Arena Info

The arena is a flat platform, cleaned and polished for the matches. The octagonal arena is fenced off, making it so none may leave or enter until a match has concluded. There are earth disk slots and water vents evenly spaced out underground for use.

  • The rules can be seen here.

Dice Roll Room

With these rooms, dice rolls can be performed by participants. Be warned that these rooms contain logs, cheat and I will know. Simply put #d5 and you'll perform a roll. Links can be found in the comments section.



The coin toss was shown in favor of Onyx. He may take the first post or pass it off to <user> in the area below.

Nahko:Nahko stood opposite of Osamurei in the Octagon. For the first few moments after the gates closed, shutting them in with each other. Nahko cracked his knuckles and his neck, limbering up all his joints so as not to pull something in the ensuing fight. As opposed to his usual style of monk robes, Nahko has been modernizing himself, and chose a form fitting sleeveless top and billowy shorts. Nahko's hair, however, was done up the traditional style, pulled back in a small bun and dyed black. He analyzed Osamurei quietly, awaiting him to attack first.

Osamurei: Osamurei nods toward Nahko and grants him a slight smile that functions both as a gesture of benevolent will and harmful intent. He inhales and exhales deeply, attempting to enter into a serene yet intense state of mind. Observing the apparent desire of his opponent to let him commence combat first, Osamurei obliges by performing a roundhouse kick and dispatching a fire-charged stream aimed at his adversary's chest.

'Dice Roll Outcome: 1-Direct Hit'

Nahko: The speed at which his opponent's first attack sped towards Nahko surprised him greatly. He will be more careful, he thought, knocked directly into his ass from the force of the flames. The edges of clothes and small amounts of his eyebrows were singed, but he would not let a single blow defeat him. Nahko rolled onto his back and propelled himself into the air using his arms. While in the air Nahko kicked out towards Osamurei, unleashing a pair of Air slashes at his opponent. One was aimed directly at his midsection, the other was directed to the area left of him, to try force Osamurei into a situation where full evasion was not a possibility.

'Dice Roll Outcome: 3-Miss/Dodge''

Osamurei: Time seems to stagnate in Osamurei's mind as he quickly ponders the most effective method for coping with Nahko's attack. Determining that the prime option is to find a way to evade the air slash aimed at his midsection and take his chances that the sinistral assault will simply miss, Osamurei takes a full body sprawl to the hard ground,causing minor discomfort. As he hits the ground, the follicles on his head stand on end as the first air slash narrowly sails over his head. He then allows himself a brief sigh of relief as the second careens harmlessly wide left of him. Deciding to combine his return to his feet with his next assault on Nahko, Osamurei lifts himself up with his hands underneath his posterior and propels four arcs of flame in a trajectory toward his opponent's knees. As he completes the attack, he jumps to his feet, having no desire to be caught stuck on the ground where his vulnerability will be at a maximum.

'Dice Roll Outcome: 3-Miss/Dodge''

Nahko: After being caught embarrassingly unaware for the first blow, Nahko was much more certain not to eat this attack. Aimed low, it was a simple dodge for Nahko, as he sailed into the air above it, closing the distance between he and Osamurei from around 15 feet to a mere 5. Back on the ground, used his forward momentum to spiral into a front handspring. This motion made perfect to create twin air swipes point blank, both aimed directly at Osamurei's midsection.

Dice Roll Outcome: 1-Direct hit

Osamurei: Caught thoroughly unawares by this point black assault, Osamurei is walloped by the air swipes and careens backwards, landing ruefully on his rump. Twinging in discomfort caused by the newly acquired injury, Osamurei determines that it is optimal time for a change in game plan. Bending his knees and placing his arms at his sides, Osamurei triggers his jet propulsion abilities and dispatches himself in a neat circle around Nahko. While propelling, he immolates a circle of flames around his opponent, hoping to circumvent Nahko's mobility. He breaks off the propulsion just short of completing the circle so that there is sufficient room for an attack to penetrate it. As the propulsion grinds to a halt, he performs a roundhouse kick and launches a potent stream of fire aimed at Nahko's cranium.

