Civil Unrest

From years of fighting and turmoil, there is still a heavily hostile environment that permeates the city. Even after the reconstruction of the government after the Rebellion, the city is still in disarray. At times there is peace; at others there is only chaos. The government set up by Avatar Michu tries its best to keep order; as does the police force, but they are spread then and in most cases powerless to stop whatever is going on. Whether it be riots, gang wars, or even just an unavoidable act of nature; things continue to go wrong and the powers that be cannot control it. It is left to the people of the city to decide their own fates.

In this time, the city must choose for itself what it is going to be. Will the people allow others to wreak havoc or will they stand up and fight; or, will they choose to join in and create their own chaos.

How it works

More or less, this is all just another way to roleplay on the wiki. However, instead of of just a random roleplay with another user, these are semi-planned events made by the Events and Development Department. It is their job to create the basis of the roleplay. From that point on, the users decide what will happen. Much like the above says, you get to choose how you want it to go about with your character. They can stand idly by, fight against what is going on, or even join in. The way it all turns out is entirely up to you and the others who join the roleplay.

Upcoming Unrest


Current Unrest

Rise of the Syndicate

(There is currently no Unrest yet)

Past Unrest

A war is brewing in the slums of Republic City. Multiple factions prepare to fight for control of the slums for various reasons. Some want to protect what they have while others just want a foothold where they can set up as they aim for the rest of the city. One of these factions, Faceless, currently consists mainly of people living in the Rundown Apartments and has yet to reveal itself. Another, the Syndicate, a secretive and uprising gang is currently pushing for power within the city. One of their first goals was to take control of the slums. Upon forcing their way in and throwing around their strength, Faceless reveals itself in order to counter the Syndicate’s push for control of their home. Unfortunately for Faceless, many innocent bystanders will likely be caught in the middle of their confrontation. How things play out is up to the people to decide.


While you don't exactly sign up for Civil Unrest; if you'd like to volunteer your character to be used for it in some way, you can. Simply add your username and your character's name to the list below. (Note: Not all characters will fit with what is needed and may not be used. This is up to the discretion of the Events and Development Department.)


(List has been wiped clean in preparation for the next unrest)

  1. Kenta- Hydro (Nonbender, Neutral Good)
  2. Zen'nō- NoctemV (Firebender, Neutral Evil)
  3. Ming He- Wingstrike (Nonbender, Chaotic Good)