Archive Dead
Owned by Akira of the Void

Basic Information

Bender type: Airbender
Title: The Free Shooter
Alignment: Neutral Virtuous
Current age: 18
General Status: Healthy
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual
Height: 5'10"
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Brown
Relationship Status: None
OOC Plans: To help protect the city, if Faceless lightens up he may join them.



Arhet is not very talkative due to years of social isolation and reprisals for doing so. He tends to think actions speak louder than words and has a strong sense of empathy for innocents, but no mercy towards people who would be tyrants over men, spirits, or animals.


Arhet was born among a secret cult of Vatuu in Ba Sing Se, to a nonbender father and an airbending mother that they had taken as a sex slave. The cult had made him perform their depraved rituals on captives that the group had taken from their neighbors in the dead of night. They taught him that Vaatu would come to bring humanity down to its proper place, its knees, and they forced him to submit himself to their will and the will of Vaatu. When Arhet was being whipped by one of the priest of the order of Vaatu, at around age 9, he unleashed his pent up aggression and swept his hand to the side to try to block the whip, causing a blast of air to knock it aside, from that day forward his life would change drastically.

The order of Vaatu he was a part of began forcing him to learn airbending and archery, to which he took to with fervor. By the age of 14 the cult already had started using him to capture more people for their ritual sacrifice and slavery along with Bau Zhen, a fellow cultist. However, he had always felt like he did not belong, and that what they where doing was wrong. He began to relish his mission, not because he enjoyed what he was doing to other people, but the freedom he felt when aware from his fellow cultist, he entertained the idea of simply not returning, but he was the only reason why they let his mother still breath. However his mother had lifted a kitchen knife off of a guard and stabbed herself in the neck with it, ending her own life while Arhet was 16.

The order of Vaatu no longer trusted Arhet enough to send him on mission by himself any more, always sending him with the loyal Bau Zhen, depriving him of the only time of freedom he had.

So one night, while most of the cult slept, Arhet tried to exit his room and escape. To his misfortune a guard was posted outside and he turned to face Arhet, but Arhet had already nocked his bow and shot the guard in the neck. Rushing down the hall and towards the exit, he ran past Bau Zhen and another sentry one of whom tripped him with an earth pillar and the other jumped on top of him and tried to pin Arhet in place. "How dare you betray the will of Vaatu! Submit!" Bau Zhen said, whipping him with a length of chain she had, Arhet then elbowed the girl grappling him in the nose and bent an air swipe at the earthbender's feet, causing her to jump to avoid the attack. The girl tried to put Arhet in a leg lock but he kicked her in the face with his other foot and stood up, the earthbender then bent a large boulder at him with a side kick. Arhet ducked under the boulder, causing it to knock out the girl behind him, and shot an arrow at the earthbender. The earthbender blocked the arrow with an earth wall but then Arhet jumped over the wall and used an air push to knock out Bau Zhen.

Arhet finally escaped into freedom, and desired to bring the same state to others. After travelling around the Earth Republic as a vigilante he heard of Republic City and its current issue with the RCPD not doing enough to help the common man, so Arhet decided to head there on a boat to join up with the group of vigilantes known as Faceless.


Air Nomad
Initial Powers
  • Air Blast

The user sends a burst of air out in the shape of a ball in front of them which can be used offensively or defensively.

  • Air Shield

The user creates a funnel of air in front of them that redirects attacks around them.

  • Air Swipe

The user sends a sharp jet of air out in the shape of a crescent which can be used to cut things.

  • Enhanced Agility (Passive)

The user is naturally more agile than a normal human.

  • Gliding (Passive)

The user can glide across the air for a short period of time; this can be sustained for a medium amount of time by using a glider.

Basic Powers

(Note: Once a power is chosen, it cannot be changed.)

  • Air Funnel

The user can create a funnel of air which is used to redirect objects. (Achieved after 1 week)

  • Air Scooter

The user can create a ball of air which can be rode for an extended period of time and is much faster and agile than if they were walking or running (25-30 mph), however, they have a hard time using other bending powers while riding the scooter. (Achieved after 2 weeks)

Gust Walker
(Achieved after 1 month)
Initial Powers
  • Air Vortex

The user can create a large spiraling gust of air out all around them which is can be used to knock down or disorient others. The user is unable to move for a short time after using this power.

  • Wind Breath

The user can create a powerful torrent of wind from their mouth which can be directed and redirected with ease by using their lungs. The user is immobile while using this power.

  • Assisted Flight (Passive; Exclusive to Gust Walker)

The user is able to sustain partial flight for a short period of time by creating large gusts of wind and forcing them upon themselves; this can be sustained for a long amount of time by using a glider. However the large gusts are somewhat loud.

  • Air Bubble (Passive; Exclusive to Gust Walker)

The user can generate an air bubble around small objects, giving them a limited ability to remotely move objects at their discretion with reasonable precision. This power cannot be used on heavy or large objects, only two air bubbles can be sustained at a time, user is immobile while using this power.

Advanced Powers

(Note: Once a power is chosen, it cannot be changed. Also, Master level powers can only be achieved after 7 months and require 2 open power slots.)

  • Enhanced Jumping (Passive)

The user is able to use gusts of air to jump about three times the height of a normal human (about 8-10 feet).  (Achieved after 2 months)

  • Enhanced Speed (Passive)

The user is able to redirect air flow around them, removing air resistance and generating a wind current behind them, thus greatly increasing their running speed. (50-60 mph). The user cannot use the power to enhance the speed of their flight/gliding or jumping and they're vulnerable to fatigue and high-speed collision while running at these new speeds.  (Achieved after 4 months)

Not yet achieved (Achieved after 6 months)


  • Shortbow
A wooden bow that Arhet uses to fire arrows with.