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Jaeger's as kind-hearted as they come in Airbenders with Water Tribe heritage thrown in. He does all in his power to protect the people that can't protect themselves and refuses to give in to the dark side of nature and murder. While his name means "hunter", he's more of a hunter of the people that commit unforgivable acts and lets the proper authorities take care of them when able. When not in conflict, he's not so different from the Air Nomad Avatar known as Aang when he was younger: Carefree and looking for enjoyment in the world.


A young man whose Water Tribe appearance masks his Air Nomad heritage, with the tanned skin tone and brownish-black hair tied to manage it when he doesn't shave it, a custom he learned growing up among the Air Nomads. A vegetarian by Air Nomad culture, Jaeger, over the years, has developed a lean and muscular build on a diet of fruits, vegetables and grains and a regimen of Airbending training, Water Tribe warrior training and intense exercise. His thin appearance mask his strength at first glance, making those that see him without a shirt believe that he is a man that has avoided all forms of dangers. Possibly afflicted with a minor defect, Jaeger may possess heterchromia, in which his eyes change color from brown to blue when in different environments; his eyes have been brown most of the time when in warm and tropical climates, but change to blue when whenever influenced by colder climates or when Water Tribe territories affected by polar conditions. To hide his Air Nomad heritage and not draw too much attention to himself, Jaeger dresses in Water Tribe clothing, but will wear Air Nomad clothing when deemed a requirement, such as visiting Air Temples or participating in Air Nomad events.


The only son of an Republic City immigrant woman from the Southern Water and an Air Nomad man from the Southern Air Temple that was originally in Republic City to visit an old friend, Jaeger has spent the majority of his life in hiding since the disorder in Republic City occurred. Born on Air Temple Island, he spent 19 years of his life near Republic and could see and hear the disorder from a safe distance until the day came when he was 19, and his parents attempted to relocate to the Southern Air Temple. After the loss of his mother at the age of 19, due to criminals using biplanes stolen from Future Industries looking to eliminate any and all benders that wouldn't side with them in turf wars, Jaeger decided to put an end to the disorder by finding the one person that could restore the balance within the United Republic: The Avatar. For the last two years of his life, he has traveled around the Earth Kingdom in search of the Avatar, but to no avail. All he'll really say that he has seen is people outside the walls of Ba Sing Se and in places like Omashu enjoying a peaceful life deprived of violence, and longs for a life like that, but can't until order and balance have been restored to Republic City.

When not on the journey, he spends several hours meditating on the last two years of his sheltered life at the Southern Air Temple where his father resided and where he encountered his Sky Bison and lifelong companion, Rena, reminding himself of the tranquility he longs to see restored to Republic City, along with children laughing, running around free, people able to walk the streets without fear of persecution or prejudice, able to get along with another. Prior to leaving the Air Temple, he received his father's glider and his encouragement to find the Avatar and help restore balance to the world and Republic City. In order to hide his Airbending abilities, he makes use of his appearance to fit in around others when in populated areas, since he takes after his mother in skin tone with only his father's eyes; nobody really bothers a member of the Water Tribe more than necessary.

He's not big on talking about his childhood, as like any other Air Nomad, it was peaceful and lived in security, but does feel that being unable to wander the world outside of Air Temple Island, his spirit didn't feel as free as it should've been. Prior to leaving his father at the Southern Air Temple, he made a promise that, should he find the Avatar and aid in returning order and balance to the world, he would devote the rest of his life to traveling around the world and get in touch with his Air Nomad roots, as they were travelers by nature.

Due to an altercation in an Earth Kingdom village, he had to part ways with his bison and endure the rest of his search for the Avatar on his own.

At one point in his search after parting ways with Rena, he had visited the city of the Metal Clan, hearing of a rumor that the Avatar had been there once before. While there, he trained with the skilled Metalbenders and performed Airbending for the children there. One night, he had a nightmare of an unspoken danger upon the people and realized that he needed to find the Avatar as soon as possible, as he was the only one able to preserve order and balance.


Air Nomad
Initial Powers
  • Air Blast

The user sends a burst of air out in the shape of a ball in front of them which can be used offensively or defensively.

  • Air Shield

The user creates a funnel of air in front of them that redirects attacks around them.

  • Air Swipe

The user sends a sharp jet of air out in the shape of a crescent which can be used to cut things.

  • Enhanced Agility (Passive)

The user is naturally more agile than a normal human.

  • Gliding (Passive)

The user can glide across the air for a short period of time; this can be sustained for a medium amount of time by using a glider.

Basic Powers

(Note: Once a power is chosen, it cannot be changed.)
Basic Power 1. Not yet achieved (Achieved after 1 week)

Basic Power 2. Not yet achieved (Achieved after 2 weeks)

Other skills

Jaeger utilizes traditional tracking methods of his Water Tribe ancestry in order to find someone or to gather food when away from populated areas such as cities or villages. He was once able to track a Platypus Bear for three hours and rewarded himself for his efforts with the bounty of apples and bananas the creature led him to.

