It has been seven years since Probending has made its return. With the face of the sport changed but the practice the same it has quickly become a popular pastime in the city and even outside of it. With the Avatar participating early on as the sport reformed, it was quite easy for people to become fans. Each year they take on many applicants to be a part of the season but only some make it into the leagues and get to participate for the fame and fortune they all desire.


Tournament 1 Participants

  1. Yagura Masayoshi (Hydro)
  2. Patuq (Ez)
  3. Osamurei (Wind)
  4. Nahko (Onyx)
  5. Amma (Bird)
  6. Kumori Tachibana (Orbit)
  7. Zen'nō (Noct)
  8. Neera (Riri)

Lightning Round Participants

  1. Yagura Masayoshi (Hydro)
  2. Nilak (Intra)
  3. Uki (Akira)
  4. Riyoko (Greg)
  5. Atsuki (Void)
  6. Kojima (Alex)
  7. Zetsu (Torrun)
  8. Zhishi (Ez)
  9. Sesi (Zeph)
  10. Neera (Riri)
  11. Osamurei (Wind)
  12. Jiang (Pandy)
  13. Kokia Senkai (Myst)
  14. Riku (Nero)
  15. Titos (Onyx)
  16. Ryuu (Dark)

Tournament 2 Participants

  1. Kamik (Gig)
  2. Shan (WG)
  3. Kotaro (Hydro)
  4. Vishna (Lissy)
  5. Sauri (Wing)
  6. Yuuki (Juni)
  7. Michiya (Intra)
  8. Aratani (Orbit)
  9. Zetsu (Torrun)
  10. Akhilesh (Sky)
  11. Rahulo (Ez)
  12. Isumatar (Wind)
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