Dice Roll Outcome: 4-Block

Nahko: Nahko was perfectly fine with Osamurei harmlessly whooshing around him. Patience was a virtue Nahko had in vast quantities. He stood still, turning to face Osamurei as he spun around him. When he showed signs of slowing, Nahko reengaged a fighting stance, not allowing himself to be caught with his guard down again. The stream of fire that spilt forth from the single opening (bar above) was no surprise. A sole air blast was thrust from Nahko's palm as he forced it forward, penetrating the flames head on, and dissipating them in a flurry of heated wind. However, the new danger was the flames around him. Lunging forward out of the circle of fire, Nahko performed a dive roll. Upon reaching his feet again, Nahko hurried to acquire Osamurei again in his sight, and once that was achieved, delivered another volley of air swipes in his direction, aimed at his right shoulder and left ankle, in hopes to incapacitate his ability to bend.

Dice Roll Outcome: 1-Direct Hit

Osamurei: Nahko's air swipes don't disappoint in meeting their marks. The swipe aimed at his right shoulder only causes him a moderate twinge and he luckily avoids dislocation. The air projectile aimed at his left ankle however, knocks him off balance and results in a rolled ankle. With his mobility and ability to bend with his left leg severely hindered, Osamurei comprehends that he must be more prudent in his approach to the fight from hereafter. Having had only marginal success with rapid blast attacks, he contemplates that a mortar style attack might be more effective. Immolating the ground in front of him with flames in order to lease some time, Osamurei conjures up a hefty firebomb and launches it upward, watching its descent toward Nahko. Osamurei silently acknowledges the probability that the elusive airbender will find a way to evade this latest barrage, but he hopes that the resulting explosion from wherever it lands will serve its purpose in causing Nahko at least minor injury. 'Dice Roll Outcome: 3-Miss/Dodge''

Nahko:Passively enhancing his speed to avoid the blast was child's play. Osamurei has made his use of immolation to slow Nahko obvious that each instance would be followed by an attack. The second Nahko took notice of Osamurei using his bending for something other than an attack, Nahko was speeding around the ocatagonal ring. He managed to be behind the immolated floor, and by extension Osamurei, with seconds to spare before the firebomb exploded. It took a few of those seconds to slow, but when he came back t regular speed, Nahko leapt into the air, kicking both his legs in a fury of air swipes at his opponent while simultaneously closing distance.

'Dice Roll Outcome: 1-Direct Hit

Osamurei: Nahko's latest bombardment sends Osamurei careening toward the edge of the arena and he descends with a reverberating thud on his side. Osamurei grits his teeth in indignation as he silently bemoans the fact that he has allowed his opponent to essentially use him as a living ragdoll. Battered and bruised, but not yet broken, he resolves to make something of this fight before its conclusion. Gingerly lifting himself to his feet, he puts some weight on his left ankle and swallows the pain that it reverberates. Understanding that he's given his opponent far too much time to anticipate and react to his offensive game plan, Osamurei opts to resort to more rapid fire maneuvers. Not only will this hopefully force Nahko to be more on his toes, but Osamurei deduces that the more rapid his movements, the less he'll be contemplating the growing pains around his body. Osamurei begins pivoting in place, keeping his body loose, and then begins performing a series of rapid fire punches in Nahko's direction. With each jab, a spurt of fire-charged and pressurized flame erupts, six in all. Osamurei takes care to alternate the direction of the punches so that they are propelled toward both the left and right sides of Nahko's frame. 'Dice Roll Outcome: 2-Glancing Blow

