Rec center
In the heart of the Industrial District a number of warehouses lie decrepit and empty, having been abandoned long ago. One such warehouse, located not far from the Abandoned Industries, used to be home to a recreational center built by non-benders before the age of Avatar Korra. It was initially set up as a place for non-benders to gather and train, a place where they could band together and talk about the oppression they faced from benders. Most of the non-benders in Republic City knew about it and contributed to its construction. However, after the Equalists came and led non-benders into a new age, the center was forgotten and left to rot. Now it lies empty, but it could easily become refuge for any party seeking a hiding place as it is still structurally sound and hidden in plain sight. The recreational center currently consists of a dojo, swimming pool, locker room and open foyer.




Locker Room
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