked if I could and they actually said yes, I thought I was headed to paradise when their bison carried us into the sky. But there’s no such thing as a perfect place.

The elders told me about all these rules I had to live by if I wanted to live there. All life was to be considered sacred, meaning I couldn’t eat anything with a head on it. Fucked up part is, I really wanted some steak when they explained all this to me. I figured all the kids would’ve been nice and would welcome me into their home, but they just saw me as a filthy outsider and didn’t take kindly to me.

As my teen years flew by, I noticed I was more..well endowed than the other girls. They were all super jealous and nearly every guy was drooling over me. I know some chicks would kill for that, but I hated every second of it. After I turned 16, I noticed something else. Remember how my Dad was either an angry prick or a whiny bitch most of the time? Well I began to notice for a few weeks, I’d always get pissed off, hurt people and just welcome danger. Other times I’d be holed up in my room, crying, not caring about anything and just hating the idea of being alive.

I literally had no friends because of that, after I went crazy and nearly decapitated this one bitch. I decided I couldn’t stay there anymore, so at 18 years of age I did the only thing I was good at. I stole some supplies, one of the bison and just bailed. I didn’t want to go back there, I didn’t want to be a bloodthirsty criminal again. I heard about Republic City ever since I was a kid and decided I’d give it a chance. Sadly I didn’t have a single Yuan to my name, but they had this boring little island for airbenders and I’ve been crashing there ever since. I try to talk to the others as little as I could, after living with evil parents and bratty airbenders. I decided I’m done with people.


Air Nomad
Initial Powers
  • Air Blast

The user sends a burst of air out in the shape of a ball in front of them which can be used offensively or defensively.

  • Air Shield

The user creates a funnel of air in front of them that redirects attacks around them.

  • Air Swipe

The user sends a sharp jet of air out in the shape of a crescent which can be used to cut things.

  • Enhanced Agility (Passive)

The user is naturally more agile than a normal human.

  • Gliding (Passive)

The user can glide across the air for a short period of time; this can be sustained for a medium amount of time by using a glider.

Basic Powers

(Note: Once a power is chosen, it cannot be changed.)

  • Air Funnel

The user can create a funnel of air which is used to redirect objects. (Achieved after 1 week)

  • Air Strike

The user can attach a burst of wind to any physical attack with their arms or legs for added force. (Achieved after 2 weeks)

Wind Fighter
(Achieved after 1 month)
Initial Powers
  • Air Wake

The user can build up massive momentum while running which can then be focused into a powerful concussive blast. The user becomes disoriented for a short time after using this power.

  • Enhanced Speed (Passive)

The user is able to redirect air flow around them, removing air resistance and generating a wind current behind them, thus greatly increasing their running speed. (50-60 mph). The user cannot use the power to enhance the speed of their flight/gliding or jumping and they're vulnerable to fatigue and high-speed collision while running at these new speeds.

  • Air Blades (Exclusive to Wind Fighter)

The user can focus the air to a fine blade which can be used as a melee or projectile weapon for a short time. While wielding these blades, the user cannot use any other airbending techniques from their hands.

  • Air Slam (Exclusive to Wind Fighter)

The user can produce a gust of air to launch enemies upwards, followed by a downwards air current to slam them into the ground with increased force. The user becomes disoriented for a short time after using this power and they cannot use it from long distances.

Advanced Powers

(Note: Once a power is chosen, it cannot be changed. Also, Master level powers can only be achieved after 7 months and require 2 open power slots.)

  • Enhanced Jumping (Passive)

The user is able to use gusts of air to jump about three times the height of a normal human (about 8-10 feet). (Achieved after 2 months)

  • Soundbending (Passive; requires 2 open slots)

The user is able to create and control sound waves by manipulating the air. With this power, they are able to create, distort or even remove sound within a large area around them. They are also able to send sonic bursts which can disorient or even cause pain to others; however, over use of these sonic bursts will cause the same effects on the user. NOTE: This power is illegal to use. (Achieved after 7 months)

Taken by Master Power (Achieved after 6 months)