Owned by Nebuliss

Basic Information

Bender type: Nonbender
Title: The Storm Survivor
Current age: 18
General Status: Alive and well
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Height: 5'2
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Relationship Status: Dating Kairo
OOC Plans: After doing a mission with Ming He, Mei decided she'd be better off joining the mercenary group. After a small plot with Daruka, a Faceless member who disappeared, she contacted Kairo... Only to end up having him being broken up with by his PI girlfriend.

This left a good opening for the two to work things out, so for now Kairo and Mei are Meiro again. While a lot of stuff will have to wait for book 1 to start and end, they're a fun dynamic, especially since Mei is subject to killing people more often than not. This is probably something Kairo has yet to discover.


She stands at a meager 5'2" (And boy how she hates it.) With that contributing, she is very petite, and though she doesn't enjoy being in the limelight of things, she will make herself known with her style. She usually wears bright colours, with skirts and blouses. She will wear dark colours, though, usually during mission for YinShi



She tries to act tough, which is hard for a girl her size, but she's definitely fearless and headstrong. She's soft at heart, but she will strike if she's in danger, or someone she cares about it as well.

Lately, she's been more interested in money than helping people, but there'll always be the little bit of her that is still a vigilante. Killing innocents is out of the question, and if there is a choice between a job that is solely for money, or one that helps people and pays her, she will pick the latter.


Her father, Ginkaku, who traveled from the Northern water tribe, was the head of a gang in a city near the border of the Fire Nation. He was a non bender, and felt unwanted in the Northern water tribe. he found a purpose in the Fire nation. Her mother died in her childbirth. She has an older brother, who was favored by their father. He was also the only bender of the family. Ginkaku would typically ignore her, or tell her to bugger off, or that he's doing business. (Yet her brother was always allowed to stay). Because of her father and brother's reputation, the young girl was never one to make friends. When she did try, she always tended to screw it up somehow. Her brother was raised to head the gang after their father died. He did die, when Mei was fifteen. Yet her brother, who saw her as nothing but a waste of time, figure she'd be better off dead. Even though Mei wanted to try to help, he decided to get rid of her.

He sent her off in a mission alone, where she was told she'd be a hero when she returned- all she had to do was spy on some rival gangs. Her brother, though, had told the rival gang, and payed him to kill her. She was ambushed, and though she tried to fight back, she was soon on the ground with a few broken ribs and a bleeding lip, being kicked repeatedly, the rival gang leader approached. He revealed that her brother set her up, and that he wanted her dead. But, the rival gang leader decided it'd be more fun to spite the brother and let her live. As long as she never returned. After that, they continued beating her up, and soon they were gone, and she was unconscious. She was deemed dead, as she never returned to her hometown, being too hurt by her brother's actions.

She traveled on her own for a while, travelling from the fire nation, to the earth republic, and northern water tribe as well. It was a while until she found a group that she deemed appropriate. They treated her rather well, and they had a plan. They were going to the Republic city. It took a few years. At the age of seventeen, she arrived to the City, hoping for a new life.

She met Kairo, and after a mishap with his ex-girlfriend, somehow ended up with him. She joined Faceless to repay him for everything he's done. Protecting her from her brother, and teaching her how to defend herself. She officially joined after they got together as a couple. Mei then left to deal with some personal problems that had arisen during her time with Faceless, with no word to Kairo. She came back a few months later, but had left once more because she found it easier to work alone.

Eventually, she teamed up with Ming He and joined Yin Shi. After reconnecting with Kairo, again, they are trying out their relationship once more.


Initial Abilities
  • Martial Arts (Passive)

The user is adept in basic martial arts, allowing them to stay on par with someone who has focused their training on bending.

  • Weaponry (Passive)

The user has trained extensively with the use of classical weapons in order to make up for their deficit when it comes to taking on a bender.

  • Agility Training (Passive)

The user has received extensive training in their agility in order to increase their raw physical speed. They would easily exceed any person who relied on their bending.

  • Weight Training (Passive)

The user has received extensive training with weights and other forms of exercise in order to increase their raw physical strength. They would easily exceed any person who relied on their bending.

  • Endurance Training (Passive)

The user has received extensive training in physical endurance in order to increase the amount of physical energy they have at any given time. They would easily exceed any person who relied on their bending.

Basic Abilities

(Note: Once a power is chosen, it cannot be changed.)

  • First Aid (Passive)

The user is knowledgeable in basic medical training using herbs and other medicines to treat minor injuries on themselves and others. (Achieved after 1 week)

  • Poison Adept (Passive)

The user is knowledgeable in the creation and usage of various non-lethal poisons. The effects can range from slowed movement, pain, nausea and disorientation. They cannot use any poisons that would completely render a foe unable to defend themselves. (Achieved after 2 weeks)

(Achieved after 1 month)
Initial Abilities
  • Precision Strikes (Passive)

The user has trained in order to achieve the ability to be as precise as possible in combat. This ranges from striking chi points to firing arrows from a bow. However, in focusing their training in this, the user has lessened the total power behind all of their attacks.

  • Lightfoot (Passive)

The user is knowledgeable in the art of stealth. The user has received training that allows them to do a multitude of stealth maneuvers; from sneaking silently to achieving quick attacks without making a sound.

  • Chi-Blocking (Passive; Exclusive to Chi-Blocker)

The user is knowledgeable of the chi points along a person's body and how to strike them in order to temporarily disable an opponent. Possibly causing intense pain, paralysis and negating the target's bending.

  • Contortionist (Passive; Exclusive to Chi-Blocker)

Chi-Blockers are capable of achieving a greater level of physical flexibility than others, allowing them to dodge attacks and escape restraints more effectively.

Advanced Abilities

(Note: Once an ability is chosen, it cannot be changed. Also, Master level powers can only be achieved after 7 months and require 2 open power slots.)

  • Animal Training (Passive)

The user is knowledgeable in training a pet into following their orders in combat. The pet could range from a quick and agile falconhawk to a strong and powerful polarbeardog; regardless, the user can train them and command them.  (Achieved after 2 months)

  • Explosive Crafting (Passive)

The user is knowledgeable in the construction and usage of assorted types of explosives. These explosives can range from simple smoke grenades or even detonate-able satchel charges. NOTE: These weapons are illegal to use.  (Achieved after 4 months)

  • Ranged Weapon Mastery (Passive)

The user has extensively trained with all forms of ranged weaponry in order to become a master in the usage of them. As such, the user may use any form of ranged weapon to its fullest potential. (This includes things such as: bows, crossbows, throwing weapons, etc)  (Achieved after 6 months)