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Basic Information

Bender type: Nonbender
Current age: 19
General Status: Alive and well
Sexuality: Straight
Height: 6'0"
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Brown
Relationship Status: Single
OOC Plans: WIP


Kae stands at 6'0", with blonde hair and brown eyes. He's fairly well built, and muscular, and extremely handsome. At least in his opinion.



Kae, as the head of the family, often feels a lot of pressure to provide for his sisters and be responsible. His job as a chef also adds to the pressure of his life, what with the importance of being able to deliver in a timely manner. Over time, this stress has resulted in Kae being prone to depressive episodes, although he's highly resilient and often bounces back from the episodes quite quickly. When he's not around his sisters, Kae lets loose and will flirt with anything that has boobs, pretty much. He sleeps around a lot to keep his mind off things, which makes his sisters worry about him.He tries not to show anything around his siblings, figuring it would end up bad for all of them. That doesn't stop them from knowing. He constantly assures them he's fine, and most of the time is extremely good at keeping his true emotions hidden.


Yeshi was an avid traveller in his youth; born and raised in the United Republic before he was able enough to search for greener pastures. He travelled to the Earth Republic, then to the fire Nation and some of the surrounding islands, then to the waters of the South (he didn’t dare actually visit the Wastes), and finally to the Northern Water Tribe. Incidentally, this was to be the place where Yeshi would fall in love. Luava was a fisherman’s daughter, and she spent most of her time down at the port, weaving fishing nets for her father. That was where, upon departing his boat, that Yeshi first met the woman who would be his wife. Once they married they settled in the Water Tribe capital and had three children. The eldest, a boy named Kae, the middle child, a girl named Aeya, and the youngest child, a girl named Tutu.

Yeshi and Luava were loving parents, and they ensured that all their children’s needs were catered for equally, and they tried not to show bias towards their children. That said, it always seemed as though Luava favoured Kae and Yeshi favoured little Tutu. When Kae was five, it became apparent that he could not bend, and Aeya, who was four at the time, was so determined to one-up her brother that she practiced and practiced until it became apparent that she was a waterbender. Tutu, when she was old enough, discovered she was an earthbender, which often made household life very turbulent.

As life continued on in their diverse household, the children’s personalities began to diverge, but nothing influenced the divergence quite like the death of their mother seven years after Tutu was born. Kae, who was a teen in that time, would be heartbroken- Not as much as their father, though, who seemed to shut down a little. He cared for his sisters, taking a little more responsibility, and learning how to cook in the meantime. he made sure all their grades were up in school, including his own. He grieved with his sisters...And it seemed like he was the least traumatized. Though, he was just under Yeshi in that general area. Luava was his best friend, after all.

After Yeshi recovered from the shock of his wife’s death, he moved the family back to the Earth Republic, since he had no connections in the North Pole, and his mother was ill. They all settled into a little town, and attended the local school. It soon became apparent that Kae was not, of course, over the death of his mother. Though his social life took a turn for the better, it was apparent he started sleeping around more and more, and that he was hanging out with worse and worse influences. Though he did continue helping out around the house, his free time was usually spent at some girl’s house, or school. He eventually learned how to cook well enough to start enjoying it. Eventually, he also got a job as a chef in the town. All of it, his way of coping. By spending less time at home, but still providing for them.

Five years after the family moved to the Earth Republic, everything began crumbling down. The children’s grandmother died, and shortly afterwards, their father died. The doctors said it was the same illness that had killed them. Kae had to be precautious, because it probably meant it was contagious… And he didn’t want to lose the girls. It was the day after the funeral Kae had decided they were moving- Where was a huge question mark. That was, until Aeya received a letter from Republic City University, accepting her into it’s Fine Arts course on a scholarship. As Kae was now the man of the family, he decided that they would all move to the city. Kae, though he would still continued on with his… Questionable ways of passing the time, called in a favour from an ex-girlfriend and secured a job at a restaurant. Once everything had been packed, the three siblings travelled to Republic City as a part of its Citizenship Program.


Initial Abilities
  • Martial Arts (Passive)

The user is adept in basic martial arts, allowing them to stay on par with someone who has focused their training on bending.

  • Weaponry (Passive)

The user has trained extensively with the use of classical weapons in order to make up for their deficit when it comes to taking on a bender.

  • Agility Training (Passive)

The user has received extensive training in their agility in order to increase their raw physical speed. They would easily exceed any person who relied on their bending.

  • Weight Training (Passive)

The user has received extensive training with weights and other forms of exercise in order to increase their raw physical strength. They would easily exceed any person who relied on their bending.

  • Endurance Training (Passive)

The user has received extensive training in physical endurance in order to increase the amount of physical energy they have at any given time. They would easily exceed any person who relied on their bending.

Basic Abilities

(Note: Once a power is chosen, it cannot be changed.)

  • First Aid (Passive)

The user is knowledgeable in basic medical training using herbs and other medicines to treat minor injuries on themselves and others. (Achieved after 1 week)

  • Poison Adept (Passive)

The user is knowledgeable in the creation and usage of various non-lethal poisons. The effects can range from slowed movement, pain, nausea and disorientation. They cannot use any poisons that would completely render a foe unable to defend themselves. (Achieved after 2 weeks)

Weapon Master
(Achieved after 1 month)
Initial Abilities
  • Smithing and Engineering (Passive)

The user is knowledgeable in crafting weapons, armors and even basic machinery made of metal and even basic composite materials. Metal is more durable but heavy and cumbersome while composites are lighter but more vulnerable.

  • Melee Weapon Mastery (Passive)

The user has extensively trained with all forms of melee weaponry in order to become a master in the usage of them. As such, the user may use any form of melee weapon to its fullest potential. (This includes things such as: swords, axes, maces, etc)

  • Platinum Forging (Passive; Exclusive to Weapon Master)

The user is knowledgeable in forging anything made of platinum. Items are highly resilient and are unable to be metalbent. Not only this, but they are stronger and sharper than regular metals; making them able to cut through, withstand impacts better or break things a normal weapon could not. Platinum weighs just as much as regular metal would. NOTE: Under no circumstances should a character have a weapon, armor or devices made out of platinum without this power.

  • Collapsible Shield (Exclusive to Weapon Master)

The user has the knowledge to construct and use collapsible shields attached to the forearms. While normally retracted, the shields extend outwards to provide more protection against incoming attacks. These shields can be made out of a variety of materials to augment their weight and strength.

Advanced Abilities

(Note: Once a power is chosen, it cannot be changed.)

  • Lightfoot (Passive)

The user is knowledgeable in the art of stealth. The user has received training that allows them to do a multitude of stealth maneuvers; from sneaking silently to achieving quick attacks without making a sound. (Achieved after 2 months)

Not yet achieved (Achieved after 4 months)

Not yet achieved (Achieved after 6 months)