Nahko:Nahko was impressed with Osamurei's will to carry on. He made a mental note to not underestimate him even in the slightest. The incoming volley of fireballs were a nice change from Osamurei's slower attacks. If there was anything in a fighr Nahko loved more thab flying, it was fast paced attacks. Nahko danced around the first few, but his opponent's use of randomly alternating which side they were aimed at managed to finally snag Nahko. A fireball collided with and exploded upon the left side of his pelvis. Nahko was thrown from his feet onto his rear. The pain was dull and throbbing, leading him to conclude he was not nearly as injured as was possible. Nahko used the backward momentum to roll onto the soles of his feet, once again maintaining a fighting stance. Nahko decided to try to capitalize on his speed advantage, using highly enhanced speed to close in on Osamurei in seconds. From a distance of five feet away, Nahko slowed to a regular speed to avoid a fatal collision, and hopped off his feet, barreling with a leading shoulder towards Osamurei's midsection. In his hands he formed the telltale ball of wind that showed he was aiming a point blank concussive strike at his opponents right thigh, again hoping that this would incapacitate him further.

'Dice Roll Outcome: 1-Direct Hit

Osamurei: Osamurei is beyond the capability of evading an attack with his injuries, so he simply assumes a low and even stance in the desperate hopes that the latest onslaught won't blast him off of his feet again. Sure enough, he stands firm against Nahko's shoulder ram, despite the pain that reverberates through his body upon contact. However, even the firmest of stances is no use against what comes next. The deadly ball of wind issued from his opponent makes brutal contact with Osamurei's rooted thigh, and tears right through his quadriceps muscle. No longer capable of biting the pain adequately enough to stay on his feet, Osamurei sinks slowly to the ground. His strength and will to fight are nearly irrevocably sapped, but Osamurei has always been far too much of a stubborn ass to surrender now. Placing his left arm behind him with his hand curled into a fist, he does the same with his right only this time aimed toward Nahko. Taking another deep breath of focus and serenity, Osamurei activates his powers of jet propulsion with his left hand and uses it to hurl his broken body at Nahko. As he surges toward his opponent, Osamurei uses his right hand to generate a potent stream of augmented and pressure controlled fire, hoping beyond hope that his onslaught will make contact and blast Nahko backward.

'Dice Roll Outcome: 2-Glancing Blow

Nahko: Using the outward thrust of the air blast, Nahko spun away from center of Osamurei's latest attack. The flame missed their desired mark of Nahko's midsection, but collided harshly with his right arm. Nahko gasped in pain, spinning farther out of control. By the time he hit the firm fencing of the arena, Nahko had spun a minimum of 60 times. He was decidedly dizzy when he managed to return to his feet, and rather than give Osamurei a single second of possible free time, Nahko punched into the air violently and released air swipe after air swipe in his opponent's general direction, though they were bound to be less effective than previously due to his confused state.

'Dice Roll Outcome: 4-Block

Osamurei: Osamurei's wilted position on the ground allows him a minimized target zone and so he is easily able to anticipate and defend himself against Nahko's air swipes. Osamurei simply counters with a barrage of pressurized fireballs that blast the air swipes from their trajectory before dissipating. His mobility still compromised, the gears in Osamurei's head gyrate rapidly as he scrambles for a plan of attack that he can execute on the ground. Suddenly, a spark ignites in his cranium. Holding both arms in front of him, Osamurei resumes his barrage of pressurized fireballs, this time aimed haphazardly in Nahko's general vicinity. However, he quickly begins ceasing his generation of fireballs with his right hand, utilizing instead to conjure an elongated whip of flames. Leaning back for a moment while continuing the fireball onslaught, Osamurei swings the whip around and toward Nahko so that its inflamed lash attempts to wrap itself around the back of Nahko's knees and cause severe burning and pain. 'Dice Roll Outcome: 2-Glancing Blow

Nahko: Osamurei countered faster than Nahko was able to reorient himself.The initial attack was off center enough that Nahko was able to dance around them, but the second string was a different matter. Nahko managed to evade the fireballs as his balance returned, but the whip did manage to snag his calf. Immediately, before much damage could occur, Nahko dispelled the whip around his leg with a blast of air. He dashed backwards, trying to give himself time to think about how to act thusly. Osamurei appeared to be grounded due to Nahko's last strike. Nahko dashed forward using his enhanced speed. He leaped over Osamurei, flipping a few times in the air. Each time Nahko's feet would align with his opponent's position, Nahko cast a air swipe. He hoped this attack combined with Osamurei's lack of mobility and injuries would bring their fight to a close.

