Character Models

Character models are one of the most essential parts of this wiki. All characters must have at least one image for their character. Anime/drawn images are recommended as real life model images are banned from the ARPW. Characters from the top 40 franchises of MyAnimeList's popularity index cannot be used. Keep in staff withholds the right to deny a user the right to use a model if they deem it too popular, regardless of the popularity list. Though this is rather unlikely to happen.

If a character model that you wish to use is currently in use and is archived, you may ask the user if you can use the model. However, if a model you wish to use is being used by an inactive user, you may use their model if they have not RPed for 3 months. If a user who has been inactive for three months returns and wants their model back, they must be active as a regular user for at least four weeks in order to get their model back and will have to share the model with the other user. However, both users must have permission from a staff member in order to share this model, this is the only situation when a model may be shared.

Images that have been used by characters who are now dead may be reused for other characters.

The only people allowed to comment on a model is a staff member who may not think it is appropriate or following the policy. Harassing users over their models is considered a personal attack.
If a user feels that someone else is using an image that is inappropriate or too famous, they may raise their concerns to the owner. However, they are not allowed to argue over it or use it to launch personal attacks. If it continues to be an issue, the user may take the issue to a staff member.
If a user is permanently banned, their models are automatically may be used by other users. Should a permanently banned user’s character be adopted by another user, then they claim ownership of both the character and the character model.

  • Using Famous Models: Warning and request to fix/48 Hour Ban
  • Harassment of Model Usage: See Personal Attacks

Models In Use

Users may accidentally choose a model that is already being used. This is generally not allowed (aside in the previously mention condition). Any models found that are already being used will be asked to be changed.

  • Failing to Change Model after Staff Request: Warning and request to fix/48 Hour Ban.

Image Content

Models that contain nudity are strictly not allowed. However, suggestive pose is allowed. Also minor gore is allowed to limited an extent (mutilated corpses, exposed internal organs, severed limbs/decapitated heads and lethal injuries are prohibited).
While firearms are prohbited in RPs, a character model may be shown with a gun.

  • Nudity: Removal of image and official warning.
  • Gore: Removal of image and official warning.

Artists and Models

If a model artist proves they created/own the original image used as a character model, and requests for it to be removed from the ARPW, the staff will comply and take the image down. Images marked as commissions for other individuals or explicitly prohibited from being used by others may not be uploaded to the wiki. Furthermore, images from websites such as DeviantArt, Pixiv etc. are not public domain images by default; it is down to the artists themselves whether or not they can be used other people, even under Fair Use terms. There are a few select circumstance where this rule may be overlooked:

  • Original character artworks may be used if the artist who owns them cannot be found, if a owner is found by another user, the user must seek permission or change images.
  • An image may be used if there is no indisputable evidence that it is owned by an artist. (e.g.:artist signatures on the image, or original upload posts on websites such as DeviantArt)
  • A user may use an image that is owned by an artist if they do not receive any contact a month after asking permission. However, this can be revoked at any time by the original artist.

Image Reservation

Users may reserve up to four images/models for later use by placing them on their user page. Models already in use cannot be reserved.

  • Reserving more than four Models: Warning and request to remove images/48 Hour Ban and automatic image removal by staff.

Offense Stacking

  • Breaching the a policy after a second offense can lead to a chat ban set at the staff's discretion
  • A forth breach will lead to a permanent ban from the chat.