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The following app is for tutorial purposes only.

A character's name, age,bender type and appearance are basic and required information.

A character's name should fit the Avatar Universe, the four nations are based off real world cultures. Earth, Fire and Air are all primarily Chinese influenced with some Japanese as well; while Water is entirely Inuit based. It doesn't make sense for someone to hail from a eastern asian-like country and have a name like "Bob" or "Steve". This isn't really a strict rule and might have a few exceptions, but users should keep this in mind when naming their characters. A guide to Avatar-esque names can be seen here

Stating a character's alignment is required, it is an easy way to better understand your character. Alignments are based off this system.

A character's personality and history are the most vital parts of your application:

Your character's personality does not need to be as long as Tetsuya's, but it is recommended that if you desire a character with depth at least 4-5 sentences would be nice. These can describe your character's habits, desires, vices etc.

Like the personality, a character's history doesn't have to be as long as Tetsuya's. 3-4 Paragraphs would be acceptable. A history must explain your character's parentage and birthplace, as well as a healthy explanation of your character's childhood, including when they found out their bender type.

5-6 is the normal age for a child to first use their bending; they're likely to try to bend if they know they have close relatives that are benders. However, if the character is in a situation where they wouldn't try (such as an airbender birthed by two non-benders), it's fair to say they do not learn until 8-9. Nine is the absolute limit for a person to know whether they're a bender or not.

Depending on your character's age and life before arriving in Republic City you must mention your character arriving at the city in the history. You must explain why your character has come here and what they wish to accomplish.

After you have finished your application while following these guidelines members of our administration team will read and critique your application. If acceptable, your character shall be approved where you may begin your adventure in Republic City.

Name: Tetsuya

Age: 19

Species: Earthbender

Appearance: see here

Alignment (optional): Chaotic Neutral

Personality: Tetsuya is a bandit and criminal above all, he’s somewhat selfish and materialistic. He’s quite cocky, arrogant, hot-headed and rude. He hates and despises any sort of restriction on his freedom and follows his own heart over popular opinion or the rules. Being “Chaotic Neutral” he doesn’t necessarily enjoy the unneeded suffering of others, but can be selfish and choose his goals over the well being and happiness of others.

His 4 goals are to maintain his pro-bending career, protect his partner in crime Naoko and become the richest man in Republic City and a lavabending master. With complete disregard for the bending art being illegal and hazardous to himself. Tetsuya is haunted by nightmares of his mental and physical abuse from his father, he sometimes wakes up screaming and panicked.

Some of his flaws would be constantly allowing himself to be absorbed by his vices of pride and greed. Even with Naoko, he'd occasionally find it difficult to spend money and step off his high horse. Unable to learn from past blunders, his avarice, short temper and self-absorption can be his undoing during jobs, matches and normal life. Even though he refuses to admit it, Tetsuya would be mortified if anything ever happened to Naoko. Unable to imagine any happy scenario in his life without her.

History: Tetsuya was raised by his Firebending father, Liang in the southern Earth Republic. His Earthbender mother died in the midst of childbirth. Leaving Tetsuya alone with his father, who grieved his wife’s death. They lived in a small town, at first Liang was a kind and caring father. But with the loss of his true love, he fell into depression and alcohol abuse.

Tetsuya was 5 and recently discovered he inherited the gene for Earthbending from his late mother. This was when Liang began to beat and abuse started to beat and abuse his son, blaming him for his wife’s death. Tetsuya grew up alone and scared of his father, feeling imprisoned and caged with him.

Growing up, he did his best to hide his bruises and burns. Not having the courage to tell anyone, his father was often too busy drinking and being unemployed to properly provide for him. The town was quite well off from it’s farming and trade, so Tetsu was one of the few children forced to wear rags and beg for food.

At 10, Tetsuya was angry and jealous. Why did the other kids get caring parents, nice clothes and food? Why did he have to suffer abuse and ridicule from other children. It wasn’t fair, Tetsuya became bold and began to steal from his neighbors. With warm clothes and a full belly, the young earthbender had something to smile about. But he still had to suffer his father’s wrath.

For the next 6 years, he honed his skills to become a better thief and earthbender. His fear of his father turning into hatred and despise. He became somewhat selfish and rude, only caring about himself and his goals. Growing into the man he is today.

At the age of 16, Liang and Tetsuya got into a large argument which bursted into a fight. In the end, their house was left in blazes. With scorch marks, Tetsuya had left the town never to return. Having killed his father in self-defense, he decided to carve out a new life for himself.

For the next two years, Tetsuya placed on a mask and became an infamous bandit throughout the surrounding area. Stealing treasures and getting everything he wanted, he travelled all over. Posing as a harmless drifter in the day, he easily eluded authorities. He hated to admit it, but he was lonely and was somewhat haunted by memories of his father.

At 18, Tetsuya decided to ransack an estate belonging to a very well off family. He noticed some of the guards were already knocked out, but he didn’t dwell on it. After tying up the family members, he noticed some of their valuables were already taken. He met a masked girl, having a large sack over her shoulder just like him. They began to bicker, argue and eventually fought. But were smart enough to flee when authorities arrived.

The two thieves decided to just split everything down to the moral, having mutual respect for their skills as bandits and earthbenders. When the girl admitted she’d have to give most of the money to her boss. Tetsuya laughed a bit, telling how terrible that was. He was lonely and took a liking to the girl, so he offered to be her exclusive partner. She agreed and the two became an incredible and feared criminal duo. Travelling across the Earth Kingdom and United Republic.

The girl was named Naoko, they worked together for a whole year. Exploring the world, plundering as much as they wanted and enjoying their freedom and each other’s company. Eventually they agreed settling in Republic City would be a good idea, they performed their crimes with masks. So the city had no idea they were allowing National criminals to become citizens.

Now in the city, they became pro benders and made enough to live in High Rise Flats. But they continued their illegal activities at night, secretly having large increments of money. They began to question their relationship, was it more than a strong friendship? Soon they’ll find out.