"Whatever the case may be, we're all here for one reason: save lives and stop crime. None of us care that what we do is illegal. We do what's necessary to make this city a better place. If that means we break a few laws and a few skulls to do that, by all means. It's simple, either get on board or get out of the way."


"We've got to do what's necessary to make this city a better place... even if it means taking a life."



"The infamous and generally despised vigilante group known as Faceless has arisen, aiming to protect the city from the savage criminals and corrupt bureaucrats, a task many of them feel the RCPD has failed in. But their mission has proven not to be an easy one, Kairo,Yori and Eru have managed to liberate a large number of sex slaves and Karuza even managed to accomplish a similar feat on his own! The problem is the former owners of those captured boys and girls seek revenge, aiming to exterminate the small organization as retaliation.
The Zhi Fong, a new crime gang determined to be as powerful as The Senkai Family was. But fortunately new members have been recruited before their attack had begun, one could say the initiates have chosen the worst time to join. But if every single one of them is to survive, they must remain strong, persevere and fight back or Faceless will be nothing but a recent memory..."


Abandoned Industries (Prequel RP: Kairo, Yori and Eru raid a warehouse after gaining a tip that it is owned by human traffickers and is used to imprison many female slaves.)

Recreation Center (Phase 1:The initiates arrive and introductions are made.)

Recreation Center/Dojo (Phase 1:The initiates are tasked to spar. But the Zhi Fong attack and kidnap Karuza.)

Weapons Cache (Phase 2: Kairo gathers his powerful allies and seeks to rescue him. But the rescue mission quickly turns into a large battle and an old ally returns in the heat of the conflict.)

Forest Showdown (Final Phase: The entire faction has recently launched a successful 3 week campaign against the heinous Zhi Fong. They aim to pursue and defeat the two surviving Lieutenants. But their enemies aren't defeated just yet.}

Factions Involved



The War between Faceless and Zhi Fong sparked the brutal and bloodstained onslaught of the former's war against crime. This is due to Kairo's opinion that such methods are the best way to handle the city's crime problem.


Air Kairo - Hydrocarbon1997
Fire Karuza - The Kaio-Ken Kid
Non Mei - Lissyboo (User Left)
Fire Yori - Ezvil
Non Eru - Riri25
Earth Shyo - TehHarvester (Has yet to post on the Showdown.)
Earth Daruka - Weirdo Guy(Has yet to post on the Showdown.)
Water Nagare - DarknessVoid (Has yet to post on the Showdown.)
Fire Akane - Wingstrike
Water Hong - Broken fire
Water Kamik - Gigitygig(Will definitely be given EP regardless due to his NPC work.)
Non Torian - DarkMerc
Water Koko - Lissyboo(User Left)
Non Ila - JuniperAlien (Dropped from the entire event)
Fire Hikaran - ImtheSteve(Will not post on the Forest Showdown for IC reasons, so will be only granted 2 EP.)

Air Nahko - OnyxVolcano(Late Participant who shall not be given EP. Though I might change my mind. )