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New Tashi3
Basic Information

Bender type: Airbender
Title: Auspicious Breeze
Current age: 20
General Status: Alive and Healthy
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Height: 5'7
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Relationship Status: Single
OOC Plans: Whore around and make all da boiz fall in love.


Tashi has a very demure and innocent look about her, although this is quite the opposite of how she acts (most of the time, anyway). It could be attributed to her cherubic face, or perhaps her choice of clothing, which is more often than not playful, if a little provocative. She has deep brown eyes and coal-black hair, with a sumptuous figure.


Tashi’s greatest want in life is sex, and she is a nymphomaniac, which makes her profession as a high-end prostitute suit her well. She is manipulative and uses her assets to get what she wants, whenever she wants, no matter the consequences. She is known to act, then think, she always follows her gut instinct; Heart before head, she believes. Even though she is a fundamentally “bad” person, using her body to get what she wants, Tashi is quite fortunate, and she never seems to get into trouble. However, when she does find herself at fault, she will fall into moods swings that can last for weeks.


Tashi was born in the Western Air Temple, though she spent only her first two years there. Her mother, Yangchen (named after the Avatar) died from an illness when and left her in the care of the nomads. Although the nomads were kind-hearted and compassionate, they felt that Tashi should be cared for by her father, who had fled the temple when he discovered Yangchen’s pregnancy, so they nominated one nomad who would take Tashi to her father. That nomad, a woman named Gu-Lang, was delighted to be given the task, and she and Tashi set out on a sky bison before the child had turned three.

Gu-Lang was a very caring and resourceful person, so Tashi had all she could ask for on their search to find her father. Water, food, clothes, shelter; the simple things in life. When she was five, Tashi discovered her natural airbending abilities, and Gu-Lang was able to teach her the basics while they travelled from nation to nation. It wasn’t until Tashi was seven that they located her father; high up in a mountain range in the United Republic of Nations. As far as first impressions went, it was a terrible one, as they had managed to arrive while Duga was engaged in intercourse. Gu-Lang tried to cover Tashi’s eyes and avert her sight from the horrible deed her father was doing, but Tashi peeped and saw a whole lot more than she should, which is probably where her obsession with sex started.

Once Duga realised what was happening he left the woman and got dressed, meeting Gu-Lang and Tashi outside his cave for proper introductions. It was clear that the nomadic woman disliked Duga, but she confirmed with him that Tashi was his child, and so, with a deep-set grimace, she left the father and daughter, never to be seen again. Perhaps, had she known what Duga would do to his child, she might have stayed, but predicting the future is a fickle thing and even if she had stayed there was no guarantee she could have stopped him at the crucial moment.

It was awkward at first, but Tashi accepted that she would have to live with her father and be nice to him, so she tried her hardest to be the best daughter she could. Without asking, she cooked (terribly at first, though it improved over the years), cleaned, and sometimes even worked in town to ensure their little family would be comfortable. Duga was always bringing home women to bed, and one more than one occasion Tashi asked if she could watch, which awarded her a slap to the cheek and promise of no food for a day. This was essentially how life continued, give or take a few airbending practice sessions, until Tashi was fifteen. Then, disaster struck. Duga had come home from work, intoxicated, and surprisingly without a woman on his arm. When Tashi greeted him at the door, he slapped her on the ass and complimented her appearance in slurred tones, then tried to plant a kiss on her. Tashi wasn’t strong enough to resist the weight of his body, but she turned her head so the kiss grazed across her cheek instead of her lips. Duga was clearly unimpressed with her actions, so he tried harder to kiss her; pressing his body firmly against her’s until she had no room to move. The rest of the evening was messy, and it resulted in Tashi losing her virginity. The strange thing was, as Tashi lay there, on her father’s bed, stark naked and trembling, she felt good. She endeavoured to hide these feelings from her father, but it was extremely difficult now that he would come home and immediately seek out Tashi for more sex.

The years went on, and Tashi’s fascination with sex only grew. She wanted to be with more man, men who could do more than her father and men who could satisfy her without her feeling guilty afterwards. It became that every weekend, after her father was asleep, she would crawl out of his bed and she would crawl the low lit streets of the nearby town until someone catcalled her and she knew she’d be getting lucky that evening. It was a life she adored, but Tashi had grown more and more unhappy with her father and his treatment of her, so at the age of twenty she registered for Republic City’s citizenship program and left him one cold night. She arrived in Republic City and moved into a rundown apartment using money she had stolen from her father.


Air Nomad
Initial Powers
  • Air Blast

The user sends a burst of air out in the shape of a ball in front of them which can be used offensively or defensively.

  • Air Shield

The user creates a funnel of air in front of them that redirects attacks around them.

  • Air Swipe

The user sends a sharp jet of air out in the shape of a crescent which can be used to cut things.

  • Enhanced Agility (Passive)

The user is naturally more agile than a normal human.

  • Gliding (Passive)

The user can glide across the air for a short period of time; this can be sustained for a medium amount of time by using a glider.

Basic Powers

(Note: Once a power is chosen, it cannot be changed.)

  • Air Bullets

The user rapidly sends a flurry of small air blasts which can be used to pummel something in quick succession. (Achieved after 1 week)

  • Air Funnel

The user can create a funnel of air which is used to redirect objects. (Achieved after 2 weeks)

Gust Walker
(Achieved after 1 month)
Initial Powers
  • Air Vortex

The user can create a large spiraling gust of air out all around them which is can be used to knock down or disorient others. The user is unable to move for a short time after using this power.

  • Wind Breath

The user can create a powerful torrent of wind from their mouth which can be directed and redirected with ease by using their lungs. The user is immobile while using this power.

  • Assisted Flight (Passive; Exclusive to Gust Walker)

The user is able to sustain partial flight for a short period of time by creating large gusts of wind and forcing them upon themselves; this can be sustained for a long amount of time by using a glider. However the large gusts are somewhat loud.

  • Air Bubble (Passive; Exclusive to Gust Walker)

The user can generate an air bubble around small objects, giving them a limited ability to remotely move objects at their discretion with reasonable precision. This power cannot be used on heavy or large objects, only two air bubbles can be sustained at a time, user is immobile while using this power.

Advanced Powers

(Note: Once a power is chosen, it cannot be changed. Also, Master level powers can only be achieved after 7 months and require 2 open power slots.)

  • Air Wake

The user can build up massive momentum while running which can then be focused into a powerful concussive blast in front of them upon stopping. The user becomes disoriented for a short time after using this power. (Achieved after 2 months)

  • Air Barrier

The user can create a large dome of air around them which can be used to protect them and even others from harm and the barrier also redirects all solid projectiles around the barrier. The user is unable to take any other action while maintaining the barrier. (Achieved after 4 months)

  • Enhanced Speed (Passive)

The user is able to redirect air flow around them, removing air resistance and generating a wind current behind them, thus greatly increasing their running speed. (50-60 mph). The user cannot use the power to enhance the speed of their flight/gliding or jumping and they're vulnerable to fatigue and high-speed collision while running at these new speeds. (Achieved after 6 months)