Welcome to the Avatar Roleplaying Wiki! As you join us, you probably have a million questions bubbling in your head on how to get started. Look no further, if you read this, it should answer any questions you have and help you get started on your roleplaying journey. If the Guide, for some reason, does NOT help you, feel free to ask our administration team for any tips.

If you don't have a wikia account yet, you'll need one. To do that, go to the top right, and click 'register'. Then, fill out the form presented. Keep in mind, your username does not need to be and shouldn't be the name of your character. It shouldn't include any personal information either. Instead, try to come up with something interesting, or use a username you use for a different service, such as e-mail. When you are registered, move on to the next step. Also, DO remember your username and password to prevent further problems with your account and wiki activities.

There are other wiki's that allow "anons" to edit, an anon is someone who doesn't have an official account so instead their edits are tracked by their ip address. However, on this wiki due to the way our policies work, we require anyone who wishes to join, to have an account and be signed in. This way we are better able to track users and their characters.

If you are new to Wikia and Wikitext editing, it is strongly recommended that you vist Wikia University to understand the basics of editing on the ARPW.

Citizenship Applications

On this wiki, all new characters are new citizens in Republic City. In order to join the wiki and every time you make a new character, you must go to the Citizenship Application forum and make an application for your character. You will then be critiqued and, hopefully, eventually approved for citizenship at which point you can then make a page for your character. Also, there are certain limitations. As the wiki is PG-13 we felt it best make the minimum age for characters follow suit however there is no actually maximum. Therefore, you character can be anywhere from thirteen to any age you want. Of course, the age has to be reasonable. You can't just say your character is 178. A reasonable cut off unless you have a particular reason to go over it is age 100.

Avatar Roleplay Wiki:Our Policies

Like all sites and organisations, there are rules that must be followed. Our wiki is run a bit differently from other encyclopaedia or fan-fiction type wiki's and as such there may be rules you've never come across before. It is in your best interest to at least review our policies, a list can be found here, now as there are quite a few policies to expect you to read and remember them all straight away is entirely unreasonable. However, you should at least browse through them, but don't worry we aren't unforgiving here, we have a warning system and depending on the rule broken you will have a verbal warning first before being issued official warnings.

Don't freak out or panic if you receive a verbal warning, or even a first official warning. Everyone makes mistakes, it's how we learn. I have some friends on the wiki who had rocky starts, received some warnings early on, but have been here months now and are active, responsible, and helpful members of our community now.

The Story

One important thing about roleplaying is knowing and understanding the world in which you are roleplaying in. Here we are, obviously, roleplaying in the Avatar world based on Avatar: the Last Airbender and the Legend of Korra. However, there is much more to our world than just that. The basis of the world is set approximately one hundred and seventy years after Korra first arrived in Republic City and you must keep this in mind while making a character. The easiest way to get accustomed to all of this and to understand it is to read The Story of the wiki. It explains most everything, everything important at least, that has happened over the past two-hundred and fifty years.

Much like understand the world you are roleplaying in, you must also understand the powers of your character. Now, keep in mind, this is not a fanon/fan-fiction wiki. When you are roleplaying, there are other people there and we can't just have it be "anything goes". He have to have structure in order to keep things fair and balanced. We can't have people just completely overpowering others because they want to. As such, the four bendings have, rather than being all encompassing, been split into specific powers and from those powers 'classes' have been created. Think of it sort of like a video game. When you first make your character, you get a class, we call it your 'Basic Class'. As your character progresses, you will get new powers and eventually a new class, we call them 'Advanced Classes'. From there you will further progress and get new powers until your character can progress no further. Now, just like a video game, that doesn't mean the end for your character, just the end of their power progression. You will still be able to roleplay them for as long as you'd like. A list of all the powers as well as links to pages about the four bendings and their classes can be found here: Bending Powers.

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