Noodle bar
Despite what the name would suggest, Honshi Noodle Bar is in fact two separate but mutually symbiotic businesses. The legend goes that in days past a man and his wife operated a highly successful noodle eatery, the both of them being masters at their trade. However after many years, competition drove them apart, and the eatery was literally split down the middle, with both chefs competing directly for the same customers. Every day the two cooked directly across from one another, on the same but separate stoves, and it soon became a popular game to order the same dish from both of them; just to arbitrarily declare one better than the other, and watch their amusing reactions. Eventually the two died, and their children carried on the tradition, likely thanks to its incredible profitability. At this point in time Honshi Noodle Bar is owned by two sisters who have taken the noodle competition to new levels, adding bending and some rather revealing clothes to turn what would otherwise be nothing more than food into a show for the masses. Despite the prevalence of the performance, the food is supposedly quite good.

The bar, having expanded considerably since its creation, consists of a number of inset counters facing toward the street, with chairs and tables scattered wherever room can be found.