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Broken fire Broken fire 2 July 2017


After months of absence, my leave was expected. Academics, extra curricular activites, and other promises reined me, and I barely have time for the wiki. I don't like promising people my return when I'm not even sure of it. Thus, for now, it's the Chinese way of goodbye: "see you again."

What do I plan on doing to my characters?

  1. Miyabi Kasai - Sorry & thanks, Gigi. Returned to the Fire Nation as official family representative for the Syndicate & left Akar a golden dragon watch in exchange for his Jade bangles. No long note, as there things best said with gifts. Whether she ends up as a spy or what, I don't mind how you want to twist things but please keep her alive.
  2. Kyung-Min- Sorry & thanks, Myst. Absolutely loved RPing with you on this one.…
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Melaina Acantha Melaina Acantha 4 April 2017


College is being a bitch right now so I don't have time for this site. Maybe after the spring semester is done I'll come back. 

Bye bye dearies. 

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TheMysterious26 TheMysterious26 18 January 2017

Busy Busy!

Okay guys quick blog post just to make a general announcement about my activity for the next week. So it's tech week (hell week) for a show I'm in which means I will be consistently slammed with school, rehearsal, and homework until this weekend. I only say this all because I have a lot of rp's to get to and I absolutely will come this weekend. That's all! Have a nice week everyone!!

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Gigitygig Gigitygig 30 December 2016

Anime/Manga/Manhwa Review: READ THIS DUMMYS

Ok everyone. This is the anime/manga thing I promised but I changed it a bit because reading or watching some of the longer things you suggested only to find out halfway through that I was bored kinda sucked so I will be detailing the things you suggested that I would recommend you all take a look at if you haven’t already.

  • 1 Hydro:
  • 2 Wing:
  • 3 Torrun:
  • 4 Broken:
  • 5 Gigitygig:
  • 6 Gig’s list of what he likes but will pray that you don’t look at if you hold any respect for him:

Aldnoah Zero -  Pretty decent mecha anime all things considered. If you like this type of anime then I highly recommend it, if you are not a fan of big, awesome robots shooting the shit out of each other then maybe watch Majestic Prince for the pretty space lights? Or Suisei no Gargant…

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Gigitygig Gigitygig 28 December 2016

Gig's General News Session

Hey Everyone,

Not a musing this time because I don't really have anything overtly amusing to talk about so let's just get on with it?

I know I have been inactive as of late and left a fair few of you hanging with RPs, this is mostly due to the fact that I've just kinda lost interest in the wiki. Don't get me wrong I still enjoy hanging out and stuff but RPing is kinda a drag for me at the moment. 

This is unlikely to change anytime soon but fret not my little kittens, I won't leave... Hell I'll still be on chat and I'll even help out with any events and stuff like that you want me to RP a char or NPC in (This means faction RPs and recruitment RPs if any of you want a char to join one of my factions). Hydro and I are currently planning some go…

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Elentári of the Stars Elentári of the Stars 2 December 2016

💎 Update 💎

Hiya cuties. I have been super inactive as of recent and so I wanna offer an explanation. I have dropped out of college and I have been sorta between two places because I got kicked out. Anyway. Im doing fine. Surviving but I should be active soon enough!!

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Hydrocarbon1997 Hydrocarbon1997 1 December 2016

Rantings of a Mad Black Man

Okay so I gotta be honest I can't but help feel like I'm ripping off gig so much rn, but fuck it I've got some things to get off my chest.

  • 1 Riri's out
  • 2 Book 1
  • 3 The wiki itself
  • 4 Ending

After 2 whole years, Riri's decided the wiki simply ain't for her and just bailed. I'm not going to deny that I wasn't happy about it, but I don't hate her for leaving. It's just this was the worst time she could possibly pick to do it. Kyuuseishu is in a tricky boat and LSI was just abandoned by it's leader again. So that'll be figured out hopefully. Her chars will most likely be archived, but riri gave me permish to do w/e I please so I might just archive most and maybe kill one or two off (I had like 3 rp plots with her that are cut short y'know?)

I'm not sure i…

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Gigitygig Gigitygig 19 November 2016

Musings of the Penguin King - Why the fuck not edition: The Fuckening

Hey guys sup? idk if anyone even reads these anymore so what the hell imma just say whatever I fucking want.