Dice Roll Outcome: 1-Direct Hit

Osamurei: Without the legs to carry him to safety, Osamurei's body is blasted aloft by Nahko's assault. His flight seems to last an eternity, and when he finally reaches the ground, he feels his left arm break on impact. The ever increasing pain is so great that he can't help but utter a low whimper as he clutches his arm. Osamurei knows that he's about as intimidating at this point as a snake with teeth made of gummy bears, but his stubborn pride remains undeterred despite the heavy toll his body has taken. Now with only one limb remaining at his disposal, Osamurei holds his remaining arm behind him once more and jettisons toward Nahko. With no additional methods for assault available to him, Osamurei simply attempts to launch himself at Nahko and knock him back with his own formidable weight. 'Dice Roll Outcome: 3-Miss/Dodge''



Judge Onyx/Nahko Wind/Osa Points Possible
  • Creative use of powers:13
  • Effective use of powers:12
  • Compliance with the RNG ruling:10
  • Spelling and grammar:3
  • Judges discretion:4
  • Creative use of powers:11
  • Effective use of powers:11
  • Compliance with the RNG ruling:10
  • Spelling and grammar:4
  • Judges discretion:5
  • Creative use of powers:
  • Effective use of powers:
  • Compliance with the RNG ruling:
  • Spelling and grammar:
  • Judges discretion:
Sub Total 42 41
  • Creative use of powers: 11
  • Effective use of powers: 13
  • Compliance with the RNG ruling: 10
  • Spelling and grammar: 4
  • Judges discretion: 4
  • Creative use of powers: 12
  • Effective use of powers: 12
  • Compliance with the RNG ruling: 10
  • Spelling and grammar: 5
  • Judges discretion: 5
  • Creative use of powers:
  • Effective use of powers:
  • Compliance with the RNG ruling:
  • Spelling and grammar:
  • Judges discretion:
Sub Total 42 44
Total 84 85

Hydro: Now judging this match was really a tough call, the detail work from both of you guys really impressed me. But I had take a point off from Wind for using fire whip while Onyx had a few annoying typos. Onyx had Nahko logically and realistically avoid these attacks while how Wind was able to give great detail into the pain Osamurei felt and got creative for how he was able to press on, the latter is more rare so that slightly impressed me more.

But while Wind's attacks were definitely impressive, I'm especially a fan of that fire punch barrage. But Onyx's just seemed more precise to me and I appreciated his usage of his superior speed/agility. But like I said this was a very tough match to call and I knew it'd be very close. I definitely hope I can handle either of you in the next round and hope you'll stick around for future probending events. I regret the fact that you guys couldn't finish and disabled me from awarding both of you for this epic fight.

Bird: Both Wind and Onyx fought excellently, and the RNG rulings were dealt with smartly by both parties. In my opinion, Wind was able to make use of a broader range of skills and act and react to Onyx's attacks with finesse. I think perhaps Onyx relied a little to heavily on air swipe in some cases, but it was used creatively in most situations. As Hydro said, Wind's detailing of Osa's pain and struggle through the fight was delightful, and added (for me) much more interest and depth to his posts. That said, Nahko's calm nature was aptly displayed by Onyx in his posts, and his quick movement was conveyed well. Onyx had a few spelling/grammar issues, although they didn't distract from the post and could be easily fixed. Were this based on the quality alone of the posts, I would judge Wind as the victor.