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Twin Air
Basic Information

Bender type: Airbender
Title: Typhoon Twin
Alignment: Neutral Good
Current age: 17
General Status: Alive
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Height: 5'11
Hair Color: Purple
Eye Color: Orange
Relationship Status: Single
OOC Plans: Both twins will eventually work together and find means to live a somewhat decent life. They'll meet new people and get to experience new things. Mizukki will still protect Suzuki from making wild and unnecessary mistakes, while also supporting both of their lifestyles.


Both Suzuki and Mizukki dress alike, giving away the obvious appearance that they are twins. Their long, flowing, purple hair match to Mizukki's Orange eyes, and Suzuki's green eyes. Their attire is mostly what is seen in the image above. On occasion, they will change into a casual style of plain white and black shirts with black skirts.


Both Mizukki and Suzuki are kind-hearted caring individuals that dwell deeply on the loss of sentimental items. Most of the items belonged to the other sister; making a strong sibling connection obvious. Mizukki's personality is slightly varied because she reacts to a stressful situation better than her sister would. Because of this variation, Mizukki is looked upon as the "leader" of their relationship, despite being the younger sister of the two. Suzuki is dependent on her sister to help her through almost everything in life. It is not because she can't handle the tasks on her own, but simply so she and her can spend more time together. Though the thought of intimate relations between each other is out of the question, both can admit that the thought has run through their head before.


Both Suzuki and Mizukki were conceived in a tucked away temple on the farthest reaches of the Northern Earth Republic. Their isolation was their own parents idea; in an attempt to hide their children away from the "enemies" that were foretold by a wise guru to one day come for them. Their parents paranoid accusations only embedded deeper as their daughters grew up. By the age of six, Mizukki was the first to have mastered the basics of Airbending; as instructed by her father. Though both their parents were non-benders, they had learned the art of bending through the movements and concentration needed. Suzuki, Mizukki's twin sister, did not develop her bending until the age of eight. By this time, Mizukki had mastered her basic training and insisted on personally training her sister the same techniques. The training was with the intentions of Mizukki to bring them closer together as sisters. After two additional years, both girls had achieved mastery over the basics of their new-found abilities. Their style and cooperation eventually allowed them to develop their own fighting style known as "Shimai no Tatakai" or "Sister Fighting".

The temple; of their long seclusion, was built by their own parents several years before their birth dates. The story of the isolation was explained to them some four years after their bender training was complete. A guru by the name of Ronshi foretold of "enemies" that would descend upon their soon-to-be-made children. Their fear and anticipation eventually drove them to migrate to the farthest reaches of the Northern Earth Republic region; establishing the small temple as a "safe zone" where they could be raised without threat of attack.

Mizukki developed a sense of adventure to visit the outside world (as they had never left belong the reach of the front yard) at around the same time her sister did. They both loved nature, animals, and seeing the world as it breathed. Their parents had passed away due to old age, leaving them with only each other for comfort within the temple. By the time Mizukki was sixteen, (Suzuki being seventeen at that moment) a vicious group of raiders brutally attacked and burned the temple to the ground. Luckily, both sisters had left only minutes prior to collect fruits from the nearby forests.

Upon the return to the temple, seeing its foundation and the only home they ever knew, turned to ash, both sisters decided it was a sign to leave their home and find a new place to explore together. Several days it took before they both reached a distant village. The local townsfolk recognized them as twins and took them in to raise them. A few months were spent within the village, helping the town, and entertaining the children with their duo bending style.

A visit from a messenger brought news about a shipment of rare meats being brought in from the land known as Republic City. Both sisters were curious about the place and asked the messenger to tell them about it. His description lighted a spark in both their passionate hearts to explore the new location. They followed the messenger back to the nearest city and boarded the next vessel bound for Republic City. Their intentions are to meet more people of the outside world, and experience what the city has to offer them.


Air Nomad
Initial Powers
  • Air Blast

The user sends a burst of air out in the shape of a ball in front of them which can be used offensively or defensively.

  • Air Shield

The user creates a funnel of air in front of them that redirects attacks around them.

  • Air Swipe

The user sends a sharp jet of air out in the shape of a crescent which can be used to cut things.

  • Enhanced Agility (Passive)

The user is naturally more agile than a normal human.

  • Gliding (Passive)

The user can glide across the air for a short period of time; this can be sustained for a medium amount of time by using a glider.

Basic Powers

(Note: Once a power is chosen, it cannot be changed.)

  • Air Strike

The user can attach a burst of wind to any physical attack with their arms or legs for added force. (Achieved after 1 week)

  • Air Suction

The user can create a vacuum of air which pulls things toward them. (Achieved after 2 weeks)

Gust Walker
(Achieved after 1 month)
Initial Powers
  • Air Vortex

The user can create a large spiraling gust of air out all around them which is can be used to knock down or disorient others. The user is unable to move for a short time after using this power.

  • Wind Breath

The user can create a powerful torrent of wind from their mouth which can be directed and redirected with ease by using their lungs. The user is immobile while using this power.

  • Assisted Flight (Passive; Exclusive to Gust Walker)

The user is able to sustain partial flight for a short period of time by creating large gusts of wind and forcing them upon themselves; this can be sustained for a long amount of time by using a glider. However the large gusts are somewhat loud.

  • Air Bubble (Passive; Exclusive to Gust Walker)

The user can generate an air bubble around small objects, giving them a limited ability to remotely move objects at their discretion with reasonable precision. This power cannot be used on heavy or large objects, only two air bubbles can be sustained at a time, user is immobile while using this power.

Advanced Powers

(Note: Once a power is chosen, it cannot be changed. Also, Master level powers can only be achieved after 7 months and require 2 open power slots.)

  • Enhanced Jumping (Passive)

The user is able to use gusts of air to jump about three times the height of a normal human (about 8-10 feet). (Achieved after 2 months)

  • Cloudbending (Passive)

The user is able to manipulate water vapor in order to move or create clouds which can be used to obscure sight. (Achieved after 4 months)

Not yet achieved (Achieved after 6 months)