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Frost Mechanic
Nearly a year after Iluq first came to Republic City, she decided it might do her some good to engage in business that was within the law, instead of being a messenger bitch to a shady shop owner. It took a lot of effort, but eventually she was able to obtain a loan from her employer to purchase a shop, but only on the condition that she’d pay off the loan by servicing whoever he sent to her, regardless of their affiliation. Iluq accepted the terms of the loan, somewhat grudgingly, and bought a shopfront on Honshi Street, which was, sadly, the only place she could afford. The shop has an apartment above it that Iluq is hoping to rent out to someone, as well as a little bed out the back of the garage in case she works too late and needs to crash there for the night.

The shop offers a wide range of services including automobile restoration and maintenance, weapon sharpening, mechanised joint creation and maintenance, and the odd illegal weapons job. In essence, if you have a want or need for something with gears, come see Iluq at the garage, where you’ll find her working every day. All prices are determined by the owner, and should not be argued with.