Name: Senshi

Species: Armadillo Tiger

Owner: Kenta

History: Senshi was originally owned by Kenta's adoptive father, Garuza. The old man had merely wanted some company in his old age, having recently retired from police work. After Garuza had adopted Kenta, Senshi was initially jealous of the boy. But grew to care for him just like his master.

After the old man finally passed away, Kenta felt like the armadillo tiger was the last connection he had to his father. Deciding to do him the favor of taking care of it. Though Senshi sees it the other way around, fulfilling his original owner's will and making sure Kenta is safe.

Personality: Senshi's main goal is following Garuza's final request to him by protecting Kenta every day. He is driven to do so, always showing anger to anyone who brings him harm. Otherwise Senshi is often calm, feeling indifferent towards people who aren't threats to his master. Though Senshi still views Kenta as a child and sometimes doesn't obey his requests.