Bau Zhen
Owned by Akira of the Void

Bau Zhen
Basic Information

Bender type: Earthbender
Title: The Angel of Tyranny
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Current age: 19
General Status: Healthy
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Asexual
Height: 5'9"
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
Relationship Status: None
OOC Plans: To represent the Zhen family in The Syndicate and force the world on it's knees for Vaatu.



Bau Zhen is ruthless, apathetic, loyal, and head strong. She loves to see people submit to the futility of their existence because of the manner of which she was raised.


Bau Zhen was born among a secret cult of Vaatu in Ba Sing Se, to a noble earthbending father, Rhau Zhen, and mother that where both priests of the cult. Ba Zhen was born into high standing in the cult and took easily into their rituals and their ideology of tyranny, and devoted herself to the teaching that the cult had about Ravaa, and dedicated herself to making the people of the world bow to his will. During the devotional ceremony she undertook to become a full member of the cult, Bau Zhen accidently earthbended the Vaatu idol. The cult took this as a sign that she was to be a great warrior for them and began to put her through training.

Bau Zhen's training with the cult taught her earthbending and how to fight using a chain and her armor, to which she displayed great talent but was very arrogant of her abilities. At the age of 13 the cult started using her and a boy named Arhet to capture people for ritual sacrifice and bondage. Bau Zhen had always enjoyed her missions, but felt like she and he cult could be doing more for lord Vaatu. Eventually she was assigned to do the snatching with Arhet because he was being dissonant, and Bau Zhen hated the boy for it. Here he was denying the will of Vaatu and of the cult, and she sincerely hoped that he would try to leave so she could teach him why he should stay on his knees.

One night, when Bau Zhen was placed as a sentinel outside the entrance to the cult's secret compound, she saw Arhet running out the doors and trying to escape. Seeing her opportunity, she stomped the ground to raise an earth pillar to trip him while her fellow sentinel tried to pin him in place and then she started whipping him with her chain, over confident in her abilities. "How dare you betray the will of Vatuu! Submit!" she said, but the pathetic airbender bent air at her legs forcing her to jump to avoid it and then Arhet kicked the girl off of him. Bau Zhen then earthbended a boulder at Arhet's chest but he ducked under causing her to hit the other sentry, Arhet then fired an arrow her way and she lazy raised an earth wall to block his attack. However she did not count on Arhet jumping over the wall and airbending her into the wall behind her, knocking Bau Zhen out cold.

Ashamed of her defeat, and starting to find the cult to be futile, she decided to learn the dance of politics from her father and was a prodigy. He then asked her to go to republic city in order to represent him and the Zhen family in the Syndicate. Bau Zhen accepted his wishes and travelled to the city by train.


Earth Citizen
Initial Powers
  • Earth Bomb

The user can send a small boulder flying in any direction once struck which breaks apart into many smaller projectiles when it hits something.

  • Earth Smash

The user is able to crush or even shatter anything made of stone without any force required.

  • Earth Shield

The user is able to create a small wall made of stone which can be used to defend or obstruct a path.

  • Earth Levitation (Passive)

The user is able to cause earth to levitate allowing them to use any earth they control as a moderate defense or even to allow time to prepare an attack.

  • Compression Control (Passive)

The user is able to compress earth into a much denser state allowing them to harden soil or stone for stronger offense or defense. The user must take time to compress the earth.

Basic Powers

(Note: Once a power is chosen, it cannot be changed.)

  • Earth Shelter

The user is able to pull together many stones around them in order to form a makeshift shelter as a defense around them or something else. They can also use it to encase an enemy. (Achieved after 1 week)

Basic Power 2. Not yet achieved (Achieved after 2 weeks)


  • Chain
An eight foot long piece of chain that Bau Zhen uses to whip, grapple, and choke other people with.