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A small cheap pub tucked away in the downtown outskirts, The Fifth Element is often frequented by locals for its cheap drinks and friendly staff. They're so friendly and always willing to listen to patrons, one might even say that they're eavesdropping for their employer.

Contrary to appearances, The Fifth Element is not all it seems to be, and serves as a convenient cover for Yin Shi's base of operations. It is here that the private armed organisation operate from, a secret only known by the members themselves and their clients.

Thanks to the cover of the pub, the rest of the building has been stocked with various supplies and renovated to suit Yin Shi's needs. Following a gang attack on the premises, the Fifth Element underwent some renovations to make it more secure. This included the addition of large solid platinum plates into the bar counter, providing cover from attackers. The windows have been fitted with concealed platinum shutters that can be dropped into place when needed, and the doors were replaced with thicker versions with internal bars for reinforcement.


First Floor