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Jinpa is a former air nation representative on the Council of Nine.


Jinpa is usually very calm and lighthearted, he finds it silly for him to waste his time on earth on anger and hatred. Since he's an Air Nomad through and through, he prefers peaceful solutions rather than violence. But occasionally he can forego his teachings for the greater good. During meetings he'll usually try to smile or make a joke to remove tensions and keep people calm.


Jinpa was the result of a fling between an Earth Kingdom soldier and an air nomad named Nima. She never saw that man again and such acts were looked down upon in the Western Air Temple. Thanks to Aang and Tenzin, nomads were allowed to get married and raise their children. But many of their other pre-Genocide customs still survived, but some of the nomads had grown somewhat snobbish. Looking down upon illegitimate children like the newborn Jinpa.

When he was a young child, he was somewhat of a weaker airbender. Whenever the elders weren’t looking, the other children would taunt and bully him. So Jinpa was used to being alone, he enjoyed purposely acting strange and odd since his peers disliked him either way.

Jinpa grew up this way, eventually managing to receive a few friends. But sadly, his airbending prowess was still inferior to the others. This went on until he was 15, Jinpa felt like dirt. Barely able to handle using a glider properly. So one day, without a word or anything he left the Air Temple. Eager to seek enlightenment like nomads before him.

He managed to learn the purpose of freedom and joy, he saw the world for himself and felt confidence. After years, he managed to become a great airbender. So at 20 when he returned, he quickly became revered among his temple. Making his mother proud, many years passed and he became an elder. He was eventually selected as the Airbending Councilor for the City.

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