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Torma is often seen as the calm in the storm and that is very much true. He believes in the infallibility of logic, and thus restrains his emotions, damming the high tides, channelling their power into combat, either of the mind or the body. But the logic he founds his actions on is the logic of his own mind and those of his elders, placing it at risk of corruption, shielded only by the ideology of the original Air Nomads. But even then, he defies the rules that had been followed by Aang and Gyatso from time to time, to satisfy his conscience and the needs of the new world.

But when inflamed, he becomes the polar opposite of himself. Granted, it is difficult to rouse his wrath, but he who has succeeded in this faces immediate hatred, if only for a short duration. When his passions are his master, he turns dangerous, quick to fight and to wound, scornful to weakness and cowardice. Some believe that this is his true nature, but others believe in his compassionate, selfless attitude, and he is one of them. But beware of him, all the same.


When he arrived in Republic City, many found it strange that such a young child should desire citizenship. It was not unusual for juveniles from the Wasteland, and from war-torn regions, to seek sanctuary and a new life, but an Air Nomad? This was not due to any internal strife amongst the monks of the Northern Air Temple, but to a decision made by the child himself.

Born to Air Nomad parents, he was raised by new age monks, rebuilders of the Air Temple. At the age of 5, his combat skills and bending abilities were noticed, and built upon even as he was instilled with the philosophy of non-violence. The monks decided that he would stay at the temple for unknown reasons, unlike many of his peers, who left for the other nations or became nomadic. Thus restrained, he chaffed at his bonds and yearned to escape them. But being just a child, he had no say.

But all this changed when he came of age. The fifteen-year-old found himself free to choose, free to leave, free to follow the precepts of the Air Nomads. But he had forgotten his childhood dreams. He no longer seeked to know the outside world. The relationships he had built over the years were too strong to be broken. He chose to stay within the confines of the Northern Air Temple.

Mayhap fate had other plans. He was sent to Air Temple Island to carry a message to his long lost parents. The experience would be mind-opening. The rusty bars of the prison of his childhood self were blasted apart when he found herself lost and cared for by an Earth Kingdom family. The fascination of new places, new cultures, new worlds awoke in him. When she returned to the Northern Air Temple, he proudly announced her intention to leave... for Republic City.