With the ARPW using both Live chat and Discord, it should go without saying that these policies extend to both platforms. Furthermore, it is highly recommended that Discord users set a local nickname on the ARPW discord that is either similar or the same as their username on Wikia for the sake of easy identification. Inappropriate nicknames will be changed by server admins and may result in banning from the ARPW Discord.

Age-Appropriate Content

We recommend that adolescents that choose to be a participant of this wikia to be sixteen year of age or older. If you are found out to be younger (down to a minimum of thirteen), we will not force you to leave.

Sexual content is a topic mentioned on Avatar Roleplay Wikia, due to our more mature users. However, linking NSFW (not safe for work) in main chat is not tolerated, but is not typically restricted in personal messages (PM). Sending unsolicited PMs can be considered harassment, though the user receiving them can block incoming PMs at their discretion.

Conversations on sexual topics are allowed but will be restricted if two or more users begin to feel overly uncomfortable with the topic. Continuing to raise inappropriate conversations on main chat is prohibited.

  • Linking NSFW Material in Main: 48 Hour Chat Ban
  • Inappropriate Conversation First Offense: Warning
  • Inappropriate Conversation Second Offense: Kick
  • Inappropriate Conversation Third Offense: 24 Hour Chat Ban

Sexual Roleplay

Sexual roleplay in any form or variety is strictly not allowed in chat (main or pm).

  • Sexual Roleplay First Offense: Warning
  • Sexual Roleplay Second Offense: Kick
  • Sexual Roleplay Third Offense: 48 Hour Chat Ban


If you are being harassed and decide to tell us, we ask that you please have some sort of proof, preferably a screenshot. Simply copying and pasting chat text cannot be considered as reliable proof.

  • Harassment to Post/RR First Offense: Warning
  • Harassment to Post/RR Second Offense: Kick
  • Harassment to Post/RR Second Offense: 24 Hour Chat Ban
  • Sexual Harassment (Staff mediated discussion. No action will be taken without proof) First Offense: Warning
  • Sexual Harassment Second Offense: 48 Hour Chat Ban

Language and Censorship

Language is generally not censored on the chat. However, any offensive language in regard to race, religion, sexuality, mental illness, social status, and gender is not tolerated.
ARPW is an English speaking community, this applies to the chat as well. Excessive use of another language on the chat can be considered disruptive and/or spam. Our staff speaks English and cannot moderate if there is a language barrier.

  • Offensive Language First Offense: Warning
  • Offensive Language Second Offense: Kick
  • Offensive Language Third Offense: 2 Hour Chat Ban
  • Continuously not speaking English First Offense: Warning
  • Continuously not speaking English Second Offense: Kick
  • Continuously not speaking English Third Offense: 2 Hour Chat Ban

Disruptive Chat

Chat is meant to be a civil place for everyone to exist together. Despite this, arguments and discussions may come up. These are not innately bad. It is quite possible to hold a civil argument and have no problems. However, if a topic gets out of hand the discussion is to be ended by a staff member, regardless of if they are directly involved or not. Continuing to bring up an argument for the sake of it or failing to stop is not tolerated and is considered chat disruption. If a user is trying to provoke argument, the staff has every right to request that the user stops.
It is recommended that two users wish to who wish resolve an issue use PMs rather than main chat.

  • Chat Disruption First Offense: Warning
  • Chat Disruption Second Offense: Kick
  • Chat Disruption Third Offense: 24 Hour Chat Ban

Chat Roleplaying

Roleplaying on the chat is considered disruptive and annoying for those not involved, as such, users who insist on doing it are requested to keep in PMs. Chat roleplaying is considered non-canon, and should ideally be kept on the forums and location pages, as they are logged unlike chat.

  • Roleplaying in Main Chat First Offense: Warning
  • Roleplaying in Main Chat Second Offense: Kick
  • Roleplaying in Main Chat Third Offense: 2 Hour Ban

General Conduct

In very rare cases, a user may be removed from the chat for severe antisocial behaviour. This requires the backing of 2/3s of the staff currently online, however, if not enough staff are on the chat, a temporary executive decision can be made at the time, which is then reviewed and overruled if need be.

Offense Stacking

Staff may stack previous policy breaches on top of a current one, meaning that users may only be warned once despite breaking two different policies. Breaking multiple policies simultaneously can also lead to more severe blocks.

  • Breaching the a policy after a third offense can lead to a chat ban set at the staff's discretion
  • A fifth breach will lead to a permanent ban from the chat.