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Cold and calculating in private, warm and respectful in public.


Councilor Tei Mei began life as the second daughter of an old and powerful Fire Nation family. However, as is true with many households of such ancient lineage, its strength lay in its legacy. As rich as the Mei family was, its coffers grew emptier by the year, and yet it had to keep up appearances. By Tei's birth, this had become excruciatingly difficult, and its fate lay in the balance of its newest members. At a young age Tei's older sister, whom she had always been close to, became the wife of a likely young man from a far richer family, thus stealing away the only true friend she had ever had. Her parents had always been distant, and left the duties of parenthood to a number of servants, and any other children her age remained beyond the impenetrable walls of the family compound. Instead of spending her time as a child should, Tei studied under various teachers, and grew increasingly cold; her only sympathies with her surrounding servants, and viewing the rest of her small world with disdain. Locked away in a decrepit house as part of a decaying and distant family, the exterior world became an object of fascination, and when an opportunity to travel there arose, she entered what seemed like a dream.

Through various connections and what remained of their wealth, Tei's parents bought a large apartment in Republic city on her eighteenth birthday. Her mission there was simple: find a wealthy young man, seduce him, and bring his money into the family. For all its conservatism, the Mei family understood the important role Republic City played in the global economy, and that for all they could gain through another fire nation son-in-law, one from Republic City would inevitably be wealthier and better connected. Tei, thanks to her studies, understood this too, but in an entirely different way. As simple as the mission was, it was one given by strangers, and as Tei explored Republic City under the watchful eyes of her family's servants, she found herself in as strange a new world. Her work had given her a theoretical understanding of everything around her, but as the city lived and breathed around her, it gave her a new energy and strengthened her already existing convictions.

One night she sat down with her servants and started a frank discussion, in doing so risking everything, but later affirming everything she had come to believe.