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Many different groups exist within the city, each established with their own agenda and ultimate goals. Some exist to maintain order and justice, while others exist to spread chaos and destruction. In the end, joining a particular faction will heavily influence an individual's choices and motivations and can potentially make them an enemy or ally of Republic City, but will always ensure they are surrounded by their own kind.

Faceless is a vigilante group determined to fight crime by any means, choosing to operate entirely outside of the law for the greater good. They've fought and wiped out several gangs and dangerous cults in the city, and are responsible for many anonymous donations to the slums due to all of their theft. While they're heroic, they have no issues committing crimes such as murder and theft and accomplish their goals to fight injustice and aid the poor. The group is also willing to go to extreme means to aid their members due to their strong sense of comradery.

Jade Dragon II.png
The Jade Dragon is a fearsome group of criminals trying to throw the city into chaos under their own rule. They've stolen from other gangs, held entertaining death matches in their hideout and even went on to place much of Republic City's underworld under their control.

Yin Shi.png
Yin Shi are less concerned over the finer points of the law and are willing to employ whatever measures are taken to either fulfil a contract or capture a bounty, but operate under their own code. The group is often hired for private security or manhunts, providing certain services the RCPD lacks. They share at times a strained relationship with the police, but their transgressions are often overlooked in light of Yin Shi's skill at neutralising dangerous criminals.

Ryuketsu Clan.png
The skilled assassins who call themselves the Ryuketsu Clan work as the group of the greatest killers for hire within Republic City's borders. The Clan having been responsible for the deaths of many important figures such as councilors and crime bosses. While skilled in the art of murder, the Ryuketsu Clan is also adept at kidnapping and torture which serve as fine tools for gaining information. They currently serve the Jade Dragon since they share many interests.

Icon police.png
The RCPD is the legally recognised police force within the city, sworn to protect and serve the people. While other groups may break or bend the law, the Police Department uphold them and maintain peace throughout the city.

The Syndicate is a world-wide criminal organisation of unbridled power and corruption. Originally comprised of corrupt businessmen and politicians hailing from Republic City. Once the founders of The Syndicate were eventually discovered and ousted from power they fled the city and began their conquest of the larger underworld outside the city. Recently however this malicious organisation has increased their presence in Republic City and have begun their slow but inevitable takeover of the city's businesses and criminal gangs...

LSI Icon.png
LSI serves as a less violent alternative to other heroic factions such as Faceless and the Yin Shi. The men and women of LSI serve as private investigators to aid Yu Dao's police force with solving difficult cases which even include murder cases. They also take jobs from citizens to find missing loved ones and evidence of infidelities.

The recent terrorist organization, or group of psychopaths and misfits alike, known as the Kyuuseishu has made quite a reputation with republic city by committing various acts of public destruction. But it's not for fun and laughs, they all share one common enemy...the Syndicate. For those who were scarred, hurt, or just want to see the corrupt band of snobby aristocrats burn then the Kyuuseishu is the right place if you're in need of payback. In this group, the only thing that matters is the end of the syndicate. Civilian casualties are the least of Kyuuseishu's concern.


The various factions of the wiki take a very important part of roleplaying. They give characters goals, chances for exciting RPs and the ability to easily interact with other characters. Factions play a big part in the events that occur in the city and taking part in faction-based events are also a good way to earn Event Points and enjoy ARPW to it's fullest.

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