  • 1 Plans... Otherwise known as what the fuck was I thinkings:
    • 1.1 Past Plans:
    • 1.2 Future Plans:
  • 2 My Life... Better known as why the fuck do I bother most of the time?
  • 3 Reasons... Why I am fucking writing this in the first place:

Ok guys so here we go with some plans of mine, both past and future.

  • A blog detail my opinions on anime/manga/cartoons recommended to me by the wiki.... Why the fuck did I never finish this? I have 3000 words of this shit sitting in a google doc just being useless. I mean I could release it in parts for anime, cartoons and manga but I still don't really know why I haven't done that yet? Maybe because 3/4s of the people…

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Gigitygig Gigitygig 1 November 2016

Musings of the Penguin King - User opinions

Hey all, I am writing to you all today because I want to hear what you all think of how the wiki has been doing lately.

I want to get as many opinions as possible so if I am not on chat can any of you link this blog?

Ok so the wiki has seen "better days"... I personally think that we are in a more secure state now than we have been in a while, however we have still dropped a shitload of users and we have nowhere near the active user numbers of yester-year, thus the better days comment.

In my opinion I suggest that we look hard at the current staff and decide if they should stay in their current positions or be moved around.

Maybe we need to start proactively seeking promotional opportunies on other wikis like the one coming up on the Avatar Wi…

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Gigitygig Gigitygig 25 October 2016

Musings of the Penguin King - Fuck family

Hey all, sup?

Anyway I am writing this from a bus interchange at 7 30 pm. My initial reasons for writing this blog is to illustrate to you that I am pissed off obviously. I caught the bus to uni because it is honestly cheaper than driving atm so I asked my mum to pick me up from the closet interchange to home when I was done. Little did I know she decided to change those plans on me and was out until 10 pm tonight and that I was to ask dad for a lift. Unfortunately for me my dad leaves his car keys in the shittiest of our cars because he is a fucking idiot sometimes. So he left his keys for one of the cars in the shitmobile and mum to another car. My sister then proceeded to take the shitmobile to work and thus I was left with no way of get…

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Nat25 Nat25 13 October 2016


So, due to Hydro looking out for only himself and his pride and ego, I'm leaving. I don't want to put up with it. The arguments that ensue about it aren't worth it, and the worst part is that it's the crats who are a major part of it.

Until something changes with Hydro, I'm gone. I want no part in it. You can say all you want that he has helped out a lot, but to whom is he really working for? He has been known to help a user here sockpuppet, and is that really what we want in a crat? He said he was blackmailed, but if he was caring for the wiki, he wouldn't have cared about his position and would have done what was right, and stopped what was happening. I admit that I helped, but I am not a member of the staff.

None of my characters are not …

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Akira of the Void Akira of the Void 13 October 2016

My Departure

I am leaving the wikia due to the actions of Hydro.

I am tired of putting so much time into the wikia and being unable to enjoy it due to him, I will come back if his behavior changes and/or he is demoted to a lesser rank. If he aplogizes for his actions publically then I will stay in a dimished capacity and the following actions will still take place. 

I am leaving the Apex Cult, Edge, and Hinoken Hitochi to Wingstrike.

I am leaving Mura Hitochi to Nat.

I am leaving Saibo Hitochi to Gig.

If anyone above does not want the characters that has been left to them I wish for those characters to be archived instead. 

I will keep Ziyou, Uki, and Karasu.

Ziyou is to be considered spending some time at the Earth Republic, Uki to have gone and try to explo…

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Djinnamon Djinnamon 26 September 2016

Daily Adventures of Hikaru Prolugue

This is just a story involving Hikaru's past that i wrote cause i'm bored.

Warning- So much sweet fluff that your teeth will rotten.

In darkened room stood a tall somewhat buxom woman. She was beautiful , long dark brown locks framing a elegant which had eyes that were bright brown and reflecting joy and love as she gazed at the sleeping baby in the crib. The woman reached her hand out slowly , long slender fingers carefully touching the infant's chubby cheeks making said baby coo and try to move closer to the warm touch. This act made the woman's smile grow even larger and brighter.

