For those who cannot afford better accommodation, there are some older apartment buildings that exist for just that reason. The apartments in these buildings are generally small and can only accommodate one to three people. A good majority of those coming in from the Citizenship Project live here.

The Rundown Apartments, the slums of Republic City; the buildings here are heavily prone to vandalism and graffiti but never to the degree of what has occurred lately. Over the past few nights, a message has be tagged across the walls of nearly every apartment building, as if to be sure everyone would see it. The message reads:

“This city is in a state of despair. Change is needed in order to alter the disease which plagues this place. It should not be in the hands of a single powerful person like the Avatar or even a group of powerful people the so called government the runs this city. It should be in the hands of the people. We are here to bring this change and as proof we offer you the head of the Natsumi family and the leader of the Natsumi Triad. It is up to the people who hear this to take further action. We are merely the Catalyst.”


  1. Annika
  2. Iluq
  3. Mei
  4. Nukka
  5. Mae
  6. Nahko
  7. Koko and Sakarai
  8. Chongan
  9. Taru
  10. Yuuki
  11. Akhilesh
  12. Nishiki
  13. Torian
  14. Hong
  15. Ryuu
  16. Faia
  17. Ajay Sunni
  18. Kamal
  19. Ashani
  20. Masanori and Naoki
  21. Jia
  22. Ziyou


Kairo and Titos' Apartment

Mei's Apartment

Nukka's Apartment

Mae's Apartment

Nahko and Iluq's Apartment

Chongan's Apartment

Yuri's Apartment

Taru's Apartment

Yuuki's Apartment

Akhilesh's Apartment

Nishiki's Apartment

Ryuu's Apartment

Faia's Apartment

Ajay Sunni's Apartment

Kamal's Apartment

Ashani's Apartment

Masanori and Naoki's Apartment

Jiang's Apartment

Ziyou's Apartment