The Program

With the constantly increasing membership we've been gaining, it's likely to be a good idea to add some sort of official way to help out new users. And so, the Mentorship Program will be just that. With this program, people can sign up on the list area below and become a mentor to new users. As they continually being helped out and taught by their assigned mentor, the mentees will gain 1 Event Point for every User Level they advance to which will total to 3 Event Points. Once they achieve User Level 3, the mentorship will end and the mentor will be put back into the mentorship rotation as well as be awarded 1 Event Point, with one condition. The only condition for the mentor getting the Event Point is if the mentee says so. If the mentee does not believe their mentor did a satisfactory job, then they need only to say so and the mentor's Event Point will be revoked. If this happens 3 times to a mentor, they will no longer be able to mentor Entry Level users any longer.

Mentorship Signup

Mentorship works based on convenience mostly. Whether the mentor is active enough or online enough with the student. Another factor would be the mentor/student seem to like each other.

Users Awaiting Mentors

Available Mentors

  1. Gig
  2. Broken
  3. Hydro
  4. Wing
  5. Vic

Currently Mentoring

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