Through a Murderer's Mind

"Not sure if trusting a bunch of kids our age with such a devastating murder case is the best idea. Then again, what choice do they have?"



"Lan Shen Investigations has kept themselves busy as of late with their research into the Republic City Council and researching into reports of the disappearances of several young girls in Yuan Dao. Most recently, however, a series of murders have occurred in Yun Dao with seemingly no connections between them. As of the past week, a case was opened for the death of a young boy by the name of Liu. Iluak calls his most skilled and trusted members of the LSI together for a meeting to give the group the details on the ongoing events. There are two witnesses/suspects whom he has asked to interview with. It is not clear initially if either is the killer, has involvement with one of the dead, or just an eyewitness. Nothing is as it seems."


Yu_Dao/Lan_Shen_PI - Part 1: Enter The Suspects!

Yu_Dao/Lan_Shen_PI/Lan_Shen_Interrogation_Room - Part 2: The Interrogations Begin!

- Part 3: The_Verdict_Is_Chosen!

Factions Involved

Lan Shen Investigations


Lima, the husband of Nima, is revealed to be Yamori, the leader of a human trafficking ring that Tatsumi and Hyohaku had a running in with previously. To keep his operations secret and out of the public eye, he "took care" of any person who became suspicious of his operations. This included Liu and his step-father, Ping. The investigation into Yamori's operations then begins.


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Fire Hyohaku - Torrun the Neko
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Water Hanako - TheMysterious26 (Part 1)
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