With the spark of the rebellion, the popular spectator sport of probending came to an end. During the disarray in the city, there was no time for such things to exist. However, after the reformation of the cities government and a new era of peace; probending has begun once again but now with a new twist. While the core of the game remains the same, the practice of it differs greatly. Rather than trying to gain ground and eventually knock your opponents off of the platform; you are now boxed on all sides into a cage and fight for an allotted duration. Regarding the teams, unlike before, where you had to have a team of a firebender, waterbender and earthbender; the team can now consist of a mix of any of the four bendings and even have multiples of the same. Also, there are now three probending leagues: Solo, Duo and Team.


Basic Rules

The benders are limited in how they can bend like in normal probending; however, as probending is now considerably different. Some other rules have changed as well. A match consists of 10 posts per person in Solo, 5 in Duo and 3 in Team. Each match is assigned 2 judges. The each judge accounts for half of the final scores based off their assessment of the roleplaying quality performed by those in a match. They also keep track of the random numbers generated by the RNG, which plays a large part in a match. The RNG determines whether or not an attack hits, misses, is blocked, etc. When taking your turn(except the first turn), you may react to the previous turn and then carry out a new offensive(except for the last turn). All Tournaments will award participants for each match they can complete even if they lose, the prize increases each round players progress. (Ex: Round 1 will offer One EP for finishing a match, Round 2 will offer two EP and so on)

Special Duo/Team match Rules

  1. Posting: Posting in a Duo/Team match is done in two ways. First, each team will take turns posting. So, it will go something like: Team A, Team B, Team A, Team B, etc. However, inside each team's posts the two members may choose who posts first or even post a single post representing both of them.
  2. RNG rolls: RNG rolls in a Duo/Team match are much different than a Solo match. As each member of a team posts before the other team does, all the RNG rolls are done after the Duo/Team have both posted. As such, the opponents then respond to the rolls at the same time.
  3. Combo Attacks: A Combo Attack is when a team combines two or three of their attacks into one. This causes there to be only one roll instead of two or three. However, the #2 roll which normally would indicate a glancing blow will now count as a direct hit instead in the case of a double combo attack, increasing the odds to land a direct hit by double. If all three attacks are combined into one, the roll is changed entirely. It then becomes a pure 50/50 chance to hit or miss, increasing the chance to land directly but also increasing the chance to miss as well. Combined attacks also make the #5 roll count as a reroll, regardless of the elements being used.
  4. Focused Attacks: A Focused Attack is when two or three attacks are aimed at the same target. When this happens, the target becomes unable to roll two blocks or two dodges. A duplicate roll will result in a reroll. They can still however roll a block and a dodge separately.
  5. Intercept roll: In the case of a Combo Attack, a partner of the target's that is not being targeted by another attack may choose to perform an intercept roll. This roll is a 50/50 shot to intercept the entire Combo Attack. If the roll is a succes, the attack is rolled in a special case of a 50/50 chance to either directly hit or be blocked. In the case of a Focused Attack, a partner of the target's that is not being targeted by another attack may choose to perform an intercept roll. This roll is a 50/50 shot to intercept one of the two or three attacks. If the roll is a success, the attack is rolled normally however the target becomes the person who intercepted it. Also, a dodge roll will result as a reroll. The purpose of an intercept roll is to allow for a team member to defend their allies when being ganged up on. For Team matches, it is possible for two teammates to intercept two of three attacks that are focused on one target. Also, the choice to take an intercept roll will be made before the normal rolls for the focused attacks have been done, in order to avoid metagaming. As such, a section about the option to take an intercept roll will be posted along with a decision area. The person(s) who could be taking the intercept roll should then edit the decision area saying whether or not they want to take an intercept roll and which attack they want to attempt to intercept. After the decisions for the intercept roll have been posted, the RNG will continue and the team will then be allowed to post.


Judging is done by the admin team and a select few voted to be fair and trustworthy. The primary job of the judges is to analyze and score the roleplaying done in a match. They must also keep track of the RNG in order to avoid bias or cheating. Judges must offer commentary on the performance of the fighters so they can understand how they can improve.


The judges scores are based off the following:

  1. Creative use of powers (15 total points possible)
  2. Effective use of powers (15 total points possible)
  3. Compliance with the RNG ruling (10 total points possible)
  4. Spelling and grammar (5 total points possible)
  5. Judges discretion (5 total points possible)


The RNG is there to make the game more like a game. Rather than being like a traditional roleplay where one person attempts an attack and the other decides whether it is effect or not, the RNG decides this completely. It avoids godmodding quite effectively as well. There are many different possibilities for the RNG beyond just hit or miss.

