Voting takes place on the Voting Board forum.

Voting Requirements

Voting is actually a very simple process here. From policies, to new ideas, to user rights; staff and users alike may create a vote and it can then be voted on by everyone, within reason. There are a few stipulations. First of all, it has to have something to do with the wiki. Votes that are not relevant will simply be deleted. Second, to both create a vote and participate in one, you must be a Level 3 User or higher.

Passing a Vote

In order for a vote to be passed, a majority is required, it must have over half the number of currently active Level 3, 4 and 5 Users (based on the day the vote was started), and it must stay up for at least 48 hours. All of these criteria must be met for a vote to pass.

Policy Votes

Additionally, if the vote is a policy vote; the majority rule is changed to a 2/3 majority to pass or fail. Otherwise, all the other criteria are the same.

Faction Votes

A faction vote is somewhat similar, but is limited only to the active members of a specific faction, and requires 2/3 majority to pass.