Gaping Crevasse

As the plane hurtled toward the ground, gaining speed with every moment, the people begin to panic. Looking forward out of the plane, it was clear there was a large chasm that they would plunge into if something was not done. The pilot ordered anyone who was an airbender to grab who they could and dive out to drop some weight from the plane. After they did so, the pilot revealed his biggest secret. He began to metalbend the plane and caused it to drop in altitude very quickly. It came to the ice ground with a thud but was held steady. He attempted to hold it back as it slid across the ice. Using all the effort he could exert, he slowed the plane to a halt just before the edge of the crevasse. Looking out the window, he noticed the others he had ordered out of the plane climbing up the other side of the gaping hole in the earth.