A few moments later a tall muscular figure came through the door way to the room , walkng up behind the woman and slipping his arms around her waist. The woman k…

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Wingstrike Wingstrike 19 September 2016

It's aLuave!

I make no apologies for the pun.

A while ago I started experimenting with Lua, a scripting language used on Wikia for more advanced functionality. However, due to work constraints I had to abandon learning and implementing it. Fortunately, with my report done and dusted, I've managed to get back into setting it up.

Most of you will have no idea what Lua is, or why it's useful, or noticed that it's now in use, which is fine mostly. As an advanced scripting tool I don't expect every user to be aware of the intricacies of Wikia's coding, but I figured it was better to let you know what was going on. In short using Lua in our templates will allow them to react more intelligently and possibly do more stuff with them.

An example of the recent addit…

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Wingstrike Wingstrike 26 August 2016

Recent Absence

Apologies for my absence as of late, not only am I fairly busy with work, but am also in the middle of moving house. I should be back in a day or so.

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Gigitygig Gigitygig 15 June 2016

Lack of posts

Yo guys I know I haven't been posting for a while and on top of that I haven't even been on chat at all, some pretty heavy shit is going on with my family atm and I am just trying to get it all dealt with.

I would appreciate it if you don't ask me about it when I am on chat because I don't particularly want to tell any of you about it so yeah...

Just thought you deserved to know why I've been inactive as of late.


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Seeks For Truth Seeks For Truth 14 June 2016

Leave of Absence

A series of storms in my area has damaged my computer and as such I am unable to use Skype and access this site like I normally could.

Therefore I am going to be on an indefinite leave of absence until I can get it fixed.

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Weirdo Guy Weirdo Guy 24 May 2016

A Public Apology

I feel I should give an apology for the wrongdoings perpertrated recently. Though since I'm disallowed in chat, that's not going to happen at equal footing, so I'm forced to do it in a blog. 

Firstly, I'd like to apologize for my recent scandalous behavior in chat. It wasn't right, I'll admit. There isn't an excuse, and I won't bother making up one.

That said, I'd also like to apologize, on behalf of ARP, of the hypocrisy generated here; the kind of hypocrisy that allows others (I won't mention names) to get away with inane jokes with at least numerous chances and yet a first offender like myself with no history of misbehavior at all gets an instantly harsh sentence. 

I'd like to apologize for the piss-poor writing and soulless 'roleplay' whi…

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Seeks For Truth Seeks For Truth 22 May 2016

Wiki Vacancy

I am sorry I have been gone lately. My step brother and sister to be where here while my mom and her finance are both working on call so I needed to give them my undivided attention and clean the house and cook dinner when my mom and her boyfriend came home. But it seems to me that the wiki is lacking activity. Is there something we can do to kickstart it back up?

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Taylor Seraphim Taylor Seraphim 11 May 2016


I am leaving the Wiki.

I feel like I can not truly belong here.

I love all of you but I just feel like I cannot belong.

So I am leaving half of my ep to Torrun and half to Vi.

I am also putting up all of my characters for adoption.

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Taylor Seraphim Taylor Seraphim 8 May 2016

Rule Violation Apology

Dear ARP Wiki users,

I had done several lewd role-plays on this wiki under the impression that the rules allowed for sexual content as long as gentiles where not described due to what I had been told in chat by staff members.

Under these impressions, I had persuaded Torrun to have several role-plays with me under this premise.

However I have recently learned that the rules prohibit ANY form of sexual act no matter how vague the parts in mention.

Hydro has pointed out to me that the punishment for such an action is an official warning.

As I should have read the policies and obeyed them rather than going off of heresy, even those from staff-members, I do believe that I deserve this punishment and I take it without struggle.

To try to lessen the im…

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Gigitygig Gigitygig 14 March 2016

Musings of the Penguin King - 4

Hey all, I don't know why but I feel like doing a blog.

