Name: Baldar

Species: Eel-Hound.

Owner: Samir (Formerly Groto)


Baldar originally belonged to Groto, a mysterious traveler who wandered aimlessly throughout the Earth Kingdom. Groto was attacked by Baldar when Groto was a teenager, but Groto managed to defeat him. However, Groto spared his life. As Groto wandered farther, Baldar attacked him again, but it stumbled and fell due to an injured leg. Groto, feeling sympathy for the creature, carefully patched it up and took care of it. Groto gave the Eel-Hound the name Baldar in memory of his dead brother.

Baldar and Groto eventually would come to meet Samir. Baldar remained by Groto's side until he was killed in an ambush. To Samir's surprise, Baldar immediately began to follow and obey Samir, as he saw how kindly Samir treated his master, how well he fought, and how he risked his life numerous time to help Groto (even if he inevitably failed to protect him). Samir and Baldar formed a quick bond after Samir had Ibba taken from him.


Baldar is an incredibly loyal creature, going whereever his master goes. However, he is also incredibly dangerous and aggressive. Before Samir became his master, Baldar often attacked any unknown person who came near his old master. Being with Samir has caused Baldar to mellow a bit, although he is still very protective.

Baldar Armored

Baldar, armored.