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Basic Information

Bender type: Nonbender
Title: The Masked Man
Alignment: Chaotic Nuetral
Current age: 27 (Unknown)
General Status: Alive (Unknown)
Gender: Male (Assumed)
Sexuality: ???
Height: 6'1"
Hair Color: Black (Known)
Eye Color: Amber (Unknown)
Relationship Status: Single (Unknown)
OOC Plans: Join the Kyuseishu


He is almost constantly in disguise, but outside of it he is a tall, dark haired, and ember eyed man with pale skin.


This man is a very cold and rational person who is devoted to the ideals of freedom and fairness, even willing to die for it. He carefully plans out his actions and does not act rashly. He is not above killing others to perform these goals and prefers to not leave witnesses. He is constantly skeptical and prepares for the worst possible outcome.


Born under the name Gui in Ba Sing Se to his native father who came from a wealthy family and his immigrant mother from the Fire Nation. Gui was treated poorly by his father's family due to his mixed heritage and his father marrying outside of his social class, eventually when Gui was seven they cut out his father's finances. As a result Gui spent most of his childhood in destitution, living on the streets. When Gui was 13 years old his father began talking to the police force about some illegal activity his father had been involved in when he was in his families good graces.

After doing so his father and mother where killed in front of him by an earthbender while trying to give him a chance to escape, Gui did and afterwards began to think that you cannot fight evil with a name or face, because evil will target everything around him and try to take him down by any means necessary. So he began to fight crime in a mask and a custom while abandoning his name, ties, identity, everything. And he uses any means necessary to fight for he learned that in order to fight people who will use any means you have to use any means yourself.

This man kept doing this for many years in Ba Sing Se, seeing himself as a necessary evil. But he began to learn about the Syndicate, the group his father had been in and was killed by, and how some of the grunts he fought seem to think they are planning something in Republic City. So he decided to put on a false identity, under the alias Jun Poa and arrived in the city by train. Now he wants to see how he can protect the people of his new home and take down the Syndicate at any cost.


Initial Abilities
  • Martial Arts (Passive)

The user is adept in basic martial arts, allowing them to stay on par with someone who has focused their training on bending.

  • Weaponry (Passive)

The user has trained extensively with the use of classical weapons in order to make up for their deficit when it comes to taking on a bender.

  • Agility Training (Passive)

The user has received extensive training in their agility in order to increase their raw physical speed. They would easily exceed any person who relied on their bending.

  • Weight Training (Passive)

The user has received extensive training with weights and other forms of exercise in order to increase their raw physical strength. They would easily exceed any person who relied on their bending.

  • Endurance Training (Passive)

The user has received extensive training in physical endurance in order to increase the amount of physical energy they have at any given time. They would easily exceed any person who relied on their bending.

Basic Abilities

(Note: Once a power is chosen, it cannot be changed.)
Basic Ability 1. Not yet achieved (Achieved after 1 week)

Basic Ability 2. Not yet achieved (Achieved after 2 weeks)