So as I am absolutely sure you all know about, Hydro and I had a disagreement with Orbit, Liss and Wing. I know I am probably not doing any good by bringing this up now but fuck it I will because I feel like I have finally stopped being comepletely fucking livid at orbit and liss. So context, I showed something for the wiki to Az because I wanted an opinion and Wing had a go at Hydro and I for not telling him about it beforehand which I understand but still, our work and it wasn't actually on the wiki so the wiki's copyright shit didn't apply so fuck their arguments of "It is wiki property". I decided to cut off access to the doc this work was contained on to everyone but Hydro and mys…

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Taylor Seraphim Taylor Seraphim 24 April 2016

My Wi-fi Is Back

My Wi-Fi was out for a while due to a lightning strike but I just got it back on so I am back and ready to Role-Play.

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Taylor Seraphim Taylor Seraphim 24 April 2016

I Have Returned

Im back to role-play again.

I still have a lot of grief and sadness, but I have become more apathetic towards anger and hate in the process.

I will be role-playing, but I may stop again if I feel another bout of depression set in.

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Taylor Seraphim Taylor Seraphim 24 April 2016

Im On Leave

I am going on leave due to my father passing away.

His unexpected and violent death is causing me to go through a personality crisis.

I will rejoin this wiki when I am stabilized, though I may drop in from time to time.

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Nebuliss Nebuliss 21 January 2016

Yu Dao!

The ARPW staff and others (Meaning mostly me @WG) have been thinking up something new!

Yu Dao is a canonical town. For this, we're making it a sister city of Republic City, and an expansion of the wikia.

It's going to be a Mining/Agricultural city (And some refinement and processing), and a train ride from RC, so it's going to be RP-able.

These are the locations we have agreed on so far:

Yu Dao’s Farmers Market
Tasty Hotpot Restaurant
Sweet Aroma Teahouse
Yu Dao Blacksmithing Facility
Residential District
Hundred Year War Memorial Park
Abandoned Factory
Agricultural Warehouse

Yu Dao's police department will be a branch off of Republic City police Department. This means that, while Yu Dao is a city in the United Republic Nation Territory, and RC is it'…

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Gigitygig Gigitygig 18 January 2016

The Musings of the Penguin King - 3

Hey all, so this one took a fuck long time to come out right? (I am writing this at 4 AM)

I mean there are people here who joined several months after the last blog I posted... Ah well I guess we better get started.

This musing will be focused on my thoughts at this point in my life, probably wiki related but you never know, I'm thinking this shit up on the fly so it's all chill.

This wiki is fucking great. That is almost enough for me to express what I think about the wiki, but as I do have varying opinions I'll have to explain why before moving on.

This wiki is like food for my brain, when I am here I can imagine whatever I feel like and I can do what I want... It is very fun for me, which is why I have put off thinking about leaving for a l…

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Wingstrike Wingstrike 27 December 2015

Inane Ramblings of the Tech Guy

So when I first joined this site, I put together a little code that automatically categorised character traits: age, height, hair colour and so on. This simple code has evolved over time and now drastically helps people keep articles in line by doing a lot of the work for them, requiring only the occasional tweak (such as when some smart-ass gives their character amethyst eyes) to keep it up to date.

After that we managed to adapt the Avatar Wiki's own icons templates for our own purposes, using them to help identify pages instead of the rather huge tophat notices (Template:Archived Character etc). Tophats are fine if you really want someone to notice them, but at some point they can just add to the clutter if they're huge and filled with te…

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DarkofLife DarkofLife 29 November 2015

I'll make this quick

Like the title, I'll make this brief. I'm going to be taking a leave of absence of the wiki, a hiatus if you will. Don't know how long it'll be, maybe a month or so, but I just some time away from posting deadlines. Now, before you go all DJ Khaled, saying "Another one -_-". let me assure you that I'm not leaving all together, just taking a break. I might drop in, say hi, but that's about it. Now, as to the rps I'm currently in, sorry this is so short notice but I'm pulling out of them, both Faceless and Yin Shi. Maybe Hydro can rp my characters for me so you don't have to change around the RP, or whatever your preference. Do you. Have a good one.


P.S. The trailer for Civil War? Dope as shit.

P.S.S. I also surrender my rights as a whate…

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TheMysterious26 TheMysterious26 20 November 2015


I think it's fairly evident for a while now that my interest in the wiki has been wavering. It was fun for a while, but with school, extracurriculars, and a new group of people I've come into contact with I just don't think I have the time or interest to continue coming here. I think it's only fair to inform you all of my departure.

