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Takumi is a 6" 1' tall man with a weight of 175 pounds. He has yellow eyes and black hair. His mist noticable feature is his red jacket. Moreover, he likes to wear black jeans and is a very aesthetic person.


Takumi is a self-confident person who likes to show off his bending skills, he often tries to impress other people (especially girls) and hates it if someone steals his spotlight.

But also, he has a great passion on working hard to improve his bending skills. He struggles for perfection in the art of firebending and becomes better ever day.

All in all, Takumi is a nice guy, so he wouldn't hurt harmless and peaceful people without having a good reason. Although, he doesn't worry about rules or norms of the society.


Takumi was born in the capital of the Fire Nation in 324 ASC. His never had a brother or a sister and his non-bending mother had to work a lot (she was an architect), so most of his childhood, he practiced his father, who was a firebending teacher. His dad teached him how to bend fire and noticed, that his son has a great in it. Moreover, he told him stories about Republic City, a great town right in the heart of the United Republic of Nations. He explained his son, that it's former beauty was destroyed by civil wars and invasions. One day, when his son was ten years old, he told him about the citizenship project, began by Avatar Michu and established by Avatar Renshu. Since this day, Takumi was secretly interested in moving to Republic City one day.

In his Hometown, Takumi was a very popular boy. He had a lot of friends who all respected him for his strong character and his bending skills. At the age of fourteen, he already battled adults and gained massive respect for his courage and his struggle for becoming a master of firebending. Of course, some guys were jealous of him, but all in all, he didn't have any bigger enemies. Because of his high level of charisma, he easily flirted with girls. At the age of sixteen, he made a family trip to Republic City, in which he fell in love with the city. For him, the most impressive event was a probending match. "One day" he told himself "I will stand in this arena and battle the world's best benders". From this day one, he became sure he wants to move to Republic City.

The following few years, Takumi practiced even more passionately and intensively to become a strong bender. During this time, he didn't want his parents or anyone else to know about his plans for the future. Because he was busy with improving his firebending skills, he didn't had any time for his freinds, so he became very lonely and isolated from the society.

After turning twenty, he finally told his parents that he wants to become a citizen of Republic City. Although they understood him very well, his mother and father explained that they have to stay in the capital of the fire nation because of their jobs. But Takumi asked for their permission to live alone in the capital of the United Republic of Nations. Even if it was very hard for them, Takumi's parents accepted their son's decision and let him live his dream. So, at the age of 21, he left his hometown with a good bundle of cash, so now he lives in a small apartement in Republic City, still freaming about becoming a probender.


Fire Infantry
Initial Powers
  • Fire Arcs

The user's punches and kicks will automatically create small arcs of fire from them as they strike that spills forward in the direction of the attack.

  • Fireball

The user is able to shoot small blasts of fire in rapid succession toward something.

  • Fire Whip

The user is able to create a belt of flames which they can use to strike and burn with.

  • Heat Control (Passive)

The user is able to increase the heat of the air, objects and liquids.

  • Fire Blocking (Passive)

The user is able to, if timed correctly, break away or deflect other fire attacks.

Basic Powers

(Note: Once a power is chosen, it cannot be changed.)
Basic Power 1. Not yet achieved (Achieved after 1 week)

Basic Power 2. Not yet achieved (Achieved after 2 weeks)