Izaya's main contact bought this apartment for izaya, when he moved into Republic City. "Only the finest for the finest." he had said. It's very Equisite and lavish, yet relaxed. His contact had said he would pay everything Izaya needed, since he had done a great deal over the years. He doesn't own too many clothes, but he does have an assortment of jackets, shirts, pants, and shoes. He also possesses 2 tuxedos for more, uppity events. He also has a collection of different cologne for those reasons as well. He has a journal of all his contacts, but they are in a special code, that only he understands, since he is the creator. For whenever he has a female visiting, for whatever purpose, he has candles in different areas of the room, if he needs to set the mood. His Katana has a nice spot on the wall where he hangs it.