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Avatar Kiryi was a brilliant fighter as well as a gifted speaker. Her ability to win over a crowd with her voice was incomparable. Unfortunately, that was her downfall. Kiryi spent most of her life communing with the spirits that had come over to live in our world. However, she was not pleased with the way they were treated. As the people of the world advanced technologically, they became more and more disgruntled by the spirit wilds that had begun to overgrow their cities. As technology developed, a way to relocate these wilds became available and the humans didn’t hesitate to segregate the spirits outside of their city. The spirits were forced to live as second class citizens under humans. Kiryi hated this.

As technology continued to develop, even the gap between a bender and a normal human began to switch sides. Humans were now able to use their technology to exploit even benders. Kiryi had had enough. She began to go around Republic City and preach a new age of communion with the spirits. An age where technology should be discarded and all would be equal. While it sounded fine on paper, it did not really work out so well. The people, or rather the benders specifically; however, they did take to her message. As they were now the ones that were inferior, they flocked to her cause and began to riot in the city. All of this was in the guise of equality with the spirits.

The spirits, though, did not share this desire and remained observers as the chaos ensued. As more and more people joined Kiryi’s cause, the city stood divided and civil war broke out. This war would later be called the Rebellion. Kiryi’s life did not last very long in this war however. She was young and inexperienced and was slain in combat just a few years after she started this war. The war still raged on after her death, except now without a leader; the city was even further in disarray.

With no one to keep them in check, the followers of Kiryi began to do things even she would be disgusted by. In the end they became nothing more than terrorist. They continued on in this matter until one vile act threw everything into perspective. They slew the newly discovered Avatar, who was only a child. The city, on both sides of the conflict, was disgusted by their actions. This forced an unofficial ceasefire in the Rebellion. Eventually, Avatar Michu would come on the scene and officially end the Rebellion as well as form a new system of government for the city as well as United Republic of Nations.

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