Concerning Characters:

I've no interest in tying up loose ends with these guys, but one character is an exception.

Amaya: I tried really hard to keep her plot going because it was the only one that still interested me. As for Steve, I apologize so so much for leaving you like this. It's completely up to you what exactly happened to her.

Concerning Friends:

I would breakdown this section, but I hardly know who's even…

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Bird of Winter Bird of Winter 19 November 2015

No Surprises

It should come as no surprise to most of you that my activity on the wiki has dropped off down a cliff and has yet to make a dramatic return. I regret to inform you that there will be no dramatic return, as I am leaving the wiki. This isn't a short-term decision, this is permanent. I'm stepping down from my role on the admin team and I'll be inactive indefinitely. I've recently accquired a host of new responsibilities at school and in my community, and as I have started (and am coming up to my first round of assessments in) my final year of school I need to focus on getting my future in order. I'm sorry to everyone for leaving, but it's for the best, and if you still want to talk you can always find me on Skype or Facebook.

So, that's it.


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Hallowedtwilight Hallowedtwilight 6 October 2015


Back after a down time. If anyone can tell what is going on lately i will be happy :)

I am currently in Saitama right now and probably will stay there for perminant 


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Elentári of the Stars Elentári of the Stars 26 September 2015


I finally located my charger! It's at my friend's house! So as soon as I get that back, my activity will come back too! It's just too hard to do anything on a phone. I need my laptop back. x.x

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Hydrocarbon1997 Hydrocarbon1997 23 August 2015

Faceless Phase 2 Log

I would like to announce that the infamous or beloved vigilante group known as Faceless has entered it's 2nd Phase.

"After their victory over the Zhi Fong, Kairo had declared a war on crime. He and others shall lead faction members in intense missions to fight injustice by any means necessary. The airbender is well aware you cannot wage war without a proper army, he will also recruiting more people to his valiant cause."

This should explain things well enough. I plan on launching group rps which will take faction members on new, thrilling adventures. I already have alot of stuff figured out but I don't want to post the details JUST YET.

Also this would also serve as another good jumping on point for initiates. Recruitment rps have already beg…

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AsteriaNyx AsteriaNyx 3 August 2015

Seriously though?

I'm from the U.S.A, but I know this problem doesn't just prevail here: Corruption, vindictiveness, spitefulness, and the infringements of rights. Unfortunately, it's not just in real life, it's here too. More specifically, in chat; and I'm getting sick of it.

We have rules for a reason. Policies for a reason. If you as a higher power don't follow them, then why should users below you follow? Today a user named Zipnax got banned permanently for disrupting chat. IDRC (I don't really care) what he did, but I do care about how he was treated.

He was banned immediately and permanently , despite the policy saying, "On your first offense, you will be given a warning, next a temporary kick from the chat, third a temporary ban from the chat and if yo…

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AsteriaNyx AsteriaNyx 21 July 2015


It's not acknowledged in the chat policies, and I don't feel like describing it...so I used my friend urban dictionary. Oh and FYI it is not tolerated on our chats. :)

The art of deliberately, cleverly, and secretly pissing people off, usually via the internet, using dialogue. Trolling does not mean just making rude remarks: Shouting swear words at someone doesn't count as trolling; it's just flaming, and isn't funny. Spam isn't trolling either; it pisses people off, but it's lame.

The most essential part of trolling is convincing your victim that either a) truly believe in what you are saying, no matter how outrageous, or b) give your victim malicious instructions, under the guise of help. Trolling requires decieving; any trolling that doe…

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Azrael the Sorrowful Azrael the Sorrowful 10 July 2015

I know I said I wouldn't

But I can't just leave without saying goodbye. Call it on bad terms if you like, but I simply cannot stand by and watch the other members of the staff do things that I know are bad for the wiki and the community in the long run, regardless of what the community or the other staff wanted. Maybe I sound like a dictator, maybe I am one but I never wanted to be. From day one, the staff was designed to even the work load across the board so that no one was required to do too much but could do more if they wanted to. The departments labeled out a scope of work that each person was responsible for but was never intended to limit them to just that scope. Somewhere down the road, that was misunderstood and people kept to their corners of power and …

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AsteriaNyx AsteriaNyx 28 June 2015

Life Suxs

So I lost my phone at the airport and I don't have money to buy a new one. Otherwise, I would have been able to hot spot and be on here more. I have wifi for a milisecond, so don't expect me to come on. I won't be back home until July 13, and then the next day I'm on a flight to Texas. A few days after that ROAD TRIP to Louisiana. Sounds like fun, right *sarcasm*. I hope I have wifi. If I do I'll be on. If I don't I'll see you guys again once I settle back down at home. XOXOXO

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Gigitygig Gigitygig 25 June 2015


Ok everybody, I have set up the faction page and the ball is rolling.

