Owned by The Kaio-Ken Kid

Basic Information

Bender type: Airbender
Title: Silenced Tornado
Current age: 22
General Status: Body Healthy, Mind damaged
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Height: 5'11"
Hair Color: Navy Blue
Eye Color: Red
Relationship Status: Single
OOC Plans: I plan for him to try and break out of his shell a little with the help of his older sister, Natsuko . He will study to be a writer and poet and hopefully will meet other creative people along the way. Meanwhile he needs to find a job or something to do himself


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Rou is an introvert, being vastly more into books and literature than going out and hanging with friends. He is the complete opposite of his sister where she is outgoing he is hesitant and fearful. He constantly fears the stutter he has will gain riticule from others. He is quiet and never really speaks under normal circumstances unless the situation calls for it. He throughly enjoys creativity through works of art such as paintings, writings, and sculptures. He does not like to be in large groups of people and is naturally very shy and awkward. It also doesnt help that he also happens to be extremely clumsy. Although he doesnt like certain situations he will disregard it due to sheer curiousity which usually gets him in trouble


Rou was born to a rather high class family in the Fire Nation Capitol, 6 years after his older sister, Natsuko. He was a kind and compassionate child, always putting others needs above his own. He valued his sister highly, often looking up to her for advice although her advice didnt really fit his style. They didnt fight often, although when they did it was mostly settled in one day because Rou had let her win the argument and gave up one it. His parents didnt always have the time to take care of him so he usually spent most of his time with his sister, strengthening their relationship ever furthur.

When he 6 years old, while exploring his home he had found what looked like an old well in their backyard that someone had boared up. He made the mistake of walking ontop of the boards, which isntantly gave weigh under his body. During the fall, somewhere along the line he had hit his head which showed significant signs of damage later on. From the blow to the head he gained a severe studder which prolonged sentences that would usually take a couple seconds to say to a minute or two. This went on to scar him later on as people at his school began to make fun of him in an enviornment where he was pretty much forced to speak. His sister usually defended himself, to which he regrets to they very day. Eventually, after the torment that he suffered, his will to try to speak diminished until he stopped speaking all together. Everyone, including his parents, attempted to convince him that he needed to work through the problem but he refused. From then on he went to develop a communication system with those he was close to using his hands and gestures to communicate with others quite efficiently, even going as far as creating a secret language with his sister, an an intricute system through tapping and sounds.

Eventually he and his sister seperated at the age of 7 so she could go to The Royal Fire Academy for girls, which was not too long later he found out he could air bend by sneezing a good 20 feet in the air during one school day. When he turned 18 and graduated from school with perfect grades, Rou decided he wanted to travel to Republic City to study literature to become a writer/poet, something that a teacher recommended to him to try out.He had eventually learned that his sister also wanted to go to which the two tag teamed their parents into letting them go. After a lot of arguing and presentations, the parents cracked and allowed the two to go to RC under the citizenship act. They have been there ever since.


Air Nomad
Initial Powers
  • Air Blast

The user sends a burst of air out in the shape of a ball in front of them which can be used offensively or defensively.

  • Air Shield

The user creates a funnel of air in front of them that redirects attacks around them.

  • Air Swipe

The user sends a sharp jet of air out in the shape of a crescent which can be used to cut things.

  • Enhanced Agility (Passive)

The user is naturally more agile than a normal human.

  • Gliding (Passive)

The user can glide across the air for a short period of time; this can be sustained for a medium amount of time by using a glider.

Basic Powers

(Note: Once a power is chosen, it cannot be changed.)
Basic Power 1. Not yet achieved (Achieved after 1 week)

Basic Power 2. Not yet achieved (Achieved after 2 weeks)