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The Shinozuka Manor is home to Chi Shinozuka and a welcoming place for all those who secretly follow her. This manor also acts a sort of headquarters for Koh's Entropy, as it is well hidden where the forest reaches just near the outskirts of the mountain and Republic City. The Manor is quite large and homely on the inside but made to look abandoned on the outside. The place is well hidden in a thicket of trees and bushes. Normally, you'd need directions to find the place.

Instead is clad with a beautiful interior design, pulled together beautifully with dark marble floors that reach out into different corners of the manor. On first glance, to the right there is a large sitting area for guests and to the left is a massive dinning room for party dinners. Down the long hall is a massive lounge room in which is used for faction meetings. Towards the back of the manor is a beautiful garden in which some meetings also take place. A set of guest bedrooms are up the stairs on the second landing.


Chi Shinozuka's Bedchamber