Beneath the ground of the station ran another set of tracks and a platform to match. These tracks connected to many tunnels which ran under the city and lead to other stations for quick and trafficless travel.

As it is a place of a large amount of commuter traffic throughout the city, people tend to tag specific spots with graffiti in order to be seen. One would often see a gang symbol or a work of art by some poor artist. However, recently, someone has begun displaying a message on nearly every platform in the station. It reads:

“This city is in a state of despair. Change is needed in order to alter the disease which plagues this place. It should not be in the hands of a single powerful person like the Avatar or even a group of powerful people the so called government the runs this city. It should be in the hands of the people. We are here to bring this change and as proof we offer you the head of the Natsumi family and the leader of the Natsumi Triad. It is up to the people who hear this to take further action. We are merely the Catalyst.”