CountryClub Outside

The Tensho Country Club serves as a place of retreat, relaxation, and entertainment for Republic City's urban elite. Far enough for an escape, yet close enough for convenience, the club sits in a patch of rolling hills on the outskirts of the city; placing many of its guests as close to nature as they have ever been, or are ever likely to be. The structure itself is massive and sprawling, resembling a large scale country villa, and stands as one of the city's more recent developments. Membership is exclusive, and limited to those with enough wealth or prestige to warrant themselves entrance. Parties, hosted either by the club itself or a wealthy patron, are sometimes more open but remain invite only. Though over time business has gone down since the establishment was attacked and a daring theft that relieved the Club of alot of it's savings didn't help either..


  1. Liu
  2. Mizuki Mizushima
  3. Kaori Watanabe
  4. Mr. Gou
  5. Shizume
  6. Shiori Senkai
  7. Tetsuya
  8. Miyabi Kasai