I would very much like to begin our first faction RP! This RP is as I would like it to explain how the members of JD got together under Akar going to take a little bit of time (though not as much as book 1 cause I actually know what I am doing). If all goes according to plan and participants post regularly, I expect the Rp to be done in about a week at the maximum.

The RP will focus initially on Akar and Tetsuya, the founding members of the Jade Dragon. Akar is looking to build the faction and thus he decides a fun way to do that is to go around the Republic City underworld and kill, steal and intimidate his way through the many drug houses, brothels and weapons dealers. S…

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Hydrocarbon1997 Hydrocarbon1997 24 June 2015

Welcome to Faceless

As many of you already know Faceless is an underground organization of violent vigilantes willing to stand up and defend the city. Criminals flood the streets and walk all over the innocent. Many members of the RCPD are corrupt, selfish or just plain weak. Self centered, overprivileged pigs sit on their pedestals and enjoy everything they don't deserve while countless children can hardly survive. Faceless offers a more wild, rebellious path for many characters. True heroes willing to do what's right and break any law necessary to do it.

During the Book 1 disaster, my faction was left crippled. But now they are free and ready to defend Republic City once more. Storm clouds are approaching, bloodthirsty criminals hellbent on taking over our …

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Wingstrike Wingstrike 22 June 2015

Overhauling Our System

Hey guys, in light of the Book 1 disaster and several staff starting to go inactive on us, I feel we need to rethink how we run our events. Currently a fair number of RPs are still moving on because they're only between a few people and generally community-organised, a model I want expand on.

Until now, larger-scale RPs have been managed solely by the Events and Development department (basically AZ). The moment it ground to a halt, no-one knew how to fix it because all power and responsibility had been over-centralised. Under this new system, any user of a determined rank (somewhere between 1-3 I think) can suggest a scenario for users to take part in. Applications would be then vetted by the newly formed ARPW Community Management Departmen…

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Wingstrike Wingstrike 21 June 2015

Rise of the Yin Shi

Hey guys, for a while now I've been trying to put together a paramilitary mercenary band who are basically a cross between bounty hunters and forces for hire. Yin Shi will be involved with things like turning in high-paying bounties which the RCPD can't handle as well as fulfilling contracts set by clients.

There is one draw-back... I'm 3 EP short. Anyone who wants to donate, please do, there may be rewards for helping out.

EDIT: Myst has generously donated the 3EP so praise be upon him and whatnot. I still have a few special case character slots to hand out if people are interested. I was aiming to give these characters lieutenant-like status within Yin Shi.

Current Roster:

  • - Yin Shi founder and leader
  • - Yin Shi second-in-command/acting command…
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Gigitygig Gigitygig 18 June 2015

Jade Dragon (WOOOOOOT)

Sup peeps?

Today I shall be telling you that I have secured all the EP I need to set up Jade Dragon!

The Jade Dragon is a faction led by my chaotic evil char Akar. Now this will of course mean that Jade Dragon will be a heavily evil centered faction, This does not mean neutrals or even chaotic goods are unable to join as the group is more about the proliferation of all forms of power (money, political, bending etc...) under the ideals of chos being the natural order of things rather than doing specifically bad things... Though of course I doubt non-evil chars (except for maybe a few Chaotic Neutrals) will join....

A potentially exciting development for the faction will be once it is set up properly Hydro and I plan to begin a faction war. Thi…

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Bird of Winter Bird of Winter 29 December 2015

Entertain me

So, it's my exam week, and the stress is stacked up against me and making me lose sleep and stuff, so obviously the natural thing to do is turn to wiki folk for help. One thing that helps me de-stress is if I can draw something half-decent that means something to me or someone else I know. Basically, please give me prompts to draw your characters or my characters in whatever situation (please keep it pg13) so that I can de-stress.

