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Ming Li
Owned by Zoevause

Basic Information

Bender type: Earthbender
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Current age: 28
General Status: Alive and well
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Homosexual
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Green
Relationship Status: Single
OOC Plans: At the moment, a lot. Besides all of the useless stuff she's trying to get into RCPD.


Ming is an average built and tall woman. She has dark green eyes and short black hair. Her body is covered with scars as she has been fighting with criminals and crime itself for years. She is muscular, even though she looks skinny and slender. She wears black rectangular glasses and struggles to see without them. She's 5'8 and 147 pounds. She regularly wears a black top and black pants, often black jackets as she thinks they make her look responsible.


Ming is a stubborn, thick-skinned and neurotic law maniac. She's obsessed with discipline and order. She's a kind and sympathetic soul, but this side of her is covered with her fear of showing emotions. She always tries to stick with the law and is willing to harm anyone or anything for the sake of order. She's a fan of crime and mystery books, her favorite thing to do is to take notes on the pages of these books, trying to solve the mysteries herself


  Ming Li was born into a wealthy family of five in Ba Sing Se. Her father Tao was a well-known engineer and her mother Jin was a teacher. Her older brother Ling and younger brother Lei were the closest friends she ever had in her life. Never getting her father's attention and love, she began to run around when she was only 14. But who could blame her? She was a confused teenager at the time, begging for attention. As she was trying to find herself, she found an abandoned history book in the trash. She read about the period of time where the Earth Republic was torn apart and crime was a necessity to survive. She also found out that she could earthbend at the age of 8, a bit later than most benders. It was unusual because none of her siblings could bend. Her parents didn't think she could until they witnessed her destroying the tree house she made by accidentaly bending the ground the tree was on.

Disgusted by the state of early Earth Republic, she began to study law by herself. She disciplined and educated herself while still attending school but not giving any attention to her classes. When her mother got assassinated, Ming was certain. When she got out of school, she was going to make crime dissapear. Her mother's death affected a lot of people, her dad, her brothers, her students and even more people as she was a beloved member of the family and the society. When the police closed the case, she became invested in finding who her mother's murderer was. When she started sneak into places such as the City Hall for clues and hidden information the police got involved. As she did nothing to harm anyone, she didn't face any charges.

She hated how the Earth Republic's law system worked. One day, she talked to her brother Ling who had been to a place called "Republic City". He told her how crime and affairs were handled there. Ming was completely fascinated, Republic City was the place for her. Ever since her conversation with her brother about the city, she became obsessed with planning and building a life there. She made plans on where she'd live, what she'd do and what'd freedom would feel like. After she graduated, she began to take action to move there. She continued studying law by herself but the books weren't enough, she needed proper education. So with the help of her older broher she studied Law. All she needed to do now was to be where she was always meant to be in, Republic City. After she was done with her first year of studying law, she made her way to Republic City to fight crime.


Earth Citizen
Initial Powers
  • Earth Bomb

The user can send a small boulder flying in any direction once struck which breaks apart into many smaller projectiles when it hits something.

  • Earth Smash

The user is able to crush or even shatter anything made of stone without any force required.

  • Earth Shield

The user is able to create a small wall made of stone which can be used to defend or obstruct a path.

  • Earth Levitation (Passive)

The user is able to cause earth to levitate allowing them to use any earth they control as a moderate defense or even to allow time to prepare an attack.

  • Compression Control (Passive)

The user is able to compress earth into a much denser state allowing them to harden soil or stone for stronger offense or defense. The user must take time to compress the earth.

Basic Powers

(Note: Once a power is chosen, it cannot be changed.)
Basic Power 1. Not yet achieved (Achieved after 1 week)

Basic Power 2. Not yet achieved (Achieved after 2 weeks)