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Basic Information

Bender type: Earthbender
Title: Shattered Stone
Current age: 20
General Status: Healthy
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Height: 5'5"
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Yellow
Relationship Status: Single
OOC Plans: Kirito will continue to work under the RCPD, being one of Chief Shan's most trusted subordinates. He also continues to work closely with Ming He and Michiko at Yin Shi. Since they're allied with the RCPD, he doesn't have to do as much work, but since Shan doesn't completely trust the group, he still has his job as their unsolicited Police informant.

Soon Tsumaki will come back. With Isamu out of the picture, I have no problem having Tsumaki and Kirito giving Kirimaki another shot. They'll reunite after she comes back to RC after being sent to the mental facility closer to where she lived before RC. He hears about this after finding out she'd also need a sort of probation officer, and he'll volunteer for that, if not to only keep her safe.


Weight: 130 lbs (59 kgs)

Height: 5'5"

Eye Color: Yellow

Hair: Red


Kirito is, inherently, a good person. Raised to believe certain things are right, and always following the rules. It was never a question of “What if”. It was always “I should.” So, he always did what felt right to him. He truly believed what he thought was right, too, and figured anything else was just… A completely inhuman action. It pissed him off whenever he’d see a man hurting another. It’d irk him. So much that he would get involved. He would fight back against an assailant. He would kill him, if need be. Because it’d be what is right.

But despite that, he is a good person. He’s friendly. He’s a little bit shy, and he is a complete gentleman. He’s also quiet, and distant. Sometimes cold. He’s very street smart, as well as a bit booksmart. He tends to be alone. If he isn’t, it’s just awkward for him.

Some would say he had an obsession with things being in order. His apartment is spotless all the time, as is he. Some would also say he has post-traumatic stress disorder due to his past. He refuses to go to a therapist for it, since he finds the notion completely ridiculous.


Kirito was born in the United Republic of Nations city, Yu Dao, to a Firebender woman named Ji-Tao and an Earthbender man named Gaien. The two met as Gaien was shopping, and got attacked by a store-owner. Ji-Tao was, at the time, a police officer. She stopped the fight and, well, she arrested him after she found he had stolen something. Gaien complied to his sentence, which was just some time in jail. Like a day. Once he was let out, the first thing he did was ask her out on a date. Ji-Tao accepted this date, though she was a little unsure about the man. He took her to a mover, and dinner. He was a gentleman. At the end of the night, she enjoyed his company.

The two had gotten married a year and a half later. They had a daughter first; A firebender girl they’d decided to name Akina. They had planned Akina. She ended up being the favorite. Kirito was born two years later, and was a complete surprise. Not to say they didn’t love Kirito! They loved him tremendously! Maybe even a bit more than Akina sometimes. The older sister constantly got jealous as the two grew up, and even burnt Kirito once or twice, especially when she first got her powers at the age of four. It was around four years later when Kirito would harness his bending abilities, when Akina was eight and he was five, when his mother informed them of some very disturbing news; Their father wouldn't be returning home. Their mother wouldn't bullshit them, though. She told them everything she could; Bad men got him because their father was, himself a bad man.

Kirito and Akina were distraught to say the least. He would be freaking out and eventually, would run outside in their backyard with tears running down his face, and sit down, holding his ears and ignoring his mother. He wouldn't hear the scratch of an earth shelter form around him, and was surprised to learn about it, at the least.

It took a few years for the kids to get over it. Kirito and Akina had promised their mother they’d never turn out like him. In fact, she said if need be, if there was any trouble, especially the kind she couldn’t take care of, that they’d leave Yu Dao. they’d take the two tickets she’d bought for herself and Gaien before Akina was born, and they’d leave.

They promised that to their mother that night. Their mother had then gotten them respective trainers, as she was herself, unable to train Akina, and Gaien was dead, giving Kirito no trainer as well. They’d prove to need that trainer when Kirito turned fourteen. Akina had broken her promise and gotten involved with the triad, in a completely bad way. Kirito had noticed her difference. She was going out more, not sleeping as much and she just seemed… Unusual. He had followed her one night, learning quickly that it was a drug problem; She’d gotten into Cactus Juice.

Unfortunately, one of the guys had seen him. Akina bailed him out, and when they thought they managed to get away from them, Kirito smelled smoke. He and Akina started freaking out. Their mother was sleeping, she wouldn’t have sensed anything. Akina told Kirito to get outside, and he did, while she got their mother. He had come outside, though, to see a few men waiting for him. Distraught and angry, he lashed out on them, spiking almost all of the assailants through their stomach. Almost. He kept one alive.

This one man, though he seemed afraid, was more angry, and made the huge mistake of running towards Kirito as he heard his sister scream for him. Unable to save her because of him, he snapped. Tortured him slowly to death as his family died.

That night, before anyone could get to the house, he managed to scrounge up the one ticket to Republic City that survived the fire. That night, he left his hometown, in tears and in pain, for Republic City, after having explored the world for a few years, just as he’d promised his mother.


Earth Citizen
Initial Powers
  • Earth Bomb

The user can send a small boulder flying in any direction once struck which breaks apart into many smaller projectiles when it hits something.

  • Earth Smash

The user is able to crush or even shatter anything made of stone without any force required.

  • Earth Shield

The user is able to create a small wall made of stone which can be used to defend or obstruct a path.

  • Earth Levitation (Passive)

The user is able to cause earth to levitate allowing them to use any earth they control as a moderate defense or even to allow time to prepare an attack.

  • Compression Control (Passive)

The user is able to compress earth into a much denser state allowing them to harden soil or stone for stronger offense or defense. The user must take time to compress the earth.

Basic Powers

(Note: Once a power is chosen, it cannot be changed.)

  • Earth Gauntlet

The user is able to craft a gauntlet of stone around their arm which enhances their blunt attacks. (Achieved after 1 week)

  • Fissure

The user is able to create small fissures by striking the ground which produce tremors in order to disorient or even knock over others. (Achieved after 2 weeks)

Rock Breaker
(Achieved after 1 month)
Initial Powers
  • Earth Launch

The user is able to create jets of stone out of the ground which can be used to launch things into the air as well as a sort of spring to soften falls from high distances.

  • Earthquake

The user is able to strike the ground and create large tremors which can disorient or even topple others in a large area around them. The user is unable to differentiate friend from foe with this power.

  • Remote Earthbending (Passive; Exclusive to Rock Breaker)

The user is able to earthbend without touching the earth they are bending.

  • Avalanche (Exclusive to Rock Breaker)

The user can tear several large chunks of earth straight out of the ground and command them to float into the air before raining down around them. The user can ensure that themselves and nearby allies aren't harmed in the attack, but they are unable to move while using this power as it takes heavy concentration.

Advanced Powers

(Note: Once a power is chosen, it cannot be changed. Also, Master level powers can only be achieved after 7 months and require 2 open power slots.)

  • Seismic Sense (Passive)

The user is able to sense their surroundings by feeling tremors in the ground. This allows the user to 'see' with their earthbending in a large area around them. (Achieved after 2 months)

  • Metalbending (Passive; requires 2 open slots)

The user is able to bend metal. Metal is significantly denser than stone and in turn makes the act of bending it take longer than if it were stone. The user may only metalbend one object at a time, the size of the object does not matter nor do any other objects connected. (Achieved after 7 months)

Taken up by Master Power (Achieved after 6 months)