RNG Rolls

1: Direct hit; the target is struck directly with the attack

2: Glancing blow; the target is struck partially with the attack

3: Miss/dodge; the target is not struck with the attack

4: Block; the target blocks the attack

5: Redirection; the target redirects an attack of their element (Reroll if the attack is not their element)

Allowed Power Usage


Initial Powers

  • Air Blast Allowed
  • Air Shield Allowed
  • Air Swipe Allowed
  • Enhanced Agility Allowed
  • Gliding Banned

Basic Powers

  • Air Bullets Allowed
  • Air Punch/Kick Allowed
  • Air Suction Allowed
  • Air Scooter Banned
  • Air Funnel Allowed

Advanced Powers

  • Air Blades Banned
  • Air Vortex Allowed
  • Air Wake Banned
  • Wind Breath Allowed
  • Tornado Banned
  • Air Barrier Allowed
  • Cloudbending Allowed
  • Enhanced Speed Allowed
  • Enhanced Jumping Allowed
  • Assisted Flight Banned
  • Air Slam Banned
  • Air Burst Banned
  • Air Bubble Banned

Master Powers

  • Soundbending Illegal
  • True Flight Banned


Initial Powers

  • Water Whip Allowed
  • Water Jet Allowed
  • Water Wave Allowed
  • Temperature Control Banned
  • Pressure Control Allowed

Basic Powers

  • Water Bullet Allowed
  • Water Shield Allowed
  • Ice Claws Banned
  • Water Knife Allowed
  • Water Cloak Allowed

Advanced Powers

  • Waterspout Allowed
  • Maelstrom Allowed
  • Octopus Form Allowed
  • Ice Blades Banned
  • Ice Dome Banned
  • Water Healing Banned
  • Cloudbending Allowed
  • Mudbending Allowed
  • Armless Waterbending Allowed
  • Condensation Banned
  • Ice Armor Banned
  • Jet Cutter Banned
  • Water Burst Banned

Master Powers

  • Plantbending Allowed
  • Bloodbending Illegal


Initial Powers

  • Earth Bomb Allowed
  • Earth Smash Allowed
  • Earth Shield Allowed
  • Earth Levitation Allowed
  • Compression Control Banned

Basic Powers

  • Earth Gauntlet Allowed
  • Earth Shelter Allowed
  • Earth Column Banned
  • Fissure Allowed
  • Mudbending Allowed

Advanced Powers

  • Earthquake Allowed
  • Crystal Blades Banned
  • Earth Armor Banned
  • Earth Launch Allowed
  • Rock Gloves/Shoes Allowed
  • Earth Wave Allowed
  • Sandbending Allowed
  • Seismic Sense Allowed
  • Earth Tunneling Banned
  • Remote Earthbending Banned
  • Crystal Cannon Banned
  • Earth Golem Banned
  • Earth Sink Banned

Master Powers

  • Metalbending Banned
  • Lavabending Illegal


Initial Powers

  • Fire Arcs Allowed
  • Fireball Allowed
  • Fire Whip Banned
  • Heat Control Allowed
  • Fire Blocking Allowed

Basic Powers

  • Fire Disks Allowed
  • Fire Stream Allowed
  • Fire Daggers Banned
  • Size Augmentation Allowed
  • Jet Propulsion Allowed

Advanced Powers

  • Fire Blades Banned
  • Immolation Allowed
  • Fire Bomb Allowed
  • Shield of Fire Allowed
  • Wall of Flames Banned
  • Fire Breath Banned
  • Heat Resistance Allowed
  • Enhanced Fire Banned
  • Pressure Control Allowed
  • Fire Charging Allowed
  • Flame Missiles Banned
  • Flame Blast Banned
  • Flame Vortex Banned

Master Powers

  • Lightningbending Banned
  • Combustion Illegal



The Solo league focuses on one on one combat with an opponent. As you have no one else with you, you must rely solely on yourself to win. The arena's size in this league is smaller than the others.


The Duo league allows you to have a partner while in the arena. As you have a partner, you are able to use teamwork in order to defeat your opponents. The arena's size in this league is in between the other.


The Team league allows you to have three people altogether. As you have a full team, you are able to rely on each other much better to cover weaknesses and boost strengths. The arena's size is this league is much larger than the others.

Trap Arenas

Some tournaments may use special arenas that are provide 2 different kinds of traps to further challenge probenders. Every two posts players must make an extra dice roll which will determine whether they get struck with a trap or not.
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