Bonus is if I'm happy with the drawing I'll give it to you as a gift. 

In the mean time, why not also tell me a quirk of each of your characters? If they have a certain nighttime routine or if they keep all of their baby teeth, I want to know. I'll start of the character quirks thing:

Kimiko Kasai: She has a collect…

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Hallowedtwilight Hallowedtwilight 10 April 2015

Dumb Title

Hey Yall, this is Void here

This is the first blog of a new series i am doing. It is called Music File cuz i can think of a great name so i am just going to keep it that name until a better name is given 

Today's blog is Music Video of the Week. The basic premise of this blog is show my fav music vid of this week.

So my fav music vid of this week is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YlEb3L1PIco.

It is my fav mostly because the music is very catchy to begin with paired with amazing flash animation. It is also heavily inspired by Scooby-Doo. Neat! I totally got hook on this song and the video. The vid has a large fan base already and with over 6 mil views, to boot, this is an amazing vid. 

Tell me what you with about it and tell me about your fav m…

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TheMysterious26 TheMysterious26 9 April 2015

Best of *insert character name here*

My first blog weeeeeeeeeeee

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Gigitygig Gigitygig 4 April 2015

The Musings of The Penguin King - Ideas Edition 1

Well Hi all, How art thou this fine (insert time of day here)?

I have decided to start up blogging again and as such I began to think of what to do.... Now as I am like a goldfish I did not think particularly long.

So I began to read manga and after I finished a couple of short 40 chapter ones I decided to move on to anime as is how I usually go about my internetting... Now I was watching the first episode of an anime I had been aniticpating for a while (Oregairu) I got to thinking whilst it buffered...

"How would everyone react to me trying to do a blog about my favourite anime?"

This is what the spark of my idea came to be. Now how would y'all like to comment your favourite anime or manga (EDIT, Any animated TV show at all) and I'll take the…

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Hallowedtwilight Hallowedtwilight 24 March 2015

Boredom plans

This Void here, i am super bored right now so i planed some projects right now 

All of my time in this site i have never had a RP group, so i ask some of the members in the site to help me with my group. So some of the character are still on work :P (i haven't got a chance so talk to them because non is online when i am not). If ya want to join, just messege me or comment on the blog post and ask me about it. Here is the list of characters:

  1. Atsuki - Airbender - Tightrope Walker
  2. Hirai's Char - Unknown
  3. Nero's Char - Unknown
  4. Juni's Char - Unknown
  5. More to come if ya want to join (T-T if this fails)

I am bored on my current project so i am gonna open another project for Pokemon fans. There are a few options for a Pokemon tournament: 

  1. Tier battle (Peopl…

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Elentári of the Stars Elentári of the Stars 19 March 2015

Orbit, the Queen of... loose pocket change?

My name is Victoria AKA ORBIT (you probs know that tho) and I live in NOVA SCOTIA, CANADA (eh?). I am currently fundraising money in order to go across seas and hopefully change either one or multiple lives. My trip will be in the summer of 2016 (because 3550 doesn't just fall from a tree :'D).

First, before I go into detail, I'd like to explain what program I am working under; Me to We.

"Me to We is an innovative social enterprise that offers socially conscious and environmentally friendly products and life-changing experiences."

I am a shamelessly idealistic youth with the mind set of taking matters into my own hands and helping to better another's life.

I used to wake up every single day and groan about the fact that I had to go to school b…

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Weirdo Guy Weirdo Guy 18 March 2015

Refocusing Priorities

Hey guys, WG here. How are you? 

I just want to start off by saying, this is not a departure blog. I intend to try to keep up my activity, but I need to make some concessions in order to do so.

The reason I'm doing this is cause I don't have as much time to roleplay as I used to; getting too busy with real life issues. 

I will be giving away two of my minor characters: Nanuk and Hema. If they are not adopted within a two week period, I'll just have them deleted. 

These characters are rather old (maybe a couple months), and I have yet to select their basic and advanced powers, so they're free for you to choose. You can also use their personalities or even change them to your suit your needs--if the character policy permits.

I'll be keeping Shan …

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