He has also versed himself in reading ancient texts that people of today don't fully understand, such as he was able to translate a sign that led to the Serpent's Pass which read, "Abandon Hope" as he was helping a trio of children trying to get to Ba Sing Se. He once claimed to enjoy reading, as it helped him to focus more on the time he had with his mother rather than to dwell on his loss of her life.

With a lean and muscular figure, Jaeger has remarkable strength and agility, which he had inherited from his parents. He can lift up close to 500lbs and run atop tree branches as if he were flying, and on flat terrain, he can outrun most Earthbenders. Jaeger is also very durable, as his mother once expressed, "Jaeger, you'll need a thicker skin when the time comes for you to defend not only yourself but those around you." He can hold his own against non-benders that arm themselves with swords and spears without the aid of his bending or glider and exhibits fighting skills reminiscent of a street brawler.


Simple-minded, Jaeger has at least three goals in mind. One: Locate the Avatar and restore order and balance to the world and in Republic City. Two: Put an end to the disorder he finds himself surrounded by. And three: Travel the world once peace and harmony are restored to the world.


  • Parents
Unlike the Air Nomads of the past, who were deprived of parental bonds, Jaeger was extremely close to his parents throughout his childhood and teen years. While he learned Airbending and Air Nomad philosophy from his Southern Air Nomad father, he learned what he could about Republic City's past history, the Water Tribes and order and balance from his Southern Water Tribe mother up until the day she was killed as they were trying to leave to the Southern Air Temple. Before he left the Southern Air Temple to search for the Avatar, his father gave him his glider and encouraged him to never give up on hope, something everyone in the world needed more than anything else in existence. He thinks of them a lot.
  • Rena
His Sky Bison encountered at the Southern Air Temple. Ever since they met, he treats her like a little sister than a mere pet; as he learned that Sky Bison were an endangered species and how people like the Earth Queen would pay a fortune for many of them just to eat them, he takes offense to anybody that even looks at Rena the wrong way. Whenever he needs her to get around faster than his glider, he uses a bison whistle to call her from long distances and commands her to take off with a yell of "hunt-hunt", similar to how bison are known to take off when hearing "yip-yip". Just like Jaeger, Rena is as protective of him as he is over her. Unfortunately, at one point in an Earth Kingdom village, his bison was endangered and, to protect her, he sent her away to safety. He's not sure if she returned to the Southern Air Temple or not, but he's certain that she's alive and longs to see her again.
  • Sora no Furīdamu
A fellow member of the children of Air Nomad/Water Tribe couples, Sora has been a childhood friend of Jaeger since before they could walk. Unlike the Airbender that would one day begin a search for the Avatar, Sora has demonstrated Waterbending abilities, but has greater interest in Air Nomad culture, having ventured in relocating to the Southern Air Temple with her parents a year before Jaeger and his parents did. A year apart had left a gap between them until the day she saw him arrive at the temple, but a feeling of loss between them when she found that his mother had been killed. Before Jaeger left the Air Temple to find the Avatar and restore order and balance to the world, Sora gave him a relic of hers that was from the Water Tribes: A former betrothal necklace that she had repurposed into a bracelet, claiming that it had brought her some luck over the years, and that it might bring him some luck on his journey.
It is likely that she is in love with Jaeger, but doesn't want the possibility of romantic affection to hinder him from doing what is more important than a possible crush. She thinks of him every day.


  • Some view Jaeger as a gentleman of sorts, as he won't sink to the level of a disrespectful person by assaulting a woman, being defensive and letting them harm themselves in attempts to wear them out.
  • He was once offered the chance to get his Airbending Master tattoos, but declined upon realization that having them would hinder his anonymity should he require it to get around people without drawing too much attention to himself.
  • While not a master, his father once said that he qualified to become one like he had.
  • Jaeger has accepted a universal truth that exists in the world known as causality: For every action one takes in the present, there is always an equal and opposite reaction that will occur later in the future. It is believed he learned this from an ancient spirit.
  • Jaeger may be one of a rare number of people to possess a rare condition known as heterochromia, a condition in which one of his eyes is a different color from the other.
  • While aware that it is the nature of the world, with predators and prey, a harsh karma of sorts, Jaeger despises the truth that people can be tempted to cause irreversible harm to others for reasons that go beyond moral concerns, such as desiring more land or power. It is believed this disgust stems from the unrest that has plagued Republic City.
  • Jaeger knows about the Red Lotus individual known as Zaheer and his use of Airbending to kill the Earth Queen, and understands that Airbending is dangerous when used for wrongful purposes. He has sworn on his mother's memory that he wouldn't use Airbending to end people's lives, and has come to refer any and all people that use their bending for inhumane reasons as "pulling a Zaheer", which suggests that he has a dislike for the former Airbender and anyone that abuses the sacred art of bending.

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Jaeger in the Southern Water Tribe
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"If we're all for unity and peace, then there's a place for us all. You show me your determination to see a better future, and I'll show you my determination to see it through."