The interior of Sen'Ka's Rare Goods might at first appear something akin to a junk yard, with piles of old and often damaged objects piled nearly to the ceiling, and others directly hanging from it, often dangerously. However, upon closer inspection, almost everything is or was once of value to someone, whether sentimentally or materially. Anything from private notes, to ancient trinkets, to entire Satomobiles can be found and purchased from the decrepit old woman who runs the store. Her age naturally leads to questions about how all of these things happen to end up in her possession, but upon questioning, she will simply laugh and slowly hobble away. This, along with shady persons outside the establishment after hours, suggests that she may in fact be fencing stolen goods. No one ever steals from Sen'Ka, since those who do tend to end up dead. Either the woman is more deadly than she looks or has powerful friends.